It was a good weekend for home delivery for me. On Friday my AirTags order arrived on schedule, and then on Saturday my Peach Pass arrived in the mail.

Saturday morning’s walk with Betsy was lovely and then led to making lunch plans at Red’s Beer Garden. I rode my mountain bike to Red’s, and unfortunately inadvertently kept Betsy from eating with some other friends who were convening there for lunch as well. Oops!

I don’t hash with the Facebook Hash House Harriers, so when Black Sheep never posted its start anywhere other than the aforementioned social media platform that I abandoned about ten years ago I decided to take a stance and not attend. Admittedly it was easier to do knowing that many people would be absent due to Prague, vacation, or Atlanta United attendance, as well as the fact that the weather forecast wasn’t the greatest and the start I was in Fairburn.

Instead of hashing I started Sunday choring in WLF. Asshole animals did more damage by digging up plants, and the brief storm which blew through East Atlanta on Saturday night also knocked down some plants and unfortunately seemed to close the hole that leads to the underground beehive which is the home to many of the bees which have been pollinating the farm all summer long. I thought about trying to reopen the hole but feared getting swarmed by bees that would be thinking that I was attacking them instead of helping them. The ball is in your court, Nature.

By spending each night home alone this weekend saw me finishing, or at least catching up, on tv series; I finished “McCartney 3, 2, 1” and “Mythic Quest”, and caught up on “Making It”, “Ted Lasso”, and “Holey Moley”. I also watched some soccer and the second stage of La Vuelta España.

I also spent some time cooking last night. Because I was going to heat up the oven (and house) by roasting up a bunch of veggies (some from WLF, some not) and some Beyond bratwurst, I also improvised and made my first ever tomato pie in an attempt to use some tomatoes before they went bad. As you’d expect, I have plenty of leftovers to eat this week.

Today? Well, I am going to do some research and studying for my future, chore a little in WLF, and if the start to the Moonlight hash is posted somewhere other than Facebook will most likely go out and run it as well.

Hope you had a rewarding and healthy weekend.

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  1. Steve says:

    I think I had an idea to go ride Friday afternoon, when Debbie said there was no water. That’s bad. I reset the breaker, and there was still no water! F! Got my meter out and checked the power at the well and read 120V. Damn it. Called Ga Well, and they had already put their weekend message on the answering machine. Double F! We gathered our water vessels- one is one of those big cubes you see auto detailers using, and went around the corner to Nicole and Doug’s and filled up. Came home and made sure the horses had water. I was sitting in the warm tub Friday evening and it dawned on me I might not have read the power correctly- or at least I know there wasn’t sufficient power to run the well. Got up Saturday and spliced out a bad piece of the line (where Phinney had stepped on it) and there was water!! I spent the rest of the weekend replacing the temporary line with the permanent and that project is now completed!

    I was hoping for some cross winds yesterday to break up the field in the Vuelta. Maybe today. Too bad about the crash at 4km. Much more considerate to crash within the 3km. And finally heard from Tour of the Gila- start thinking about your travel, but don’t make reservations yet! Yeah… I’m giving it a 50/50 chance of happening.


  2. Bonnie says:

    Home from my coastal Georgia vacation. Some of you Facebook friends will see several posts over the coming days, and perhaps I’ll bore Paulie with a slideshow. 😉 Now a very busy week is ahead of me, including car shopping. I understand the Cavalier did get repaired and we will pick it up today and the husband will drive it until we get a new one. However, it looks like the hurricane is going to thwart some of our plans as I’m not running errands or car shopping in a downpour. Grrrrr. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sneak away to Moonlite or any other fun this week, but we shall see…

  3. Morning choring done, mostly maintenance and watering. I sprayed my legs with Off, but apparently not well enough. 😡

    Still get bummed when I see how many zucchini and potatoes are being harvested on the YouTube channels I watch. 😢

    Still no start posted for tonight’s hash anywhere but Facebook. I know I can walk to the start, but I may protest again on principle.

  4. Whole lot of hummingbird activity, but I can’t tell if they are fighting or hitting on each other.

  5. Barb says:

    I wrote a long comment (on my phone) & it went away. Arghhhhhh

    Saturday was a fun garden party out in Conyers, a little rain I think kept some local friends away, which kept the numbers down, which made us actually happy.

    Our buddy Gregg accidentally stepped on a cat’s tail, got bit, though no biggie. Woke up in the wee hours Sunday morning, shaking & feeling horrible. Went to the ER, he already had a horrible infection. Hospital full, but wouldn’t let him leave, got a temporary bed finally in the outpatient surgery area & spent the night. He’s supposed to get out today, but hadn’t been released yet.

    Sunday finally got home after helping Deb get their camper closed up & moved to a better parking area. Went to the AU game, was impressed, I think 2/3 of the people were wearing masks. And, they won, 1-0.

    Today we went to Douglasville to get more barrister bookshelf pieces & parts to go with what I brought back from Iowa. Allan is so happy, more bookshelves! When it’s all done, I’ll send you a picture. 1 section needed some wood glue, so it won’t be completely finished until tomorrow. Antiques….

  6. Barb says:

    And, if you need some Iowa corn on the cob, come in by! I still have plenty.

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