What a hard day of choring. My first chores of the day, going to CHaRM and Kroger, weren’t too taxing, but my WLF chores were. The initial plan was to do some tree limb cutting, and using Wee Little Chipper to make as many wood chips from my cuttings as possible. At first I also considered chipping the stack of branches on my neighbor’s curb as well, but that plan changed when I realized how much time and effort my own yard would take.

And then before I even started cutting and chipping I decided to try to kill the lower parts of the insidious English ivy that has taken over the sweet gum tree nearest my house. I was able to manage to get rid of the lower four feet, stripping it from the tree and pulling as much root as I could as well; that shit is a royal pain in the ass. I will enjoy watching the vines which still stick to the tree die and slowly dry out.

All of the tree limb cutting required a pole saw and ladder. I had to abandon some ideas when I realized just how high up some branches were, and how much heavier and larger branches are than they appear from the ground.

I didn’t get every chore done before I realized that I had been out for over four hours and was starting to get worn out. I still have some cleanup to do in the front yard, and transplant some blackberry or raspberry plants into it.

The late afternoon and evening were spent recuperating, making some dinner, and then watching YouTube videos before I went to bed at 10pm.

One of the videos I watched was an episode of Hot Ones, this episode was with Dave Grohl. In the interview Grohl mentioned getting hit in the face with a half dollar coin at a concert in Atlanta in 1996. I’m not sure how many time Foo Fighters played Atlanta in that year, but I saw them at Music Midtown around that time. I wonder if that was the same show? Nope, a check of Wikipedia shows that the Foo Fighters performance I saw at Music Midtown was in 1998. Perusing the lineup dredged up a lot of fond memories from that time, and I LOLed when I saw that the three-day pass at the first Music Midtown in May 1996 cost only $30! In 2021 the two-day pass cost $125, before “convenience” charges!!

Today I have a dental cleaning/checkup in Marietta at 1pm, which of course will bisect my day making it difficult to get any big projects completed on either side of my appointment. The weather in Atlanta is supposed to be gorgeous today, so it’s a shame that I can’t take full advantage of that.

It is once again my turn to cook for Betsy. I think that I am going to try to recreate the potato/leek soup I made a few weeks ago (in January perhaps?). The soup was quite tasty then, and I still have leeks in the ground, so I hope I am successful.

I hope that your week has started well, and that you are remaining healthy.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts.

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14 Responses to 2022-03-02

  1. Bonnie says:

    Your blog copy is posted twice. This is the first time I’ve read the blog this week!?!? Today will likely be a day of choring.

  2. Steve says:

    …but I repeat myself.

    And then there were 4. We are pleased to announce the sale of Tanner’s mom, Daisy. She had been at the trainers/resellers for 4 months, where she managed to injure herself, then got better. The buyer was there for the vetting with her trailer and a check (!!). Gotta love that. Bye bye, sweet Daisy. You made us a pretty baby- now go and be on someone else’s payroll.

    I cut grass and beat the leaves around the edges of the backyard back yesterday. I might tackle the front today. Need to get down some seed where the leaves were.

    My first national assignment came in yesterday and will be a UCI Para event in Huntsville, the same weekend as Anniston. After watching Para’s compete, there are no excuses for not riding. Full stop.

    Wordle in 5 (should have been 4) Nerdle in 5, and sedecordle (16 words over 24? guesses) was pissing me off last night. 3 double L words and a couple others that were uncalled for!


  3. Barb says:

    We should have planned lunch around your dental appt.
    Also – you should give me your dentist name, I need a new one with my new insurance. The one we’ve been going to isn’t in network, and I’m tired of paying way too much for dental work.

    I decided to make beef stroganoff for dinner last night, and the in-laws joined us for an evening on the deck. It was chillier than I thought it would be, but the deck heater works quite well.

    • I always plan my appointment around lunch time, which is still since I don’t have enough time to eat lunch beforehand, and don’t want to ruin my cleaning immediately afterward.

      I’ll text you their info this afternoon. The I for in my Contacts app is old, it still has the name of the dentist who started the practice but has since retired.

  4. Barb says:

    A strange thing happened yesterday, I got a text from my niece that lives in Iowa.
    That alone is strange, but her college softball team is playing in Columbus, GA this weekend, and she invited me to come watch her play. So it looks like I will finally get to see her play softball, and she’s a senior, so this is her last year. I’ve never been to Iowa when they’ve been playing. So, roadtrip time Sunday morning! Allan is working, so I got Annette to roadtrip with me. She used to play a lot of softball, so she’s actually interested.

  5. Barb says:

    South Commons Softball Complex.
    Field 1 – games at 0900am & 1100am.
    Coe College is her team.
    Not sure we will make it for the start of the 0900am game, that’s early & a 2 hour drive.

  6. David says:

    More Wordle humor: https://www.instagram.com/p/Camm3QhOKYv

    Took me 5 tries today.

  7. Bonnie says:

    It’s REI dividend day! I made $8.98. Guess that’s what happens when you buy most everything on sale or at the Garage Sale.

    • That’s the problem I have. You can boost your savings buy purchasing Gordy cards through Ibotta. But you know that already…

      I got 2% back with a Lowe’s gift card purchased this morning.

  8. Steve says:

    So, just got the scuttlebutt from our mail lady. She saw we had the neighbors’ dog (via NextDoor, I guess) and called her to tell her “you don’t have to worry. They are the nicest folks and they love animals.” She thinks the dogs is an emotional support animal for the PTSD husband. He was at work in Alabama when the dog escaped.

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