I think that I have finally thawed out enough to type a blog post.

It was a most interesting weekend. My knee was fine, until it wasn’t. The cold was bearable, until it wasn’t. I “ran” both trails, each of which had considerable uphill/downhill. Friday night’s trail was only a mile as the crow flies but the last climb was tough. Saturday’s trail was at least four miles as the crow flies with major hill climbs (for Georgia) and incredible wind gusts.

The weather Friday night turned out to be better than predicted. We were able to run trail, and have circle in relatively pleasant temperatures and no rain. The rain arrived at midnight which drove me to my tent. Along with the rain Mother Nature brought howling winds and the onslaught of freezing temperatures. I don’t believe the temperatures ever eclipse freezing on Saturday, I am certain they did not considering wind chill. There weren’t many of us brave and/or dumb enough to tent camp on Saturday night, most people retiring to their cabin or huddling in the big house at the pioneer camp ground. I was one, as was Bonnie. It wasn’t cold, it was bitterly cold. If I could have kept my feet warm I would have been okay, but no matter what I did to warm them was ineffective.

As you might imagine I went to bed very early last night, after falling asleep watching YouTube videos.
As you might imagine I am sore all over and am reentering a period of stressless exercise to give my knee a chance to stop hurting.

I plan to go to Lowe’s today, but there is no way you could get me out before the temperature rises above 45°F.

Today’s agenda included a lot of time in WLF. I need to,inspect for damage caused by the storm here, as well as the state of my seedlings in the greenhouses. I fear the frost probably killed some of them.

There is an outside chance I will attend the Moonlite hash tonight since it starts in Decatur. Of course with my injuries I shan’t be actually doing the trail.

Hope that you were able to stay healthy and warm this weekend.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts.

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  1. Oh yeah, the chili that I helped Bonnie make last Thursday took third place! There is confusion as to if there is a prize associated with this, other than bragging rights,

  2. It’s been a (scheduled) expensive day already. I paid my house insurance today, and in reviewing this process see that my policy went up $150 for the same coverage. Argh!

  3. Steve says:

    I thought of you (idiots) as we were out and about for the final hunt of the season Saturday. When I’m driving and have to have both hands on the wheel of the truck, you know it’s windy. We passed extra clothing to a couple riders who were freezing atop their horses. It really was bitter. I don’t think the hounds ever found scent, which would have been a miracle in that wind.
    I did ride Saturday evening and finally managed to kill my shoe! The metal cinch had rusted and finally broke, so replacements should arrive today. I was able to ride the trainer, but I don’t think my foot would have stayed in on the road.

    Sunday was as lazy a day as we have spent in quite a while. After making breakfast, I did manage to cut grass, but that was about the extent of the effort all day. Debbie mad dinner and we re-watched “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” which was fun.


  4. Betsy solved today’s Wordle in two! Geez, I was so proud to get today’s in three…

  5. And the USPS lived up to its (sorry) reputation by reliving mail on Friday, during my hold period. Thankfully Betsy stopped by and claimed it because they deliver some tax paperwork, and a new credit card.

  6. Bob says:

    I don’t know how you did it, it was bloody cold on Sunday morning.
    I went out to Sweetwater creek to support Laura running the Yeti 7/11. As many laps as you can do in 7 hours. She and her sister did 6 laps for 22 miles. All smiles at the end but crashed as soon as they all got home 🙂

  7. Barb says:

    busy morning –
    And a busy weekend.
    Hash Happy Hour Friday at the Mad Italian – not a bad cheesesteak.
    Saturday- saw how windy it was, but eventually ventured out for a late lunch with JoAnna. Then to Schoolhouse – for (gasp) a glass of wine. Didn’t like the beer selections.
    Sunday we did the walkabout in Marietta – then a cuban lunch & beers at Red Hare on the Square, then over to Glover Park for another beer or 2.

    Thought about Black Rock a lot & was not upset I missed the cold weather camping. A little sad, but got over that.

    • Bonnie says:

      While I certainly was miserable a lot of the time, I felt a certain camaraderie with my fellow idiots and am glad I went. And I’ll go again. LOL.

      • Steve says:

        One of the first times (maybe THE first time) Debbie and I camped was the 1st Muscle Mountain Mania for Studda Bubba. It was cold, it was wet, the air mattress leaked, but she didn’t complain. At that point, I knew she was a keeper.

        • Barb says:

          Oh Steve, she complained, We all complained. That night was horrible, as was the bike ride the next day. I’ll never forget that weekend. Remember hanging out in that building with the nice fire? We all knew Studdabubba was looking down on us just laughing his ass off.

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