Morning all.

My day yesterday was great, in a “I am so glad that I am not working so that I can do whatever I want” day. Of course I realize that this won’t last forever so I am taking advantage of this while I can.

I spent the entire morning puttering around WLF, mulching beds, cleaning up, trimming a couple of small trees, and transplanting some seedlings.

After lunch the HVAC maintenance guy came over and gave the system a clean bill of health.

Once gone, it was early enough to go back out to WLF to resume choring, but I didn’t feel like suiting up and getting dirty again.

Last night’s dinner was another Paulie ménage casserole consisting of a box of stuffing, some p,ant-passed beef, and sautéed onion and peppers.

Today I am joining Bonnie for a hike to try and check out some of the color-changing leaves.

And this being Wednesday I will be headed to Betsy’s tonight for Top Chef night.

Hope all is going well in your world. Steve, did you stop at Buc-ee’s on your way home? If not you missed an opportunity to buy yourself an ugly sweater… 😂

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3 Responses to 2021-11-17

  1. Steve says:

    Take a Hike! Hahahha!

    I’m not sure what Waze had in mind for getting to WR yesterday, so maybe it recompiled after I started heading south via Woodbury. On the way down, I passed the Mahindra dealer I have bought parts from via the interwebz and thought I would stop in on the return. Unfortunately, Waze had some crazy idea of using the interstate and I was strictly opposed. Quicker, maybe, but too much stress when on the scooter. I tried to retrace my steps, but missed one turn and was quickly across 75 and knew it was not happening.

    If you’re into such things, that museum is pretty good. The base still supports aircraft worldwide and in the museum displays, they always like to point out that they supported it from date to date…

    No plan today. Last bit of cleanup on the fence line to do. Fill the post holes.. remove the start of a sweet gum- giant weed! The new plumbing has a tiny leak where I transition from PVC to a brass hose fitting. And I have a call at 1pm ( work is still happening).

    Enjoy your hike.


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