It’s all about the Washingtons!

Up until the time I passed out on the futon, most likely between 8:30pm-9:00pm, I was having a fun and productive day yesterday.

I spent a few hours yesterday morning dismembering and sorting branches. One pile is destined for Wee Little Chipper to become garden path mulch, the other destined to be kindling for a fire pit.

After cleaning up I picked up Bonnie and we drove up to meet Barb and Allan for lunch at Hankook Taqueria. I had the tofu burrito with fries. My food was delicious, and it was good to see them in person and catch up a bit.

Upon seeing that Firemaker Brewing was open I cajoled Bonnie into stopping there. We each got our own flight of beer, all of which were tasty. My failure was to notice that the promised 10% discount on my tab, Firemaker’s advent present for the day, was not applied to my bill. I work so diligently to scrap and save, and then piss away 10% by not paying attention…

Bonnie and I made a pit stop at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on Memorial. The ReStore is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this week and offering 20% off purchases until tomorrow. Not that there was anything there that I wanted, but we didn’t get much time to look because they announce that there were closing at 4:30pm, thirty minutes before their advertised closing time. 🤨

This morning I am attempting to play the financial wizard game again, this time with Ace Hardware via iBotta. For a limited time one can make a purchase at Ace Hardware from the iBotta app and get 6% refunded. What I discovered was that Ace is also running a special for which one receives a $10 Ace gift card with a purchase of a $50 gift card. Nice! Purchase made, now I just have to wait for the transaction to become official and not get canceled like my attempt at Target. Then, I need to figure out how I want to spend $60 at Ace. Figuring out how to spend that cash won’t be too hard; a new coffee maker? a wheelbarrow? compost? Who knows?!?! 🤷🏻‍♂️🎉😂

This afternoon I will be driving to Chamblee for a paid research study. I’m tasting something, but still don’t know what it is. The place I am going to perform my tasting is near the Chamblee Marta Station, so afterwards I may pop into the Lowes up there. Old time Atlantans may remember this parcel of land as the location of a Frito Lay plant, that sat across the street from an Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips location. If you’ve not been up Peachtree that roar in the past decade do so sometime and prepared to be astonished. I have a $10 Lowes gift card that I received using the Fetch app to record my grocery purchases. This is not enough for a coffee maker, nor a wheelbarrow, but it could be spend on farming supplies.

Am I giving away (privacy) data to companies that are paying me pennies on the dollar for it? Sure, but at least I am doing so willingly.

Though it may not be cool enough to warrant a fire tonight, it is my goal to burn some of the wood that sits in WLF, so a (small?) fire is what I will have! Besides, I have a lot of beer in the refrigerator and want to drink some of it.

With a mere eight days to go before Christmas I am trying hard to get into the spirit. I have yet to watch any holiday specials or movies, perhaps that has something do do with this?

Hope your halls are decked with balls of holly.

Day 1: Kristoffel Belgian White from Brouwerij Martens
Day 2: Kristoffel Blonde from Brouwerij Martens
Day 3: Deadly Brewing Hazy India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 4: Key Lime Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 5: O’Shea’s India Pale Ale from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 6: Deadly Brewing East Coast Style India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 7: Deadly Brewing Amber Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 8: Dry Hopped Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 9: O’Shea’s Celtic Wheat Beer from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 10: Cherry Kölsch from Prestige Beer Group
Day 11: White Tide from Brouwerij Martens
Day 12: O’Shea’s Irish Lager from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 13: Session IPA from Prestige Beer Group
Dat 14: O’Shea’ Traditional Irish Stout from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 15: Blonde Ale from Prestige Beer Group
Day 16: O’Shea Traditional Irish Red Ale from Carlow Brewing Company

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15 Responses to 2021-12-17

  1. Oh yeah, I also fixed the M6’s rear seat problem yesterday. Fortunately it was as easy as the YouTube videos made it out to be, I simply had to reseat the cable in its housing. Woot!

  2. Steve says:

    Look at you, being all mechanical and whatnot…

    While the Lumens/CenturyLink tech waltzed right into the building yesterday, the AT&T tech took for-EVA! While he had completed all the paperwork, Law Enforcement hadn’t done their job as he wasn’t supposed to come onsite until Monday! Don’t want to rush it!! They finally were able to push it through and a half hour later, he was in.

    Ceili has the pea-numonia. The vet came out and diagnosed her, gave some drugs and said to keep an eye on her. Last night, she was struggling, so the on-call vet came out and decided she had “choke”. Up the nose with a hose and into the stomach with fluids and meds. Hopefully she is feeling better today. She is Debbie’s primary hunt horse, with no in shape backup…

    Dinner with friends tomorrow and Debbie’s family’s Christmas on Sunday. Off all next week, so make some plans! Ride? Hike? Lunch?


    • I might be up for something on Monday or Wednesday, depending on the weather.

    • Bonnie says:

      Next week will be tough for me, but I’ll see if I can manage something. The husband is in town M-W, I have plans with a friend Thursday but I don’t know what time, and I have a brunch on Friday.

  3. Barb says:

    Lunch was very tasty, thanks for meeting us.
    Went to the eye doctor, the main doctor has sold the business, it’s a different vibe, all new people, and they were running way behind. I ordered new glasses, hope they are what I think I’m getting. Not sure I’ll go back next year.

    Today I have to head to Johns Creek for a tasting, and I can’t remember what it’s for as well. Was supposed to do the feta cheese one today,but it got moved to next week, and I can do hit next week.

    Tonight we head to George’s for the AFR EMS Christmas party. I haven’t been to George’s in forever. Was surprised (& happy) that we get to go to George’s. I just migh5 have to get some cheese curds.

  4. Barb says:

    Decided to walk to Waffle House, we try to go on Christmas or Christmas Eve, (since they never close) but since I’ll be in Iowa, decided today was the day. Had a lovely sweet waitress, they were understaffed, so we overtipped. (Of course). She even tried to give us free waffles (something got made in error, but we were full, and I didn’t want to carry it 2 miles back home).
    Now to road-trip to Johns Creek. Hope I’m tasting something I like.

  5. Steve says:

    Contractor ran out of cable, so no more work today. This is a screwy bunch…

    I don’t know what Debbie has on my honey-do list for next week… stay tuned.

    Looks like rain Tuesday…

  6. Watching two guys using gas leaf blowers to blow about fifteen leaves in this parking lot. That’s almost as easy money as I will make at 2:30pm!

  7. Earned $45 in twenty minutes tasting a cookie. Good work if you can get it…

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