Ugh, I need to pay attention…

Here’s a tip: if you burn wood to make ashes for your compost, put them into the compost prior to the arrival of rain. Ashes, ashes, they all wash away. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I popped into WLF this morning to hopefully save the ashes, but was too late. What I did find however is that last night’s rain(storm?) must of had some gusts of wind with it as the tops,of my tall cherry tomato plants were bent over the tops of the tomato cages, and one bucket of bean plants had also been bent over. I cut off the top of the tomato plants, but propped the beans back up in hopes that they don’t die. The bean plants have a teepee up which to grow, but I thing I have mistakenly planted bush beans since I have yet to see any of the plants sprout climbing tendrils.

Yesterday I tried to convert a financial account to paperless statements when I realized that I didn’t have an online account with them. I’ll tell you now that it’s an IRA to which I stopped contributing in 1999 and never rolled over. When I tried to create one online I realized that the phone number they had on record was my landline so I couldn’t receive and access code via text. When I called the company to see about opening one I had to answer questions like what was the email address associated with my account; I don’t know what email address I used twenty-plus years ago. I then had to take a four-question timed quiz with another associate to prove my identity. Fortunately I knew the answer to all of these, and was finally able to creat an account. What. A. Process.

Last night I harvested some beans from other plans as well as some Swiss chard to bring over to Bonnie’s house where we cooked up a tofu stir fry. I was hoping to add some bok choy or pak choi too, but the remaining plants were well past their best days. I sure have a lot of compost material now. Dinner was delicious, thanks again Bonnie, and so was the rosé wine. The two of us had considered playing trivia either at Red’s or up in Buford, but the week has been a stressful one for both of us, so eating a meal, watching tv, and calling it quits early was a much better choice.

Today I have more onboarding tasks for my new overlord, and a brief intermission for something I will blog about tomorrow, and the over to Betsy’s for Top Chef tonight.

Hopefully you are having a good week and are remaining healthy.

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5 Responses to 2021-07-07

  1. Steve says:

    The Internet is always a little sketchy around these parts, but especially so this morning. I even brought out my bank iPhone and set it in the window to use as a hotspot at one point. The MiFi from the bank I think is toast and will work on getting another. Maybe today is the day I finally drag the T-Mobile unit to different spots in the house and see which is the best.

    I had grand plans to come home from running errands and ride, but they took longer than expected and I would have just been getting on the road at 7. Instead, I cut grass in anticipation of more rain coming today. That line was pretty strong last night.

    Watching the Tour (with the sound off) for today’s 2 ascents of one of the big mountains this year.


    • I’m watching sound off too, as I plow through new employee training.

    • Barb says:

      Tried to go to Steak n Shake (by the Ok Cafe) for lunch, Allan thought a milkshake sounded good. (He’s working today, so best to stay inside the CoA city limits.) They are Not open for dine in. Bummer. considered the OKCafe, but then decided to go to Peros Pizza & Italian (next to Sal’s shoe store West Stride). Pizza was super tasty, I think we may go there again someday. Then stopped in to say hi to Sal. Damn running shoes have gotten expensive.

  2. Steve says:

    And just now, as the break passes a lovely field of lavender, the TV pans and show all the still photographers out in it… funny. I recall being in San Francisco at Lombardy St. (the famous zig zag) and a busload of Japanese tourists were taking pictures of it… I thought the better picture was of them!

  3. Barb says:

    Woke up early, read the internet for a while, then decided to go back to sleep.

    My 1 cherry tomato plant is growing like crazy, I have it draped across the nearby cages. It’s the only one producing much fruit, all the other plants seem healthy, just not growing many tomatoes.

    If Allan can fit me in, might go into town & meet him for a late lunch, he’s got some crazy meeting until 1pm.
    I’m heading to the Y for a stretch class now.
    (I kind of like being the youngest person in the class)

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