I think my mother had a good birthday. During the day she received phone calls from the remaining relatives. We went to dinner last night at an aunt’s house, and played some cards.

The weather here has been amazing and perfect for exercising, but I’m still struggling with my knee unfortunately. This stinks of the same sort of problem I had the end of 2020; it is angering and depressing me.

Still working on my Wordle clone app. I’m going in circles with it. I am realizing that when I return home I may need to restart the process, admitting that I need far more Swift/SwiftUI education. And this app is stupidly simple…

No plans for today other than going to breakfast, the post office, and Publix. Living large we are! I suppose today I should stop trying to shove so much food down my gullet. At least there shouldn’t be another birthday cake presented to my mother.

I should be back in Atlanta for Black Sheep on Sunday, but I doubt that I will attempt doing trail.

Hope you are remaining healthy and happy, and have a weekend of grand plans ahead.

I solved today’s Wordle on the sixth, and final, guess, I honestly thought that I was going to be stymied today.

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23 Responses to 2022-02-25

  1. Bonnie says:

    Glad your mom had a nice birthday. After my product testing yesterday we had a nice picnic and hike at the CRNRA Gold Branch Unit. Headed back up north this morning for part two of my product testing. $175 for 2.5 hours of work? I’ll take it. (Sorry Paulie.) Unfortunately I have to drive because MARTA didn’t complete the track replacement project on time and I have to change trains 3 times and I didn’t account for the extra time for the extra change so now I have to resort to driving. I hate driving in the rain.

  2. Steve says:

    The Wordle had me scratching, but I got it in 5.

    A reasonably easy day in the office. Installed and cabled a new server and some other stuff. Not a bad drive home. Started getting out of the car and had the vertigo hit, which got worse through the evening. By the time I went to bed, going from vertical to horizontal was tough. A bit better this morning, but the ride tomorrow is now in serious question. F.

    Besides the ride, tomorrow is the Games wrap up party. Luckily, when I was in the office yesterday, I discovered the certificates I had printed out were still there- I had forgotten to take them home. Oops.

    Safe travel home.


  3. Barb says:

    I got the Wordle yesterday in 3, haven’t attempted it today. I tend to mess with it in the evenings.

    I decided to make a sheet pan “chinese” type meal last night, basically baking cut up chicken & vegetables. The sauce that was made from the recipe needed something more, for the next time I attempt it. But – it seemed healthy.

    • Sounds good to me. I’m getting very hungry waiting for my mother to get her stuff ready before we head out to breakfast. On a normal Friday I would have eaten breakfast hours ago.

  4. Barb says:

    I guess the Publix marathon has branched out, and is sort of a 2 day event? Tomorrow is a 5K & 10K? then the 1/2 & full marathon on Sunday? Allan has to work with the AFR bike team, some good OT money, but he’s not really thrilled to have to work both days when he’s supposed to be off. I know Sal is running/pacing Sunday, I told her to look for Allan & harrass him.

  5. Steve says:

    And for other games… Worldle was a fail- I was in the right neighborhood, but failed. And https://nerdlegame.com/ a numbers version Debbie plays, in 6. A first time playing for me, so a learning curve.

  6. David says:

    Smooth surgical experience yesterday. I now have an Ace Hardware aisle in my right arm. Minty has already dubbed me Iron Man. No pain today. It’s complicated being separated from my wife at a time like this but we’re working through it.

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