Friday again, thus my first hiatus week comes to an end. Though I have not checked the calendar, I am led to believe that today is the only Friday the 13th of 2021.

This Friday finds me in my old Waschsalon stomping grounds. Initially I was going to make a Lowe’s / Home Depot stop prior to camping outside the Waschsalon, but last night’s late rain means that all bags of soil will be soaked, so I didn’t go.

For dinner last night I finally made jackfruit barbecue. It’s actually easy to do as long as you have the ingredients on hand. Of course I Paulified the recipe by adding an onion, tomatoes, and jalapeño to the jackfruit. Essentially jackfruit is like vegetarian tuna. In order to make jackfruit barbecue, which tastes like shredded chicken, you open the can of jackfruit (packed in water), shred it into a pot containing a bbq spice mix and some bbq sauce, and heat it to your desired temperature. I served my jackfruit on a bun with some pickles, and a side of charred green beans that I picked from WLF.

After dinner last night I sat around the house watching TV. I’ve restarted watching Mad Men, the first two episodes have been watched.

After laundry I will be doing a few chores on my way back to the hood such as filling the M6’s gas tank. Woo Hoo!

With my Social Coordinator away I don’t know what I will be doing this weekend, other than walking with Betsy and Bella tomorrow morning.

I may wander up to the Village tonight to hit up Sabbath Brewing. It’s hard to eat out when I am alone, have no job, and a house full of food to eat — some of which is highly perishable.

Sunday is a Black Sheep day, and I have decided that if the start is not posted anywhere other than Facebook that I will skip it in protest. Black Sheep has become pretty bad about posting starts, especially in a timely fashion. If I understand correctly the start will be down near Newnan, so perhaps I can find fun closer to the ITP Estate.

Hope you are remaining well and have a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Oh yeah, today is the start of Bundesliga (I wish Werder Bremen were still there) as well as English Premier League.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Haha 😉

    I meant to tell you, the start has been posted on Facebook for a couple days. MA only shows up and/or hares once every couple years, maybe he doesn’t know the protocol. You can still protest. 😁

    Tybee Island was fun. The pop-up sun shade I bought for the beach worked out pretty well for what it was. You just have to be sure the sun is behind you obviously. The water was so warm! In the past I’ve gone to Panama City in May and it’s freezing then! I spent way more time in the water than I usually do.

    Today’s plan is Jeckyl Island (sea turtle center, Glory Beach 😂) then St. Simon’s Island including a lighthouse tour.

  3. Steve says:

    Happy Friday!

    I helped the economy after work yesterday by buying some conduit to bury for the well, and a device to pull behind the tractor to make a slot for said conduit.

    Got a nice ride in on the CX bike, and after getting home, was helping Debbie corral the horses- Daisy and Tanner decided to graze in the backyard, unsupervised… I went to feed the others and Mickey had a big horsefly on his hips in a spot he couldn’t get to. I tried to help and got in the way of his kick! Right in the thigh, hard enough to break the skin a little. It’s a little tender today, but not bad.

    My Games friend who fell yesterday has a broken pelvis, wrist, left orbital and a small brain bleed. 30 feet off a ladder will do that. I haven’t looked for an update yet this morning.

    Paulie, if you decide to blow off BS, let’s go ride…


  4. Barb says:

    Black Sheep is way down closer to Steve…. You could go ride & do Black Sheep.
    BS# 320 8/15/21
    Max Ass shit show! Meet at 1330. The Ass show is off at 1400. There will be a beer check! , trail length will depend on how hot it is, how far I feel like running and how many times you catch me.
    222 Impreglon Way, Fairburn, GA 30213
    Bring the same stuff you always do.

    I might have 1 Atlanta United seat available Sunday afternoon, got 6 free ones, section 226 (end zone). I’ve never been to an Atl Utd game & free is my price!
    Let me know if you are interested.

    Trying to get our shit together to get the roadtrip started. My car smells like corn….

  5. Steve says:

    I think the state fair would be great fun!!

  6. Barb says:

    Passing thru Hannibal, MO. Hone of Mark Twain. Way too many stoplights. It’s all 4 lane highway, but not interstate until we get to St. Louis.
    Good times….

  7. Steve says:

    Fertilizer guys on the way. Horses secured. Gates unlocked. Now if we can just get a little rain before we get A LOT of rain…

  8. I was feeling a little lazy since my early morning productivity, so I just braved the heat and mowed the front lawn.

    Upon completion I checked the squash plant dug up by some asshole animal only to find it was destroyed again by another asshole animal!

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