Happy Friday all! Hope you have had a good week.

Yesterday was a decent day, even if I did screw up my pumpkin bread.

Bonnie spent two hours walking our trail yesterday, oh, and I joined her. This will be a good Atlanta trail with some shiggy but not as much as you would expect as if we were laying Black Sheep. We had two instances where Google Maps let us down — once where construction currently underway stole the stand of woods we’d hope to use, once where the shiggy was completely impassable. Trail will be around four miles in length. After reccying we returned to her house to share a few well-earned beers.

Last night I ate dinner of leftovers, before passing out hard on my futon.

Today? Dunno.

I am currently trying my hand at another baked confection today, oatmeal cranberry bars. Clearly I have plenty of oatmeal as I failed to use ant yesterday. And guess who had two cans of cranberry sauce in his pantry, ten months away from Thanksgiving… LOL

I think tomorrow’s trail is ready, so I don’t think Bonnie and I will go out to reccy again. That leaves all day to have fun or chore. Tonight is the annual Southern Comfort Christmas tree burn trail. Last year I was physically unable to perform as I was recovering from surgery. This year I will skip trail to save myself for tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Betsy/Bella walk will happen, but will have to be abbreviated for me as I will need time to pre-lay trail. And then it will be time for AH4.

Normally I’d declare this Sunday to be a Black Sheep day. However, the threat of freezing rain and/or snow is giving me second thoughts.

Hope that you have a happy and healthy weekend.

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21 Responses to 2022-01-14

  1. Oh yeah. After listening to the Bobby and Jens podcast I decided that I was going to sign up for Outside+. Outside magazine bought Peloton last year, and since I subscribe to that I figured I’d pony up more money to get their entire suite of offerings. Even the latest episode of the podcast said to use a coupon code “bobbyjens25” to get a 25% discount, but when I tried to use it the website said it was expired, and offered me a 15% discount instead. No thanks, I’d rather have that extra 10% as promised, or nothing at all.

  2. Geez, another baking failure. I will never get on Bake Off at this rate…

  3. Steve says:

    A ride in summer kit yesterday! A bit cold to start. Was going to ride one direction and realized the wind was stronger than I knew, so redirected the other way. Was bombing down an unpaved section and met a school bus coming the other way. We almost met at the bridge, but he let me cross first and keep my mo rolling.


  4. Steve says:

    The electrician returns today to complete the barn wiring. I have to hang the wash rack heater and plumb the water heater. Waiting on the faucet to arrive today. Maybe out on my scooter later.

  5. Steve says:

    Dinner last night at the Beacon in Lagrange. Really, really good. We will go back.

  6. Steve says:

    These postings were in one, and the server took issue. The last was cut significantly down as that was what he had issues about.

    A Great oatmeal stout and a good porter. The stout was so good Debbie even drank it!

    Good tacos, too

  7. Barb says:

    Boring days these days, just working away.
    Went & had Mexican food with JoAnna last night.

  8. Steve says:

    And my plan for a scooter ride to lunch has been foiled as the scooter won’t start. F.

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