Oh yeah, a blog post. Not much to report today, just some status updates.

The emoji problem persists, and sadly it may be that all previously used emoji are going to look fucked, and all future emoji may as well. Certainly when I post my monthly update on Monday those will look shitty too. Overnight the site was automatically updated to WordPress 5.9, but when I tried a comment afterward the emoji was still fucked. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

My health is getting slowly better. The worst of the crud was Monday, yesterday I was able to do some limited physical activity, and today I could probably do the same if not for the fact that temperatures have dipped below freezing again. I’ll continue to take things slowly until the weekend. I had a nice walk with Bonnie yesterday, but in modern parlance I did not walk since I failed to record it on Strava.

WLF is mostly dormant due to lack of sunshine (the sun is low in the sky and doesn’t shine on the farm for very long; come spring I hope to have a solution to the leaves which block the sun through summer), wind, and very cold temperatures. If I make it out there today I will try to lay out two new planting beds and do some bed cleanup.

I wanted to go to Lowe’s this morning, but a warm bed won out over getting dressed and going outside.

Later today I will go to Aldi and Kroger, mostly to buy things for tonight’s Betsy dinner, but also to score some iBotta cash, use some expiring coupons, and buy essentials. It’s my turn to cook; I am considering making a pan of empanadas for dinner.

My financial world is still passable. Over the next few weeks I am going to attempt to eliminate some recurring costs which I deem no longer necessary; potential candidates are the landline phone, Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom subscription, Spotify, and Netflix. I also want to look hard at the T-Mobile “old person” plan to see if it will suit my needs sufficiently so I can cut my ATT cellular bill in half. If I can save $50-$100 per month that would be a nice raise to my current salary.

With a wealth of books amassed over my lifetime I am finally spending some time reading. In fact, it’s what I will do,for an hour once I wrap up this blog post. I am mostly reading for entertainment or gardening knowledge, I should really interject a lot more coding books into the equation.

Okay, that enough for today.

Be well, be happy, be nice.

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14 Responses to 2022-01-26

  1. Steve says:

    Wait, you still have a land line? Is your modem hooked to it? (jk). We have one only because cell service out here has been pretty sketchy. I would be thinking about another carriers packages, but Verizon is the provider of choice for the Fed and if you want service in the building, it almost has to be V.

    Debbie is already out the door to the hunt this morning. A visiting master from another hunt is in attendance and our hunt asked everyone to be “appropriately attired”. La-te-da.

    Sadly, when I got home from work, I plopped my ass in my recliner and that’s pretty much where it stayed all night. There will be exercise tonight, after I return from my podiatrist follow up.


    • Barb says:

      a week day hunt – properly attired.
      I guess owning horses is a rich person’s hobby. (I’d put an emoji after that, but those are so last year I guess?)

      We have Verizon, just because we have for years, and have never had any problems. I know its more expensive, but oh well. I’m made of money, right?

    • For many years I kept a landline for my security system, and it’s what my mother called exclusively. I’ve updated the security system, and convinced my mother to call my cell. Now, I just need to ensure I don’t screw myself in any way by giving up the home phone number I’ve had for 23 years. For instance, it was the number I gave for my Kroger account, and I have updated to my cell, but am not convinced Kroger has caught up.

      • Barb says:

        I still use my long gone landline # for any phone# needed at places like Kroger, etc. They don’t need a real working phone#.

      • David says:

        You can hang onto the number itself and have calls made to that number go to your cell phone, at least if you have an AT&T phone that is. I don’t know about other carriers. That depends if you want the telemarketing calls to your landline to then show up on your cell.

        Good one Barb about emoji’s being so last year! 😉 ????

        • David says:

          Oh interesting. I got an emoji to appear by using ; – ) I then tried using a real emoji and it showed up as ????.

          So, emojis still work if you write them out using text-based characters that WordPress can autocorrect. 🙂

        • Yes, text emoji seem to work whereas the new fangled ones no longer do.

  2. Back from getting gas at Kroger, and shopping at Aldi. I “made” 50¢ at Aldi by returning shopping carts.

    • Steve says:

      Our Kroger # is the old land line # from JEFDSDR!!

      I give ours out when I’m expecting a call and I know I’ll be here. The Fed has it in their system in case of an on-call issue. Other than that, concerned people about my car warranty and the Fire Fighters Benevolent Society.

  3. Bill AKA Ronnie says:

    Try Cricket wireless. It uses the AT&T network. I’ve got an unlimited plan with auto pay for $55 per month (No extra taxes or other bullshit). There are also referral perks.

  4. In from doing some choring in WLF. I didn’t earn much exercise credit, so once I am done with lunch I am going to head out for a long walk before I shower.

  5. Barb says:

    I got to make a quick drive ITP, Allan had to go to a meeting in his dress uniform, and had no belt!
    So, being the good wife that I am, I delivered him one.
    besides that……….. working for a living.

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