Just a short one today…

Water is essential, beneficial, and occasionally damaging.

With most of the water I captured on the deck I bottled over sixteen gallons to use for future WLF watering. I still have bucket in WLF that I will dump into the rain barrel to finally test its worthiness.

At some point yesterday I also looked up into the den ceiling to discover a small discoloration, which of course immediately impelled me to go up into the attic. I found a small water leak in the roof, near a spot I suspected to be troublesome for some time. I have had a look around, am keeping my fingers crossed that it was the great quantity of rain that fell in a short period of time which allowed the water to get as far as the inner ceiling, and next week will arrange someone to come out and have a look and provide a quote for repair.

And me without an income… Perhaps I will have to get a job again next year after all. At what point would it be cheaper to knock down the ITP Estate and replace it with a fully-functioning much smaller abode?

To help take my mind off my new woes, and to ensure a better night’s sleep than the one I had last night, I will be suiting up soon with mosquito-resistant clothing and spending the day doing manual labor choring in WLF. I pulled down another fifteen-foot magnolia tree yesterday and intend to chop it up, and will be cutting and/or chipping many of the branches lying in the backyard at the moment.

Hope you have a happy and healthy day.

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8 Responses to 2021-08-18

  1. Bonnie says:

    Don’t hurt yourself this week! I need you at full capacity this weekend. 😁

    I hear it is a former(?) ITP reader’s 50th birthday today. OK, it’s Cheese Nips.

    About to take Nigel to the vet for his dental cleaning. Jesus, I spend more on the cats’ medical concerns than my own.

  2. Bob says:

    Have fun camping this weekend, looks like the weather may be nice.

    With the amount of rain that came down yesterday Paulie any small leak would have been overwhelmed. I’m sure your roof will be fine until you get somebody out to repair.

    I’m going under the knife (actually laser) this afternoon. I have been wanting Lasik for years and finally pulled the trigger.

  3. Barb says:

    Why don’t you like the magnolia tree?

    Went out to Conyers to hang with the friends, Gregg finally got sprung about 1030am from the hospital. Watched a few episodes of a Hulu series Brockmire, staring Hank Azaria. Pretty funny, I’ll have to keep watching. His leg is a little swollen, but he seems ok.

    This morning we are heading back to Douglasville to get 1 more stack (shelf) for the barrister bookshelves. Allan has too many books.

  4. Steve says:

    Not sure if we were just not in the right spot, or what, but it really didn’t look like we got “that much” rain from the storm. I will actually buy a rain gauge someday, but there was not much debris on the driveway or obvious washouts around the barn.

    There was still a good deal of wind around yesterday afternoon, so I spent a hard half hour on the trainer. And the thought of riding my reasonably clean bike up our dirt road did not appeal to me.

    Good luck with the surgery, Bob! My friend who took the header off the ladder last week is out of ICU, and has opened his eyes and is trying to communicate. Baby steps.


  5. Handful of morning choring hours done, used Wee Little Chipper to reduce two stacks of branches into wood chip mulch. It is getting hot, and I ran out of steam so I have returned inside for a shower and some cold water. It’s lunchtime and I don’t have a bit of hunger, though I did eat four small tomatoes as I worked.

    And if it’s not the mosquitoes, it’s the ants; one ant bit me behind the right knee this morning.

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