Another day, another skipping of a hash because the start was not published anywhere but the Facebooks. To be fair, I also skipped because I assumed that the rain would wash the trail away — apparently it did not. I hoped that by not hashing the past two days I’d have a favorable weigh-in today — spoiler alert, I did not.

I felt fortunate to beat the rain yesterday afternoon and get outside to sow some seeds, mainly greens, for my fall WLF garden.

The rain, which has seemingly been falling heavily and non-stop all night, will by daylight have thoroughly soaked WLF and filled all of my catchment containers to the brim. If there is any break in the rain later I will go outside and pour water from the catchment trays into jugs for future WLF watering needs.

When I was a budding teenager, so you know this anecdote is ancient, and getting into the alternative music scene I was turned on to the band Lone Justice. The band was alt-country, had just released an amazing album with the help of Tom Petty, and had a lead singer named Maria McKee who had an incredibly powerful voice, and was extremely 1980s photogenic. And? Keep reading…

A couple of months ago I became deprived of my favorite British tellie game shows because the YouTube accounts which were hosting them were shut down. Last night I was unable to sleep and I went on a virtual adventure on YouTube looking to find the shows again — and I did! While watching one of the game shows there was a reference to Maria McKee, which naturally led me to do a Google search to see what has happened to her during the past 35 years. Turns out, she’s not been tearing up the music charts the way she once did, however, I found out is that today is Maria McKee’s 57th birthday. I had no idea that Maria McKee is only a year older than I am.

Due to the rain I think I will be spending my day primarily inside choring. I certainly have plenty of chores which I have been neglecting by going outside to do my WLF choring.

Hope you have a dry, healthy, and happy day.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 183.4 (+3.6 pounds from last week’s weigh-in); Rats! I was hoping the magic of choring would save me, but I knew I have been eating and drinking too much.

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  1. First round of water transfer done, with a quick pause to return inside to fetch mosquito repellent. Holy hell those motherfuckers are annoying!

  2. Steve says:

    Checking the radar this morning, we’re almost out of it. At 4:45 and 4:55, we got calls on the land line by the NWS, reporting a tornado warning- sighted in Lone Oak and moving NW. Lone Oak is west of us about 7 miles, as the tornados fly, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

    As I expected the rain to be an all day event today, I took a break from working yesterday and cut grass. That was about the highlight of the day, besides an aborted attempt to unload hay. I got off a call, checked the radar, which was clear and had Debbie back the truck up to the mancave. Just as we started to unload, the skies opened up and she drove the hay back under the carport. Wet, moldy hay is bad for horses.

    Hope everyone survives the rain..


  3. Bonnie says:

    Paulie, yesterday when I said I wasn’t going to hash, I didn’t mean I didn’t *want* to hash. 😁 Today will also be an inside day of chores, of which I have plenty. The Cavalier has been fetched and is back in the garage. For how long, I don’t know. The husband sort of wants to wash his hands of it (and has a potential buyer), but if the new car takes a long time to order then it would be nice to have a second car to make my fun easier 😁.

    • I know you never want to miss Brownwood starts. I considered going even though I am being silly about the start postings, but I really thought the rain would wash away trail like it did to us.

      • Bonnie says:

        I also assumed weather could turn. I was in Target during the afternoon rain, and maaaaaan what a shitshow. I assume most of the issues were related to not enough staff?

  4. Bonnie says:

    Barb, when I went to the Atlanta United a couple weeks ago, I’d say less than 1% were wearing masks—lots of folks stared at the husband and I in ours like we were lepers. I know the climate was different even that short amount of time ago. Also, about 1% of fans wore them on MARTA where it is a federal mandate.

  5. Barb says:

    Busy morning (ok, not really)
    Talked to both Deb & Gregg on the phone, he’s supposed to be getting sprung from the hospital, but that’s a crazy slow process. I was going to drive out to Conyers to hang out, not sure yet if I will do that. Such lovely weather to drive scross town.

    Sal stopped over to drop off her bikes, Mtn bike rear tire keeps going flat. Allan will do a deeper dive into the problem. Road bike needs some new cables & a good once over.
    She’s heading to Alaska this weekend, and with everything covid wise is super nervous about it. We heard a tree crashing sound, a big branch fell on a neighbors fence & clipped the corner of a house. I heard another crash after she left, couldn’t see anything, so must be a couple houses away.

    Corn is disappearing….. I think I’ve given enough away I can use the rest.
    Made a sweet corn chowder last night for dinner, came out pretty tasty.

    • I’m going to guess it’s the rim tape on her mountain bike. She’s running with a Dribbles (the younger). I apparently couldn’t have picked a busier weekend for inviting others to camp. 🙄😂 Now I just hope that the weather is kind to us.

      Yikes, your neighborhood has had its fair share of tree problems recently.

      I’m sure the corn is/was delicious.

  6. Eating lunch, leftover red curry and newly-cooked rice. If it’s not raining tonight I will harvest some green beans to eat with dinner; hey should be well washed… 😂

    • Bonnie says:

      We won’t be able to make time to go to Red’s tonight. #adulting
      And hey, I need to eat dinner at home to clear out space in my freezer for my new freezer packs arriving today.

    • Adulting? That’s bullshit! 😁

      I figured Red’s not in the cards, mostly due to the wet weather.

  7. Spent some time looking around WLF. Have I mentioned how much I hate mosquitoes? I sprayed my legs, and the swarmed my arms and head anytime I stood still for over ten seconds. 😡

  8. Steve says:

    Sal is going to Alaska? Must be a race up there…

    Every time you mention mosquitoes, I thank my frogs… I know we have very few and I really think they are the reason.. and the blue tailed skinks.

    Where is the camping?

    • Barb says:

      Yes, there is a marathon in Alaska.
      The friend that started the whole plan on this vacation tore her meniscus & can’t go. So, it’s just her & Dribbles now.
      She’s all nervous about it, still can’t get a rental car reserved, etc.

    • What Barb said.

      I’ve considered digging a pond in the back corner of WLF, it’s the lowest point of my property.

      Camping up at Red Top Mountain State Park.

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