The mad dash to Christmas begins!

And the Great French Press Coffee Experiment is coming to an end. I gave using a French Press to use my coffee every day since my coffee maker’s demise a shot, but in the end it’s too hard to clean out the French Press each day. With the French Press dirty this morning, today I am drinking a cup of tea with my breakfast of leftovers. I have ordered a new coffee maker from Ace Hardware and it’s supposed to arrive at the Grant Park store on Wednesday.

This weekend was a load of fun.

On Friday Bonnie came around, bringing with her a block of tofu. We added a whole bunch of vegetables from WLF and made a tofu stir fry. After eating dinner we started a fire in the fire pit and enjoyed a few beers while gazing at the fire.

Saturday morning a walk with Betsy and Bella occurred, thankfully ending before the rain arrived. The plan for Saturday night was to go to the Yacht Club for the return of their White Trash Gingerbread contest, but I was in no mood to be out in the rain, so staying at home, eating dinner, and watching “A Christmas Story” won out.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep day! The hash was fun, though getting to the hash was circuitous. I allowed technology to guide me, and because the address was on “Rockbridge SW” instead of just “Rockbridge”, Bonnie and I saw parts of Tucker we’d visited previously for other reason before righting the ship and getting to WalMart.

Today? I hope to spend some time choring in WLF. Tonight’s Moonlite hash starts in Brownwood Park in East Atlanta again, so I will also make an effort to run it too.

Hope that you had a magnificent weekend, and that you are feeling well.

Aldi Beer Advent Calendar

Day 1: Kristoffel Belgian White from Brouwerij Martens
Day 2: Kristoffel Blonde from Brouwerij Martens
Day 3: Deadly Brewing Hazy India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 4: Key Lime Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 5: O’Shea’s India Pale Ale from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 6: Deadly Brewing East Coast Style India Pale Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 7: Deadly Brewing Amber Ale from ALDI Stores US
Day 8: Dry Hopped Sour from Prestige Beer Group
Day 9: O’Shea’s Celtic Wheat Beer from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 10: Cherry Kölsch from Prestige Beer Group
Day 11: White Tide from Brouwerij Martens
Day 12: O’Shea’s Irish Lager from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 13: Session IPA from Prestige Beer Group
Dat 14: O’Shea’ Traditional Irish Stout from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 15: Blonde Ale from Prestige Beer Group
Day 16: O’Shea Traditional Irish Red Ale from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 17: Wernesgrüner Pils from Wernesgrüner Brauerei
Day 18: O’Shea’s Hoppy Lager from Carlow Brewing Company
Day 19: O’Shea’s Traditional Irish Pale Ale from Carlow Brewing Company

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18 Responses to 2021-12-20

  1. Just added a large hunk of stollen to my breakfast fare, so exercise is now a must!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yep, today will be a busy day. I’ll see if I can sneak away for the hash or not…

  3. Steve says:

    And speaking of stollen, has anyone checked Aldi for Kringle?

    I stopped on the way home Friday at a cycling friends pottery studio to pick up an order. I would post exactly what, but afraid of prying eyes.

    Saturday was a hunting day, except Debbie’s horse is still on the DL (disabled list, not down low). We road whipped and barely saw anyone or anything. They were heading in when the skies opened up. A nice hunt breakfast at the Barry’s home (the master’s house).

    Saturday evening was dinner with friends at a nice place in Newnan. Other friends were the band playing and we almost made it through their first set. Too loud and too much background noise for my Hearphones to be useful.

    Sunday, Debbie rode Mickey while Ceili is on the DL. I rode the scooter a lap around Newnan, ending at my Tractor Supply and adjacent Publix. 5 minutes of shopping at Publix and $500 later, Christmas is complete! Now to deliver the gifts to West End.


  4. Barb says:

    Busy enough weekend.
    Friday my Focus group had too many people, so I got paid $60 to drive to Johns Creek.
    Went to George’s for Allan’s fire dept EMS Christmas get together. Got to meet some of the people Allan’s talks about, and eat some cheese curds!
    Saturday was a laid back rainy day, then I went to a friends in NW Cobb for dinner. There was a huge light display down the street, so we wandered down to check it out. It’s the last year (people are moving), the neighborhood I’m sure will be happy the traffic will be gone.
    Sunday we had Brunch with some out of town friends, I was feeling a little puny, so skipped Black Sheep. A good nights sleep last night, I’m feeling much better today.

    Tomorrow, dental surgery. I’m not excited.

  5. Barb says:

    Curion taste test on my board, it’s for the facility in Irving, TX. Guess I won’t do that for $70.

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