With laundry done I returned to the ITP Estate and accomplished, well, little else before heading to Dunwoody. I attempted to make soil blocks into which I would sow beet seeds, no luck. I am experimenting with planting lettuce into a cardboard produce delivery box to see if box is sturdy enough to survive the time out in the elements needed to grow a round of lettuce. Lasts night’s rain should give me a good initial indication. I claimed a handful of such boxes from Aldi a few weeks ago, and if my experiment fails, I can always breakdown the boxes and use them as biodegradable ground cover.

I did it! I finished the $550 survey! And, to celebrate my efforts I drank a couple of beers with Davey at HobNob Tavern afterward. HobNob occupies the space once occupied by Mimi’s Cafe (Davey’s memory is better than mine, apparently, as I couldn’t recall that tidbit of trivia) and sits between the place in which the study was held, and Taco Mac. Their beer list is extensive, and I chose it over Taco Mac to do something a little different. It was nice to hang out with someone since I’ve been emotionally gutted this week, and was also a convenient time killer since traffic back ITP looked horrible, reminding me of the years I spent working in Dunwoody.

This is going to sound weird, but I think I will ease myself back into software development by attempting to recreate some of the memory tests they had us perform for this survey. And then, my Wordle clone…

Well, in a week of getting unexpected news I also didn’t see this coming. In clearing my basement for today’s HVAC maintenance appointment I moved my mountain bike for the first time since Wheelhopper and the rear tire was flat. There was one point on trail where I hit something (root, rock, garbage?) oddly, but I finished trail without a hitch, so I never thought to check the tire. Who knows. This morning I will try to set up the bike workshop and take a look.

Today’s WLF choring will involve planting nine eight grow bags with seed potatoes. The HVAC appointment window is from noon-5:00, so I should have spuds in the soil by then.

The HVAC guy should also be gone in plenty of time to go to SLUT in Pine Lake. For all of the years that I have hashed, nearly twenty-three now, I have never actually been to the city of Pine Lake.

Hope that you are remaining healthy and happy.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was OUNCE. I should have gotten it in three, but I doubted myself and answered something else for my third attempt.

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  1. Barb says:

    It’s almost 1pm & all we’ve done today is go get some breakfast from the buffet here at the hotel & take a nap.

    Last nights walking tour was a blast. 6 stops with food & beverages, not all wine. Then an extra credit stop on the way back to the hotel, since I jokingly told our guide we hadn’t had any caba. Just one couple (from CA on their honeymoon) & the guide. We went to very small places so 5 was a good number. Craig our guide was from Boston, but that accent was completely gone after living in Barcelona for 30 years.

    We need to get out & moving, but we are just tired. Good thing we had nothing planned today.

  2. Barb, doing a bike ride tomorrow morning with Tammy and Bonnie that will take us to Kennesaw Mountain (sorry you are unable to join us). Any roads in that area that we should absolutely avoid?

    • Barb says:

      If you are doing the mountain to river trail, it’s a wide paved path. Where are you starting? You can get from the Marietta Square to the mountain, but then can keep going & it’s the Noonday trail. You have to cross some roads, but that will get you over by Town Center Mail. We did it once, you can get I think around 20 miles.
      If you are going on the roads it’s a little dicier. We used to take Polk from the Square out to Burnt Hickory to Old Mountain to the mountain, but those have gotten so busy it’s a little scary.

      • Thanks. The plan is to start at Windy Hill / Bill Callan.

        Enjoy your day!

        • Barb says:

          Hmmmm. Not sure how to get over to the mountain from there. Can’t think of any roads that would make it an easy ride from that start over to the Square. Can’t wait to hear your route.

          It’s 2pm, I’m finally showered. It’s takes forever to get hot water, I feel so wasteful. The shower head is a removable one but the mount is in a horrible spot. I’d hate to be an old person in this room, I’ve almost fallen over each time. And it’s a big step up to get in.
          Now to get Allan moving.

  3. Barb says:

    Wordle in 4, Mini in under 2 minutes. I’m getting better.

    It’s 1:30, I guess I could shower & go outside. Or at least sit on out tiny balcony. It’s 67 & sunny. So many skinny roads between buildings never get any sun, but the wide Ramblas looks awesome today.

  4. WLF received another inch of heavy rain overnight. Some cleanup is in order, but need to square the basement first…

  5. Deciding to tackle tire before potatoes. I haven’t changed a tire in awhile, this could be comical.

  6. Steve says:

    Good morning from Birmingham. Yesterday‘s switch install went fine and I was at Terri’s by 4 PM. We sat on the sofa and caught up and finally made it to dinner of delicious sushi at a nearby place. Watch crazy TV last night and made an early evening of it.

    This morning is starting slow, but shortly I’ll head out and head towards Huntsville for the racing this weekend.

    Barb, the photos are great and the tour sound wonderful.


    • Hello Steve. Any concerns with the weather yesterday or was not bad there?

      If you happen to pass through Madison please let me know if Greenbriar BBQ is still open. Fat Paulie LOVED that place in the early 1990s.

  7. Steve says:

    The weather was a little sketchy yesterday Sounds like a good idea to go to the barbecue place in Madison

  8. Eight bags of potatoes planted, wheel still not replaced however. Shower taken and then eating lunch so I am presentable when the HVAC tech arrives.

  9. Barb says:

    Sitting in George Orwell Square, having a cerveza. Weird stature, not sure why it’s called George Orwell Square. We are in the gothic district. Pigeons everywhere. But it’s 69 & very pleasant in the shade. San Miguel beer seems to be the draft of choice (over Estrella Damm). I think I like the Estrella better.

  10. HVAC technician has come and gone, all is well. Surprisingly he didn’t even try to sell me an overpriced air filter.

    SLUT is in six hours so I guess that I have plenty of time to get ready and drive to Pine Lake.

  11. Downloading update of Xcode, all 7.8GB of it. Yikes.

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