As I type this we’ve once again dipped down to 32°F inside the perimeter; it’s 5:30am.

I had intended to make my run to John’s Creek yesterday very productive, especially when I passed a Lidl along the route. I imagined stops at Lowe’s, Lidl, Aldi, perhaps Target, and lunch somewhere along Buford Highway. While I did manage a stop at a far flung Lowe’s before attending my survey, that’s the only stop I made. Ashamedly, I “rushed” home to do some choring, but I wasn’t motivated in the least once I finally got outside, so I did very little work.

Because I needed exercise I did retrace Monday night’s hash trail on foot in the afternoon, clocking about 3.5 miles round trip during about an hour-long walk.

The rest of my evening involved lounging. I baked a frozen pizza, which I topped with jalapeños, red bell pepper, and mushrooms in an effort to clean out the refrigerator a wee little bit. While eating I watched tv. I was whooped by 8:00pm, because starting my day at 5:00am tends to do that to me.

Today will be a choring day, dagnabit! I had intended to go to my nearest Lowe’s first thing this morning to see what they have in stock in regards to seed potatoes, but I am tired of going out in freezing temperatures. My drive up to Caroline Street will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Today I intend to lay out a cement block raised garden bed, start filling the newly-installed garden beds with compost, and starting some seeds in trays that I will put into the new greenhouse. BTW, the cheaper bricks seem to be working marvelously as weights on the greenhouse’s outer membrane. The biggest complaint about these cheap greenhouses is that they fly away during heavy winds. If I can manage to find the time to do a little more yard cleanup and organizing as I do all this that will be a major win. As I continue to clean, install, and think, my “plans” change, causing me pause to stop, rethink, and hope this version of the plan works.

Tonight is a Betsy Night, and it’s my turn to cook. I think tonight will be “Build Your Own Taco” night, but this means I will have to run to a grocery store to secure a few of the toppings one normally puts atop tacos. Even with a house full of food I am missing ingredients…

Hope you are having a great week this far.

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  1. Whoops, had the wrong date in the title.

  2. 8:10am and I hear a wood chipper somewhere nearby. Part of me can’t believe how rude this is, part of me wants their shreddings.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I’m dragging the husband out on a hike today. Probably nothing major; I don’t know where yet. I bought him trekking poles the last time REI had a sale so I need to teach him how to use them. As Paulie knows, there’s only one proper way to use them. Hahahaha 😉

    I made a Beyond Burger meatloaf last night that was pretty good. I even had some wine leftover from Moonlight so had a glass of wine too. 😉

  4. Barb says:

    from yesterday late afternoon – speaking of wood chipper noises-

    So, Marietta Power is trimming trees out front, and they came and asked if they could take out a couple (smaller trees) that were leaning towards the power lines…….. for free! Love that price! We still have plenty out there. They have to be done by 4 (off the road so not to block any traffic), so they came & told us they may have to clean up some of it tomorrow. But they will be back to clean up anything they have to leave. I’m quite impressed with their customer service.
    (and, don’t you just hate when people start a sentence with So, )

  5. Email notifications must be frozen, I’m just now seeing your comments.

  6. Steve says:

    I managed to get my hair cut on the way to the Games meeting last night. The building supposedly has parking, but when I drove in, of the 8 spots, all the “retail spots” were full but the 15 minute spots were open. I parked there and checked at the buildings security desk and she said no worries. I guess I expected more spaces… Surely having to park there was a one off.

    Games meeting was routine. We will be holding our “We Fooled Them Again” wrap up party at a bar in Lilburn. When we all get together, we’re a good sized group, so they will close on a Saturday evening for us. Normally, this is a “catered” affair and we still have to pay to rent the hall. This is going to be about the same costs, except people will be responsible for their own bar tabs. And we don’t have to clean up!

    I met with the Meriwether County PoPo on the way home last night. One headlight is flakey and one tail light melted the socket, so the new bulb won’t work. Same cop as the last time, and he remembered! “Please get those lights fixed, Mr. Brady.” Yessir.


    • Barb says:

      so this is the 2nd time you’ve been pulled out for your lights?
      he sure is being nice to you.

      • Steve says:

        They come and go. They were fine when I left the meeting, and I hit a big pothole on 285 and it went out. My wire crimp is faulty, which I guess I need to fix. I don’t know how long the tail light had been out- I only noticed it a couple weeks ago and ordered the incorrect part once, then reordered hopefully the correct part, which just shipped the other day.

  7. Steve says:

    And how does the Mazda handle with a trunk full of bricks?

  8. Paulie says:

    Goddammit, I am seeing blog errors again!

  9. Barb says:

    We had high hopes to go out for a taco tuesaday last night, but all the sudden it was 7pm & we hadn’t left. So, we ended up eating salads with leftovers as toppings.

    Today meeting a friend at Douceur de France – since it is between our 2 houses. Once on a walk, we saw what looked like a bocce league in their parking lot & behind the restaurant – found out there is a French version called Petanque. We’ve been talking bout going there for a while, today is finally the day.

  10. Barb says:

    drama with the tree guys from Marietta Power –
    it looked like they took out way more trees than we agreed to.
    After a long chat with the foreman, they didn’t, but they trimmed a bunch of branches off trees that are still out there, that are nowhere near the power lines. Now we are going to have to add some new landscaping bushes that get tall, as we can see way too much of the street.

  11. In for lunch. New concrete block bed in place, will need help getting up wire fencing when time to plant beans.

  12. Done with choring, I’ve reached my limit for today.

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