It’s the end of March? Yowza!

And the wind and rain have almost moved past the ITP Estate as I type this from bed. Hopefully this won’t snarl traffic too much as I must be in Dunwoody later this morning.

Yesterday was a grab bag of different chores. I spent part of the morning in WLF, sowing some more seeds for spring, checking the seedlings that I am hoping to nurture through maturity as well. I putzed around long enough to make it to lunch time without doing anything monumental.

I also made a trip to Kroger to get a few items necessary for dinner. Last night I made General Wee’s Chicken, a bastardized version of a General Tso’s Chicken recipe I had in my collection. It was a Crock Pot dish, and I made it with Gardein Chick’n Chunks and tossed in some vegetables to make it “healthy”. My biggest mistake was adding too much cornstarch, so the meal ate a little gloopy. With the entrée I brought over some rice, as well as some vegetarian pot stickers. Betsy and I watched some show on Netflix which I thought would discuss the influence of Africans on American cuisine, but unfortunately turned out to be more about slavery. Typical leftist media… 🙂

Like I mentioned, today I need to be in Dunwoody — I am pulling a double! At 11:45am I will be taking a paid survey, and at 4:30pm I will have my third of the five session study. I should have scheduled the two closer, but the four hours in between can be consumed with some shopping in the area (Apple Store, Goodwill, REI, Harbor Freight), reading, or both.

If Tasty China at Barb’s and Allan’s is still on, then I am still in! If an order is to be placed before I can arrive, please add:
V8. Dry Fried Green Beans, $10.95
V9. Shan City King Oyster Mushrooms $12.95
and I will have cash to give to whomever placed the order.

Hope that you have survived the storm, and will have yourself a great day.

I solved today’s Wordle in on my last attempt; my starter today was RATES

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13 Responses to 2022-03-31

  1. Steve says:

    The Wordle took me 5, but I thought for sure I was going down in flames! F’ers.

    My crazy cajun buddy Jude sent me a picture yesterday of his anemometer showing 48mph! I had thought about an actual bicycle ride, until I learned the wind was fierce. Well, March is going out like a lion…

    Debbie made a delicious chicken and mushroom dish last night while I was riding indoors. Then we watched 2 episodes of Great British Bake Off- I think it’s season 5.

    Looking forward to seeing all at the garage majal this evening.


  2. Storm was more bark than bite by the time is passed the ITP Estate, rain gauge captured about 3/4” of rain.

  3. David says:

    Wordle in 6, NYT Mini in 35 seconds

  4. Barb says:

    See y’all tonight – let me know an ETA so I can be ready.
    Sal may join us too – if I remember to invite her.
    No idea on Mary & TJ – I need to call them, they were non-committal when I mentioned it the other day.

    Pollen season is in full swing – my eyes are so itchy!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Hi all, at this point I’m thinking I won’t make it tonight. Damned allergies! I may take a COVID test once I get back home from Dunwoody, but even if it is negative (which I’m sure it will be) I’m thinking I should stay home and chill. My voice is kind of hoarse too. I’ve been practicing saying my name clearly so no one is suspicious in Dunwoody. If anything changes I’ll let you know. Bummed 🙁

  6. Steve says:

    Barb, I think we will be there around 6:30. I was thinking of hitting the scooter store on Cobb Pkwy to see if they have a jacket to fit me.

  7. For some reason killing time by eating lunch at Taco Mac, shortly after consuming fried shrimp for my survey, and unable to enjoy a beer because it is verboten for my next survey. I doubt that I will be losing weight today…

  8. Barb says:

    Sally should be joining us too

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