Fun has been made at my expense because I drive like an old person; I drive the speed limit on interstates. It’s true. It’s not because I don’t get a rush from driving fast, it’s because I hate paying for tickets. Since sheriffs and state patrols know all of the places to hide in plain sight, I know that when I encounter them out there as if they were on safari I will not be the game they catch.

On my long drive yesterday I passed numerous hunters waiting to catch prey and some that were punishing those that had been caught. I also passed a car fire, stopped at a few rest areas (quickly leaving the one south of Gainesville FL after seeing the sign “Beware of venomous snakes”), a Burger King drive thru for lunch (Impossible Whopper FTW!), and at my first Buc-ees .

I have heard lore of the roadside oasis that is Buc-ees. I had no idea how right these stories were. I’m not sure when the Buc-ees south of Macon opened, but I know I have never seen it on my Florida journeys. Given its massive size, it’s very hard to miss. Naturally I had to stop. My intention was to buy a cup of coffee. I easily could have roamed the store for an hour because Buc-ees apparently sells just about everything under the sun! I walked out with a coffee (which an employee had to correct my use of the wrong cup for such a drink), a bag of tater tots, and a pecan pie kolache. In addition to spending a lot more time, I easily could have spent a few hundred dollars on things that I didn’t know that I “needed”.

While I always wish I had more time to visit the numerous breweries that exist near my mother’s house it’s a damn good thing that I am not a beachgoer as my body is spotted with poison ivy and scratches/wounds which I guess are from Sunday? ☹️

I’ve already eaten at Eddie’s (one of the places my mother likes to eat), and know that I’ll be eating breakfast at the diner in the local bowling alley and playing bingo at least once this weekend, but other than that I have no idea what else I’ll have/get to do on this visit.

Hope you have a good weekend. Stay happy and healthy, and return Monday to see what sort of exciting fun I had over the weekend.

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12 Responses to 2021-07-09

  1. Barb says:

    Glad you are finally in FL visiting mom.
    Try to win some money at bingo!

  2. Barb says:

    And we haven’t stopped at a Buc-ees yet. They are building one up north on 75, I think Cartersville or Calhoun area.

    • Budget some time. 😂
      It’s very possible that I will stop again on my drive home. 😂

      • Steve Brady says:

        On my trip to Nashville last month, I saw a Buc-ees billboard that simply said “tick tock”. Not understanding, I was sadly disappointed when I saw it was still under construction.

  3. Steve says:

    Fence done, baby, mom and Phinney lose in it and loving all the grass.

    Just read where the 3k rule has been extended to 4.5k for today’s finish. Nice to be proactive for once on a sketchy finish run.

    At breakfast, waiting on an oil change across the street. Hoping to get a ride in before mass mowing.


  4. Bonnie says:

    Black walnuts are gross!!! I’ve never met a nut I didn’t like (except the lowly peanut sometimes), but ewww!

  5. Today’s “feel like” temperatures will exceed 100°F. I remember why I left Florida. Well, there are many reasons I left Florida.

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