There are two questions I ask often:
How does an unemployed person have so little free time?
How do I continue to spend so much money?

The latter could be answered by looking at my credit card statements, of course. And even though my dental appointment went as well as it could, I still spent what I consider to be a lot of money for a cleaning, check up, and X-rays.

(Barb, I will send the office deets to you today)

One way I know that I will save money is continuing to not go to movie theaters. I heard today that theaters are toying with the idea of charging more money for blockbuster movies like “The Batman”.

Last night’s dinner was a potato/leek soup, to which I added some vegetarian sausage. It was quite tasty.

I am typing from the Waschsalon. After this I will be stopping into Home Depot, and then getting a haircut. More money, more money.

I am debating whether or not I will attend tonight’s SLUT. Not being able to run trail really takes a lot of fun out of hashing for me.

Hope all is well with you.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts

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7 Responses to 2022-03-03

  1. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday looked to be a beautiful day. I wouldn’t know as I never left the house. In fact, I was in my pajamas all day until I showered after dinner, then put them right back on. I was t being lazy however, oh no, I was busy choring (or working on my money-making schemes) the entire day. I didn’t sit down to watch TV until 8:00pm.

    I don’t know what today holds yet, I’m kind of on a chore roll so that will probably win out. But we’ll see…

  2. Done with laundry and Home Depot. If gas weren’t so expensive I’d drive home and return to midtown later for my haircut at 1pm. Oh well, maybe I’ll go to a park and read, or take a walk.

    Frustrating, Home Depot cashier informed me that there was no money on the $20 electronic gift card. Have I already spent it? Dunno!

  3. Barb says:

    the Studio Movie Grill near me has $5 Tuesdays, and The Batman is listed at the $5 rate. I think it is just AMC that is thinking about that. but, who knows.

    We went for a walk around the ‘hood last night, it was so nice out. We ended up by the Studio Movie Grill, so I went in to see if they took Apple Pay so we could buy the $5 tickets for next Tuesday – no luck. Didn’t bring a credit card, and I hate paying the service charges online, so might stop by next time I’m out that way. The Marietta Burger Bar does take Apple pay, so we stopped for a beer. By the time we got home, we didn’t feel like cooking dinner. Remembered a friend was singing at a bar not too far away, so off to Kastaways for some some bar food & a smokey atmosphere. Why do bars with entertainment always seem to be smoking bars?

    • I thought Home Depot took ApplePay but didn’t see that option today. I need to request a new credit card from my bank because I am getting a lot of chip reading failures now.

  4. Steve says:

    It was so nice yesterday, i broke out the road bike for 18. Nice.

    In the orifice. Quiet. Trying to get an OS update while i have a good network.

    Nerdle in 4 last night. Wordle in 5.

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