Friday has arrived, it’s been a trying week. I don’t think “Outlook Dismal” is one of the Magic 8-Ball outcomes, but that’s what I envision getting if I had one handy. I keep looking back to the two fortunes I got at Barb’s house a week ago “Do something unusual tomorrow.” and “Look ahead for a fresh start.” and thinking how prescient they were.

Yesterday I spent the day puttering around the house and WLF. After an intense effort I got the rear tube and tire off the mountain bike rim. I found the slightest, solitary hole in the tube; it can probably be patched. I didn’t find any penetration of the tire itself. My theory is that the hole was cause by some tiny debris that was between the tire and tube, rubbing on the tube. It’s possible…

I managed to plant eight grow bags with seed potatoes. If the ones that I planted about a month ago (Bonnie, including some of those potatoes that you gave me that we got from the food commune) don’t get stunted by the cold overnight temperatures that are predicted for the weekend I may have a decent crop of spuds this year.

The A/C portion of the HVAC system passed with flying colors, which is good since I think I still have three years of payments to make on it.

I went to SLUT last night. Though a little chilly due to the wind, trail was decent taking us around Pine Lake and then to Dain Bramage’s house. I ate mushroom stroganoff and two salads — one beet, one eggplant — and washed it all down with a couple of cheap beers. I don’t know until what time the festivities went, I walked back to my car and was home around 10:15pm. Old Man Paulie needs his sleep these days, late night shenanigans don’t happen all that often for me any longer.

Today I am doing a bike ride in in Marietta in the chill and wind. I must be a glutton for punishment, training for Spring Tune Up, or both. There has been so much wind this year! *sad face* After posting this I will have to take my road bike off the trainer again and get it ready for today.

I am uncertain what I am doing this weekend. My social coordinator has been busy with other clients, so I don’t know what to do any longer. Shame on me, I should have paid attention and ensured continued services. If you hear rumblings of my return to FB it is your responsibility to talk me off that ledge. She and I have discussed sharing beers tonight, perhaps around a fire, that is if the wind dies down enough to do so safely.

There is an outside chance that I may go to Peachtree City tomorrow for the hash, but probably won’t. There is some sort of roller derby thing that the DUFF kids are talking of doing tomorrow night, but it’s kinda expensive. And, Betsy is out of town camping this weekend so I won’t be doing a Saturday morning walk with her and Bella either. It’s as if in a single week my entire Social Norm has collapsed.

On Sunday Black Sheep is once again being laid by Dribbles Before He Shoots, which means that it is up in Suwannee. Well, I think so since no start information has been posted, at least on a platform to which I have access. I will most likely attend, as I grow increasingly closer to attending my 200th Black Sheep Hash; I am currently at 198. Until recently I was really looking forward to this milestone, but now it’s lost some luster. At least when I get there I can finally match Wilma’s count, which is not that great of an accomplishment since he has been dead for over twenty years. I will wear my Wilma t-shirt that day in his honor. After Wilma my next target is MC Hasher at 205. No matter what happens in my life I need to keep hashing as an emotional Happy Space for me, with the occasional appearance of Wee Little Hulk of course.

Enough of my blathering, it’s 6:20am and I have things to get done this morning. Besides, I want coffee and thankfully I am allowed to drink it whenever I want again.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and that you are remaining happy.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was CREST

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4 Responses to 2022-04-08

  1. Received an email from a music promoter alerting me to a new single called “Die Alone” from one of the bands the company represents. Talk about a song that I do not actually want to hear right now…

  2. Steve says:

    As I simply plugged Huntsville into Waze after a brief driving tour of B’ham, I overshot the landing zone and had to back track a bit. This hotel (Westin) sits adjacent to some bus ass mall complex, with a selection of eateries.

    No real work yesterday, but I was available, and got my Covid test (passed). I asked the lady giving the test if she would call with results, she said if I call it’s bad news!

    Racing tonight around the lake in downtown starting at 6. A zoom riders meeting at 10.

    I hope your weekend is full of adventure!


  3. Barb says:

    Out wine tasting in the Priorat wine region. About 2 hours outside of Barcelona. The wine makers don’t speak English. Wine is tasty as hell. But im pretty sure in America it’s super pricy. It’s super steep region, that rocky as hell.

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