Hey ho. Let’s go!

Yesterday was a good day.

In addition to finishing off all of my new employee video watching, I joined Bonnie on a trip to Museum of Design Atlanta for their Bike to the Future exhibit. While small, the exhibit did have some very interesting bicycles on exhibit — I probably should have taken photos of some, but didn’t.

After the exhibit Bonnie and I wandered up to the new food court hall, Politan Row, at Colony Square. The food hall is swank, but I kept feeling like I was at the airport. Bonnie and I shared a naan pizza and an order of samosas; while not cheap, each of the food items was tasty.

It was my turn to “cook” last night so to make things easy on myself I picked up a frozen pizza and some bagged salad at Kroger.

Off on another adventure today!

Hope all is happy and healthy in tour world.

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4 Responses to 2021-07-08

  1. Steve says:

    So I decided I really needed to get a ride in yesterday. The last check of the radar (some hours previously) didn’t show much, but I slipped my zip-loc bag into my pocket just in case. Dark clouds to the south and not a mile from the house, some light rain… the farther I rode, the harder the rain. Hope of an actual ending to the rain was gone at the 5 mile point and I turned back for home. I haven’t looked at the bike yet, but if it’s half as filthy as I was, it’s going to take some cleaning!

    The fence guys are on the last section- replacing one I built (poorly). All the horses have to be secured at the moment, as they would be able to breech the lines easily. Debbie can’t wait to put the baby out in their new pasture… running and bucking is expected!

    Got another gig in Asheville next weekend. Apparently, USAC has partnered with one of the national grand fondo’s and now has a “National Championship Grand Fondo”. I never have seen one, but I’ll be the chief referee! Not sure what I’ll be doing..


  2. Bonnie says:

    Just a day of chores and errands…

  3. Barb says:

    Went for a short walk at Palisades West, (about 2.5 miles) and then had lunch with Allan who is building bikes today.
    Messed with my tomatoes, the plants are growing like crazy, but still not enough actual tomatoes growing.
    Did it rain down in the city?
    Had a weird little pop up downpour up here.

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