If it’s Friday it must be “Get paid to eat bacon” Day! 😂 At lunchtime I will be near Perimeter Mall getting paid to do a bacon testing, so I guess today will be a meat day.

With the exception the the limbs I really wanted to trim yesterday were too high for me to fell, yesterday was a good day for me. I puttered around WLF, and when not attempting to take down tree limbs, I was transplanting seedlings and gathering leaves to turn into mulch.

My choring ended around noon, at which time I showered and ate lunch.

Bonnie and I met up for a walk yesterday. She had an errand to perform, which took us all the way to Aldi, and we shopped briefly. Neither of us purchased much as we knew we had to lug out purchases for three miles, but that didn’t limit her as much as it did me. 🙄 In total we walked about six miles.

I stayed in last night, making myself a supper of a veggie burger. I am trying to eat more food from my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer since I have so much on hand. That’s another reason why I limited my purchases from Aldi yesterday.

For some reason I wasted time watching a portion the Falcons game last night. Well, to be fair, when you watch NFL games on TV your are rally watching commercials interspersed with a minute or two of sports. I gave up after awhile. And to think, my NY Jets are so bad that they actually lost (handily) to this Falcons team… 🤔

Tonight is former ITP Reader, but current Top Chef and coffee walk friend, Betsy’s birthday. She is having a fire in her backyard so I think that I will bundle up and head over with some beverages to celebrate the day of her birth.

Tomorrow night I will be going to a dinner party, my first since before COVID.

Sunday is a hashing day, even if the weather doesn’t look the greatest; actually, I just checked again and it might be good weather for hashing purposes.

Of course I will keep trying to peck away at WLF chores as well. There are leaves to rake, ground to level, limbs to fell, beds to build, etc, etc, etc.

Also, I have been promoted from the EuroHash 2023 waitlist to an opportunity to buy a registration. Now to figure out what my life will be like in 2023 and determine if I want to claim the registration.

Hope that you have had a good week, and that this will carry over through the weekend.

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4 Responses to 2021-11-19

  1. Steve says:

    Took a nice scooter ride to Pine Mtn, where I found my first choice for lunch closed! My second choice had no parking available, so I went further south to the Country Store, where I ate an overpriced fish sandwich. Welcome to Calloway Gardens.

    After returning home, I set out on the CX bike to look for my missing radio. Presumably lost while rescuing hounds from US27 a month ago. Wandered around, but no joy. Not a huge loss, but still a PITA to replace and reprogram.

    Good sushi dinner before grocery shopping last night. Apparently, we are hosting TDay, and since we no longer have a dining room, we’ll be winging it. yippee.


    • Hmm, there are some decent “cheap eats” around FDR state park, at least there used to be.

      Sorry you couldn’t find your radio.

      Dining room is now the home office I assume?

      • Steve says:

        For Debbie, it is. I ride my recliner all day.

        And Lola did get me up to see the lunar eclipse about 2:30. It was not even a quarter obscured, and as our view to the west is not great, I never tried to see it any later.

  2. Back from a quick run to Publix to buy rolls for the dinner party. Also picked up a few non-perishable items that were BOGO.

    Stopped at Joe’s for a coffee and spend grounds. I took the only bag of spent grounds available (hey, why not me?) which were still warm! No free coffee this time, but that’s okay.

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