My pantry and refrigerator are once again well stocked, which is good since I am no longer collecting a paycheck. My trip to Aldi yielded a lot of great buys, including a new box fan, and my total with tax was a “mere” $105.

Last night’s dinner was a Pauliefied red curry. I was trying to use a lot of vegetables that needed to be used before going bad, so I made a double batch by adding twice as much coconut milk and red curry paste to an InstantPot containing tofu, eggplant (WLF), potatoes (WLF), shishito peppers (WLF), tomatoes (WLF), some frozen mixed vegetables, a jalapeño pepper, a zucchini, a red bell pepper, and garlic. Sadly the last four ingredients should have also been sourced from WLF but they represent some of my failures. All in all the curry, served over rice, was good though I may have overcooked it slightly.

Eating in was a good option as rain somehow managed to find its way ITP yesterday afternoon. There wasn’t a significant amount of rain, but enough fell to dampen things.

I really didn’t accomplish a ton of things yesterday other than relaxing and my aforementioned run to Wells Fargo and Aldi.

Today I am consider hitting the road early to drive out to Tractor Supply in Douglasville. Doors open at 8am. I don’t *need* to go there today, but I will want to go sometime soon to pick up a few things for the farm. I was going to mow the front lawn this morning, but the rain that fell late afternoon changed that plan.

This morning I had a gigantic WTF (not WLF) moment, there was a large caterpillar, the kind I’ve been finding in WLF on the kitchen floor! 😮🤯 I don’t understand how it got into the kitchen, or if it was born in the kitchen from whence it came. What make this stranger is that I just remembered that I had a dream about caterpillars and tomato worms last night!

Tonight I’ll be going over to Betsy’s for “Top Chef”. I believe tonight will be another frozen pizza night. 😋

Hope you all are doing well.

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  1. Steve says:

    The highlight of my day was a haircut at lunch! Overdue.

    Stopped at Blue Moon Cycles in Norcross prior to the pre-meeting. Discussed with them my brake issues and hoped to buy some gaskets and washers, but my bike is “too new” for them to support. They are a specialty shop and only deal with “old” beemers. If you ever happen to head out that way, they do have an interesting collection of old motorcycles in a museum format, if that is your thing.

    Lots of details chased during last nights meeting. The prez is meeting with the Park today and my partner Burt will be attending as well. No notice to me… thoughtful.

    Nothing else from here…


  2. Barb says:

    Went to the local bike shop to get some cables & housing for my brothers bike, Allan realized (as always) why he works very part time at a bike shop, that shits expensive when you pay retail.

    It’s terribly humid & hot, so we decided to go see Black Widow. Tuesdays are $5 at the movie theatre here, good comfy seats, and not even 10 people in the theatre. Entertaining movie.

    Had a taste test with 2 different local sweet corns, my cousin’s choice was right, it was a little tastier. So, we will buy some from that stand to bring home.

  3. Hello from Douglasville, GA where the Tractor Supply is nicer than the one in Forest Park. Eastbound traffic on I-20 looks like a complete shit show so I may drive home the scenic way.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Greetings from Savannah! The hotel has a happy hour and you get 2 free drinks per day! While I am planning to not drink a ton on this trip, I couldn’t help but cash in both drinks last night before dinner as I’m not sure how often we’ll find ourselves at the hotel during happy hour. Last night we walked around some then ate dinner on River Street—I had the best vegetarian muffuletta I’ve ever eaten. I set half aside for a homeless guy outside and then, Paulie, I dreamed about homeless stuff all night! 😮 Just got back from the breakfast buffet, and I suppose I should start getting ready for the day.

    My petsitter brought her newborn with her yesterday and my cats had their very first encounter with a baby. They both sniffed the baby in its carrier then Willow bolted upstairs and hid under the bed!

  5. Steve says:

    Where are y’all staying, Bonnie? Sounds cool.

    • Bonnie says:

      An embassy suites in I guess what’s considered the historic district of Savannah. We splurged on a nice hotel to be within walking distance of the action, some amenities and because we didn’t take vacations last year. The husband doesn’t consider our camping/hiking trip a vacation. 🤣 And we got a nice discount on the travel site we booked it on.

  6. Went out to take a quick peek at WLF and found that some animal had dug around two tomato plants exposing the roots. WTF, it’s bad enough they try to eat all of the fruit, now they want to kill the plants too? They are as stupid as humans.

  7. Barb says:

    Morning dentist appt with Dad was uneventful. Whatever was bothering him last week is fine now. They only charged us $15 & took less than an hour. So glad covid protocols have been changed so I could go in & talk to the dentist directly.

    Now to get ready to go to lunch with my uncle.
    Instead of 2 old people, it will be 3 old people with us. What fun!

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