Mom 2, Me 0

That was Friday night’s bingo score. Ugh, bingo and I are no longer on friendly terms…

A lot of my weekend was consumed with traveling home from Florida. Unfortunately I zipped through Gainesville, Florida before Total Wine had opened for the day, so no other beer was transported on this trip. The drive home was fine, mostly great weather and little traffic. My cruise halted about thirty miles south of my I-675 exit when things ground to a halt. I should have spend the $3 to use the “VIP” lane, but having never seen that section of the road for the financially privileged open, I didn’t want to risk it. I spent the rest of Saturday puttering around WLF, assessing the critter damage that occurred during my absence.

Yesterday I drove with Bonnie to Black Sheep. Unfortunately my knee stopped me from running what sounded to be a decent trail, but I was able to walk to a bar and have a beverage while the athletes did trail. After trail Bonnie made us a nice salad and frozen pizza, and I shared a 32-ounce growler of beer that I purchased at a brewery in Dunedin.

Today? Choring returns. This morning I will sow tomato and eggplant seeds ahead of the warmer weather that will inevitably arrive. WLF will receive a lot of attention this week, including trying to fire our how to keep the squirrels from eating the produce.

I may go to tonight’s hash and walk around a little before having a beer and dinner. We’ll see.

Hope you had a great weekend.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts.

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  1. Steve says:

    I should have had the Wordle in 4, but it took 6. Funny, considering the word.

    My CX bike was not geared low enough for 40 miles of gravel on Saturday. (5 bonus miles for missing a turn). There were several 15% sections and hike a bike was in effect. Overall it was a lot of fun with a great turnout. My phone also decided not to play well during the ride, which is a problem since the route wasn’t marked. I started with a full charge, but Ride with GPS was talking, which might have sucked more battery? Maybe it just got cold. Either way, once I realized I was flying blind I had to stick to someone’s wheel- hence the bonus miles.

    I left there after a quick chat with an old friend and teammate from 40 years ago (!!!), had a quick soak in the hot tub and then drove to the far side of Lilburn for the Games party. Held in a sports bar that closed just for us- they seemed pleased with our crowd and we were pleased with their food and cheap drinks. Win-win I’d say.

    Sunday was definitely a recovery day. Some chores and about 20 minutes on the trainer to get the lactic acid to free up!

    Watched a couple more episodes of Reacher… I think it’s about to wind up.


    • I heard from a few hashers yesterday that the ride was good. Glad you were able to ride it.

      After a fortunate second guess I hoped that I would get it in three, but my guess for the third word contained the incorrect fourth letter.

      • Steve says:

        The ride photog was at the top of a climb as I was walking and I said “If you take my picture as I walk, I will hunt you down!” He and the guys nearby laughed. I saw him after the ride and identified myself and he said he took the shot. If it’s worthwhile, I almost have to buy it!

  2. Oh yeah, caught up on TAR. Understanding the limitations under which this was run, I still can’t say that this will be one of my favorite seasons. I will still place it above the TAR: Family Edition that aired many years ago, however.

  3. Barb says:

    pretty boring weekend around here,
    Went to the hash happy hour Friday night in Smyrna, the usual suspects, met the visitor Masters Debater that has seemed to have make DebbieDD his personal assistant. HE complained that Atlanta doesn’t have just 1 FB page for all hashes. (I silently laughed at him). We told him about the AH4 website, but he didn’t seem to want to hear that.

    Allan worked the races downtown both Saturday & Sunday – Sunday was miserable in the rain. He did see Sally & the Half Bandit people.
    I got a few things done around the house, but not enough.

    We started watching The Cleaning Lady (regular TV, but sure its in Hulu) & Killing Eve (on Hulu). Botha re interesting TV shows. Killing Eve I’ve heard about for a few years, and a new season is just starting, so thought we’d check it out.

    Amazing Race – all caught up, don’t really care who wins, but of course will watch it to the end.

  4. Barb says:

    Steve – you will find this interesting – TJ got offered some sort of management job with USA Cycling. Of course he isn’t taking it – it would be a really busy traveling job, and Mary would not go for that. Plus, he’s in his mid 70s. I guess everyone (but him) has forgotten the way they treated him about going to the London Olympics.

    • Steve says:

      Wow.. You know the institutional memory in COS is gone. We only got the bid sheets for the coming year a couple weeks ago (some hold ups with final schedules for Nationals) and still haven’t heard back yet. Anniston-Sunny King kicks off the national calendar and the same weekend there’s a UCI Para event in Huntsville!! WTF, O? It actually worked out the same way last year… screwy.

  5. David says:

    Wordle in 3 today. I’m doing well, I last had oxy on Saturday. I’ve been out for two 1.25 mile walks, and a friend took me to Trader Joe’s and Publix on Saturday. It was probably ambitious for being 2 days post surgery but I’m listening to my body. I reached out to my doctor to confirm if I can start stepping down the 3000 mg tylenol/2400 mg advil I’m on daily. I skipped my 3 am tylenol dose and had no impact.

    I do feel like I trained for this injury. Several years of yoga, plus pretty intensive cycling the last couple of years and walking 50 miles a month positioned me really well. I would be so screwed had I not been doing all of this stuff. I knew before the accident that I wanted to maintain my level of fitness going forward, but now I *really* know I’m not going to let up. If you’d asked me before the injury “how’s your core body strength?” I would have said “Meh” based up on how I grimace through yoga poses that build that. But now, my core strength has amazed me.

    I did box myself in on my separation from my wife with this accident. She’s going to move back in again in six weeks after her short-term lease runs out and we’ll give it one last go. It is amazing how being in crisis can clear a lot of bullshit out of the way, we both have a better sense of what’s important to us now. At least a lot of uncertainty has been removed from my life. There is that.

    • Sounds like you are solid ground toward recovery. Hoping for continued quick healing.

    • Steve says:

      Little things sometimes make you re-examine your situation. Maybe this is a chance to correct something, or a chance to see you are making the right choice. I hope it is all clear, soon.

      And heal up quick.

    • Barb says:

      I have pain killers in my cabinet – I hate taking them. They make me feel sick. I’d rather just take Tylenol & Aleve & whatever OTC stuff. Glad you are doing well.
      I’m heading to the Y to my stretch class I haven’t gone to since December. Now that I’ve been working long enough, I can take my “lunch” break whenever. I really need to get back into exercising, riding my bike, etc. We’ve gotten way too lazy. I walk enough, but need more cardio.

      Good luck with the wife, I hope it all works out the way you want it to.
      BTW – you never mention your kids.
      Where are they for all this?

      • David says:


        I like having the option to a pain killer for a specific short-term need, but I don’t want to be on one for any length of time. I have some gnarly PT ahead of me, I’m sure I’ll be glad I have oxy around for that.

        Absolutely get an exercise routine going again. I know how I felt a few years ago before I was doing yoga, and my god, I would be screwed right now if I’d been laying around being lazy. It’s like I trained for this injury. Fit bodies recover faster too. So, get back out there, we’re always walking around one step away from injuring ourselves, we just never know when it will be.

        My kids have been with me the entire time. That was definitely a feat. I honestly didn’t expect my wife to really leave when I asked her to, I was playing out a dance we’ve done for a long time where she’s told me to leave and I always refused. This was the first time I’d ever said that back in return. My wife is in her third place since January 2, and is now 3 doors down from our house. It’s not reasonable to ask her to move to a 4th place, and I won’t since I won’t be in a position to move anywhere in 6 weeks. But a shift also appears to be underway, so we’ll see.


  6. David says:

    Free farming/gardening classes for all ages: https://www.southfultonyf.org

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