Finally sitting down to knock out a blog post. Monday morning chores have been accomplished, breakfast casserole is in the oven baking, adding warmth to the ITP Estate in the process.

The weekend was a cold, hashless one. On Friday night Bonnie and I hung out at the ITP Estate. We shared some beers and ate an Indian inspired dinner that I whipped up.

On Saturday morning Bonnie joined Betsy, Bella, and me for a frigid walk around the neighborhood. I picked up some trash along my walk to the village, but it was so cold my fingers froze even though I was wearing gloves. I wound up hanging out at Bonnie’s on Saturday night; she cooked us a delicious Indian inspired meal.

Yesterday was the closest to hashing that I did over the weekend. Bonnie and I drove up to Kennesaw where we met a group of hashers for a walk. We strolled from Horned Owl Brewing up to Burnt Hickory Brewing, and back. We had beers at the two breweries and I had a late lunch of a veggie burger from a food truck called “Der Wurst Meister”. Why I didn’t order a nice meaty wurst I still don’t know. I got home fairly early, but passed out in the futon some time around 7pm.

My desire to write code may have germinated from an odd place — Wordle. Wordle is the latest “it” game in which you have six chances to guess a five-letter word, getting help along the way if your currently-guessed word has the correct letters, perhaps not even in the correct location in the Target word. Because it’s a stupidly simple game, I have reversed engineered the scoring algorithm and will write my own knock off of the game this week.

But today I will be getting some much-needed exercise by doing some hard choring in WLF. I am going to finish getting my new raised bed installed, and hopefully erect my new cheap “greenhouse” after preparing the area in which it will sit. I need to figure out how to generate more wood chips to put down as paths between the new raised beds.

Found out that tonight’s hash starts in Brownwood Park (again). I’m not complaining… I will most likely get out for the a run, though I will probably try to abstain from eating dinner out.

Hope that you had a lovely weekend.

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16 Responses to 2022-02-07

  1. Barb says:

    It was a good crowd yesterday, many more people than we usually have.
    Glad you guys joined us yesterday.

    Day 4 of my vitamin gummies – way too tart.

    • It was a fun day, made better by those who ran/worked Red Top Rumble showing up. I loved the trail we walked, has good hash potential. 😀

      I wonder if they have to throw in different levels of sweetness/tartness for comparison.

      I have been trying to check Jackson, but Safari keeps warning me that their HTTPS certificate has expired, and that’s not a good thing.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Chore day. Then maybe Moonlight if I can sneak away…

  3. Steve says:

    At one point I thought about coming up to walk, but got side tracked on chores.

    Saturday was a hunt from Bear Creek, which started poorly when Debbie’s horse walked away from her while mounting. Not happy to just walk away, she wandered through the entire field of riders waiting to start and kept going. Someone was finally able to grab her and Debbie was able to get on. At one point, the hounds were heading for downtown Luthersville and we managed to get in front and head them off. There is a big hay field just north of town and they came out there and we managed to get them gathered and marched them back into territory. I don’t know what happened to the coyote they we chasing.

    Sunday I took the scooter out for a little check ride. Still had an issue starting, but once started, ran great. Stopped a couple times to make sure it would start. Maybe just a basic tune up… probably time.

    Started watching “Reacher” last night. Hoo boy, that’s going to be a fun one.


    • David says:

      Have you read the Reacher books? I’ve been following them since the beginning. I never did watch the Tom Cruise Reacher movies, he’s too puny to be Reacher.

      • Barb says:

        For someone who never read the books, Tom Cruise didn’t bother me as much as it did everyone else. He did ok, but after watching this new guy, I can see why people really didn’t like Tom Cruise.

    • Barb says:

      We finished the Reacher series last night – 8 episodes were not enough!

      David -Allan has read all the books, I haven’t, but I really enjoyed the series. According to the experts, it followed the book very well. Let’s hope they keep making more.

      • David says:

        Cool, I’ll give it a try! The books are outstanding.

        • Steve says:

          We haven’t read the books (at least I don’t think Debbie has) but I can see why Tom Crews didn’t match the role. Only 8 episodes?!? I think we went through 3 last night!!

  4. About to head outside. Relearning that there are just some tasks which are infinitely easier with more than one person. Fudge.

    • Bonnie says:

      I suppoooooose I could earn some of my firepit time with (a little )manual labor. I’d rather help now vs. mosquito season. But not today…

  5. 3pm and I am showered and on the futon. I am worn out, but will rally for the hash tonight.

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