As I type this at 6am from the warmth of my bed I’m feeling uninspired. I’m sure my want for coffee will encourage me to get out of bed, but the fact that I have no hunger as yet is keeping me in place.

Yesterday was a middling day, one for which I am neither ashamed nor proud. I did get a little choring done, though not enough to declare major victory. I went for a thirty-minute walk to get a little exercise and to do a little thinking; very little positive was generated via my footsteps.

Last night Betsy made a Brazilian fish stew, not something I would consider making mystery. It was good, and I was thankful that the fish was neither fishy nor bony. With no Top Chef to entertain us we are waffling on what we are watching currently.

I keep searching the hashing websites for chatter about this weekend’s Black Sheep campout. I’m sure this chatter is happening on that platform to which I refuse to return. I continue to launch my weather apps constantly, hoping for a reprieve from the forecasted weather — rain starting late Friday night, lasting until Saturday morning, and then temperatures well below freezing for the entire time until we pack up to leave on Sunday. Back in the day I used to grumble that the Black Rock campout had turned into the Black Rock cabin outing, but honestly, if there were a cabin rental available I would have reserved it yesterday.

Hours of sub freezing temperatures will no doubt affect WLF as well. I can only hope that the seedlings in my little greenhouse get warmed by the sun. If not, I will start again next week!

I keep talking about the weekend as if today were Friday. Oops.

Today I will knock out a few more WLF chores, make hard decisions as to what I will pack for this campout, do some inside choring, and go over to Bonnie’s for a short stint to help make chili and discuss our plans.

Hope that your Thursday is fantastic.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts!

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16 Responses to 2022-03-10

  1. David says:

    I would have gotten Wordle in 2 had I not decided to be clever and try a different start word. Wordle in 3 is good though.

    I met with the surgeon yesterday. I busted my arm in a bunch of pieces so PT is at least a month off or more. I’m expecting a 6 to 12 month recovery. C’est la vie!

    • Curious, with what word do you normally start? I have been trying to use a different word each day.

      Bummer. However, you are an oldster like me and realize that a year will go by in a blink of an eye. Some how in a week it will be two years since I first left my office (for good with that company) due to COVID.

      • David says:

        Good point, time does fly at this age for sure.

        I usually start with LEAST and generally get at least one or two partial matches. I try BRICK when LEAST gives me nothing.

    • Bonnie says:

      Whoa! I’ve been lucky but I’m sure my time is coming, I just don’t know when yet…

  2. Bonnie says:

    Doing this taste test suuuure isn’t a good start to a weekend of gluttony. Today’s goal is to only eat as much as needed to be able to accurately complete my questionnaires. *Sigh* I had to turn down an invitation with a couple of our friends to drink some beer at a new-to-me brewery around the corner from the testing site because I have too much shit to do. You know I’m overbooked when I miss out on that!

    There is very little chatter on that platform. I just posted a couple questions, for example, when we should arrive.

    It’s definitely going to be an interesting weekend… And interesting to see how Paulie and I can pack our crap into my vehicle. I thought getting an SUV would give us tons of room, but I suppose you have to upgrade from a crossover to get that. Heh.

  3. Steve says:

    David, had I used MY normal start word “Aisle” I would have had it quick, but as it was, only in 4.

    Paulie, did you test your heater? Your plants might need cover for Saturday night, just to keep the frost off. I don’t think it has to be any more than a sheet. The ground is relatively warm.

    A good half hour on the trainer doing 30 second all out efforts. For a brief instant I saw over 700 watts. I can certainly feel it today. Clearly I need to do that workout more often.

    Saturday is the St. Patrick’s day parade- the Games will be marching, but I’m committed (i.e. paid) into going to the final hunt of the season. Hopefully, no bobcats will be dispatched. That pissed me off. Leave the kitties alone!


  4. In early from WLF choring. Will rest for a bit, eat lunch, then start weekend preparation.

  5. Barb says:

    other start words – IRATE, AMUSE, MOUSE
    I mix it up, but I’m not serious about Wordle at all. Sometimes I use google to give me more ideas.

  6. Given how shitty the weather will be in 48 hours I am amazed how perfect it is outside currently. I just went out for an hour walk.

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