I couldn’t get to sleep last night, finally dozing off after 1am. I’m sure it had a lot to do with the impromptu nap I took earlier in the evening. 🙄

Except for finding a tick on me, yesterday was a decent day. I worked hard in WLF yesterday as I started to pull apart a large pile of debris that lays in the far reaches of WLF. I also managed to finish cutting off four sections of the downed pine tree and rolling them to the western edge of the plot where they can rot in peace; there is still about twenty feet left to cut up and move. 😮

Yesterday I brought Beyond burger patties to Betsy’s and we had cheeseburgers with tater tots and salad for not “Top Chef” night dinner. We have completed watching last year’s “Top Chef All Stars 2” and the latest season of “Top Chef” is not yet available on Hulu, so we watched the first episode of “Only Murders in the Building” — a new Hulu series starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez — instead.

My gripe for the day is with shopping, no not having to save money, but instead delivery. Yesterday I mentioned that today I need to return to the FedEx Office store on Ponce to pick up my IKEA package. I was going to hit Lowe’s first, but because I fell asleep so late I also slept later than I desired and therefore may not hit up the hardware store for more dirt, um, compost.

On Tuesday Bonnie sent me a link to the MLS Store where they are selling past-year Atlanta United merchandise at a discount. The 2019 jersey I bought was $29, and then I noticed that is I spent $49 I would get free shipping. No problem! I added a discounted hat and discounted scarf to my order bringing me to $57. I’m good at shopping… With a $2 “handling fee” 😡 and sales tax, my order came to about $65, okay… I was then thrilled to see a Pay with ApplePay button because that would make it a one click purchase, no need to enter address and credit card info! Woot! And then I saw that I was charged $74. What? Somehow in the checkout process I was automatically “upgraded” to expedited shipping for $9. NO! NO! NO! Firstly, the whole reason I added more than the jersey to the cart was to get free shipping. Secondly, without expedited shipping my order wouldn’t be shipped until tomorrow, and thus delivered next week at earliest, which is what I wanted. I could find no way to cancel the order. According to the first email my package is due to arrive today, which is okay. But according to the second email it will be delivered tomorrow, which is not okay since as you will read then, I will not be at home. Dangen!

Okay, it’s nearly 8am, well past the time at which I need to be productive. Have a great day. Stay healthy.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    That reminds me, I forgot I was wanting a lightweight summer Atlanta United scarf. I just looked at the site and I don’t see one so I don’t feel so bad.

    Still trying to find a campsite somewhere for a couple nights this weekend. Still not looking good. A couple cancelations seemed to have cropped up but neither are desirable enough. Worst case there are yurts available Monday, but our schedule only would allow us to stay one night. There are tent campsites available Monday but I’m not feeling setting up camp for just for one night.

  2. Steve says:

    I woke to find very little internet in the house! The T-mobile router/hotspot/PoP seems to be completely out to lunch after several reboots. The banks Verizon hotspot is only slightly faster than walking, especially when you throw in the banks VPN on top.

    No more snake sightings. I told Debbie once she got home and she took it rather well. Rather than burn the whole place down (which is what I expected) she simply said she was never going outside again. She did go out and bring the ponies in from the front pasture but was on HIGH alert the whole time.

    More folks out on MY dirt roads last night than I have seen in a while. Typically, I can ride and not see a vehicle on the dirt portions. 2 jeeps along 1 section- right when I wanted to be picking up speed for the coming uphill, and a golf cart on a one lane bridge on another part. Once they were in view, I started to slow, then saw their kids pop out of the creek and run across the road right in front of me. Slowed to almost a stop, again losing all momentum prior to the uphill. Grrrr…

    Holiday weekend starts this afternoon!! Woot!!


    • My holiday weekend has already started! 😂😂😂

      Next week starts my efforts to relearn iOS development, and start spending less money.

    • Barb says:

      I’m with Debbie on the snakes. I don’t want to know about them, or I won’t go outside as well.

      I need to cut grass today. Now I’m wondering about snakes.

  3. Must be a big day for La Vuelta, I just turned it on and they have been streaming for over two hours already.

  4. Bonnie, don’t you want to work at Atlanta Cycling? I really could use the $500 in gift card referral bonus. 😂😂😂

  5. Always interesting to me to see the arc of the sun change. At this time for the past two months my deck would be bathed in sun, today it’s still shady because the sun is behind one of the treetops in my front yard.

  6. Barb says:

    Just cut the grass. Even though it’s only 80, it’s still freakin hot out.

    But, sitting on the deck, in the shade, with a little breeze is very nice.

    Had a nice walk around Marietta yesterday with Mark, watched a scene from a Christmas lifetime movie being shot on the Square. We were sitting at an outside table at Red Hare, I asked a guy if we needed to move, he said no, we are probably not in the picture, but if yes, they would CGI some more wintery clothes on us. Funny guy.

    Mark got a call & a job offer as we were sitting there, makes me think maybe I ought to start looking for a job. I wish I knew what I wanted to do, definitely not what I was doing.

    • I just ate half of an amazing pizza which was bought as a $2.75 Aldi cheese pizza, which I topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapeño, and banana peppers. Yummy!

      For my penance I must work WLF when I return from FedEx.

  7. Steve says:

    The T-mobile hotspot is toast. Wouldn’t even provide an IP address on hardwired. Watched it reboot repeatedly. Ship date 9/30-10/14 WTF, O???

    Glad I have even a slow backup.

  8. And just like that the package that was supposed to arrive today, and then delayed to tomorrow, was just delivered. 🤷🏻‍♂️😁

  9. And I picked up my IKEA order at FedEx to find one of the items had been damamged in shipping. 😡

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