2.25″, that’s about how much water the rain gauge caught yesterday. Thanks to my leaky gutter the trash can cum rain barrel caught a lot more than that, but didn’t fill completely.

I spent all day at home. For a good hour or so I transplanted seedlings, sometimes confusing myself as to which seedling is which because I did a poor labeling job. I also planted some more fava bean seeds to replace the ones that never germinated last month.

With the rain falling I put my road bike back onto the trainer and spun for an hour. Unlike my usual routine of increasing gears until I struggle to pedal, I kept the gearing mid-range and pedaled at a steady cadence the entire time. Had I some POV video it would have replicated Sunday’s Silver Comet ride.

When the rain stopped long enough to go outside I took a quick spin around WLF to ensure it survived the storm — it did. We are nearing peak planting season, there is choring that needs to be done.

I received my COVID home tests in the mail yesterday. Thanks to Bonnie for reminding me to request them.

Dinner last night was another Paulie Freestyle. A few weeks ago I splurged and bought a mini mushroom growing kit from Walmart. The mushrooms were ready to eat last night, so I decided to cook them up with some vegetarian pot stickers. I rather enjoyed the resulting meal.

I spent the rest of the night watching tv and phoning my mother.

Today? By the time you read this I may have already been to the Waschsalon and have returned home. Considering I don’t feel as if I am exercising much/enough I have a lot of dirty technical clothing to be washed. But, I guess it’s been more than two weeks since I’ve done laundry?

This afternoon I have to make the journey to Dunwoody for the fifth and final session of my paid survey. Afterward I will drink a celebratory beer with Davey, who has also been doing this survey. I will be quite thankful for not having to remember at what time I am no longer able to drink caffeine or alcohol, at least until I go for my physical in two weeks.

Hope that you are healthy and happy. This will be the last time I mention that it’s still tough going.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was RATIO. Interesting Wordle find, I tried to play LATIN the other day but the game rejected it. I suppose that proper nouns are not in the game’s dictionary.

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8 Responses to 2022-04-06

  1. Bonnie says:

    Funny, RATIO is the brand of yogurt that I taste tested this morning. Choring yesterday, choring today. Woo hoo! I might go back to the gym today to restart strength training. Might. I sound like Barb.

  2. Completed a 1.6 mile walk, which may have been reccying to, while my clothes were in the washing machines. It is incredibly muggy outside currently.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I have decided to give up on trying to attend the Wheelhopper campout. While I am bummed, I have to be realistic and concede to the fact that I just don’t have time for it this month amd I don’t need the extra stress. But I’ll have STU to look forward to!

  4. Back from laundry and putting gas into the M6.

    I have once again failed to make soil blocks using my little soil block making device. “What are soil blocks?” you ask. Essentially they are mud cubes in which you germinate seeds, and then when the seedling is ready you plant the soil block directly into the ground. I have not perfected the ratio (there is that word again) needed to make a cube which holds together. More YouTube research is needed before trying again some day…

    I am tired, it might be time to take a nap before having to head to Dunwoody later.

  5. Barb says:

    Good afternoon from Barcelona.
    Flight went well, no delays, no lost bag & no sleep.
    Watched 3 movies, Eyes of Tammy Faye (& Jessica Chastain deserves her Oscar), House of Gucci, and I, Tonya.
    Got the 5.90 € (is that the euro symbol?) bus to Placa de Catalunya, short walk to our hotel. Thought I booked the same hotel as 10 years ago, but it’s the sister hotel. Cute little place, our room was ready, and a nice buffet of food available 24/7. We have a little balcony overlooking the Ramblas, room is quite big for an old hotel (& European standards). I guess maybe I paid extra for this room? (I think it’s around $500 for the 3 nights).
    4.5 hour nap & we are almost ready to get out & about. Walking tour of the city with wine & tapas starts in 1 hour at 6:30pm. Mary & TJ gifted us some euros so we should e cash to pat our tour guide.

    And, we’ve survived 20 years of being married today!

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