Yesterday was a tough day and I am fairly sure by now most of you know why. Also, clearing my house of reminders of better days has made things gut wrenchingly harder; it signals the finality of it all. Apple also decided to kick me in the nuts yesterday by showing me a photo memory from pre-COVID 2020. I best get used to this happening because I had a lot of good memories from the past four years captured on digital film. When the time comes that I go to my first concert alone since 2018 I will probably be a babbling buffoon again. I’m trying. I’m not the first one in the world to experience this pain, but it’s tough regardless. Additionally I am in some bothersome/worrisome physical pain, in multiple parts of my body, some of which have arisen very recently, to pile onto my emotional distress. Odd to feel this way a week after “passing” a physical…

Yesterday morning I pushed myself so hard running Monday’s Moonlite trail that I may have slightly injured my right foot, and turned my palm/wrist black and blue again for awhile. I suppose exercising to excess is still better than drinking to excess? There was a Scenic View on the trail, and I may have gotten a better view than those who ran Monday night because I was running during morning golden hour.

Scenic View

It was good that I ran early in the morning because the rain certainly washed away some of the chalk and flour marks for the trail.

After exercising, showering, and eating a late breakfast of leftover pizza, I sat around the house. That was until I saw that rain was imminent, at which point I decided traffic to Dunwoody was going to suck, so I left early to ensure an on time arrival. I was right, traffic was bad. The survey was fine, garnering me $80 for my hour of “work”.

Now that I shouldn’t have guilt going to new-to-me breweries without my brewery partner, with whom I made many brewery trips, I wanted to try Mutation Brewing in Sandy Springs. But then realized that I only had enough time to eat a quick food court meal at Cumberland Mall before the time slot I chose to pick up my purchase at Apple. And the thought of traveling back to Roswell Road just to get beer was not appealing. Next time. I have a feeling that I won’t be filling the position of brewery partner any time soon and I will have to get used to going out to breweries alone again… at least during the work week.

I wanted to pitch my small tent yesterday and waterproof it, but everything was wet outside so I decided to wait. This will be the tent I take to BRAG Lite because it is much easier to set up and break down than my bigger one.

Yesterday I contemplated spending some of that $550 survey money on a new bicycle computer, a Wahoo Fitness ELEMNTBOLT. My Garmin, now at least eight years old, is still working fine but I am considering the features of the Wahoo as an upgrade, and my disdain for Wahoo not hiring me seven years ago has worn off. Proof that time heals the jilted…

Last night I stayed home and streamed videos. Dinner wasn’t fancy pants after all, it wound up being fake meat tacos, mostly because I felt I had already eaten too much earlier in the day, and also because I had all of the necessary ingredients on hand. To add a splash of green to my tacos I harvested some sorrel, or was it spinach, from WLF. While out there I noticed that I have a cabbage heading, but I also noticed caterpillar poop on the plant, so the odds that I will get to eat the head of cabbage are low. Ugh.

I fell asleep on the futon watching videos, only to wake up around 11pm. As you can well imagine this did little to aid in my effort to sleep through the night. I started reading “Around the World in 80 Days” and stayed up until almost 1am reading.

This morning I am going to run/reccy my May 5th SLUT trail, though I might have to wait until later in the morning than yesterday since it’s a bit chilly out there today. Trail will be shorter than three miles long (as of now) since the hare doing the cooking wants me to get the hounds out and in as quickly as possible. It seems a little silly to reccy without having a weather forecast, but I need exercise anyway.

This afternoon I have a paid video conference from home with a service called Crowdtap. Once my reccying is done I need to shower, and then ensure that my now one-year-old laptop can perform the video conferencing. If it can’t then there is something seriously wrong in this world.

Tonight is a Betsy night. It is my turn to cook again and I have yet to figure out what I am making. I’m contemplating ordering food to take over, most likely from SoBa Vietnamese, which will cross another of the “good memory” bridges.

Hope that all is going well for you.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was TOUGH

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5, My starting word was TRAIN. Mini in under 3.

    My exercise plan was foiled, but Debbie needed to get out of the house for a while and run an errand over at the Bear Creek clubhouse. Dinner near Hogansville at a new place in the former location of a Greek place we were fond of. Sadly, overpriced food will not be a big draw in our neighborhood.

    The racing was in Augusta last evening and the women’s race was streamed, but the men’s were lost in the http://WWW... I know they raced, as I saw the results.

    I was pretty much head down all day yesterday, so had very little clue there was any rain. Was slightly surprised to see damp streets when I left.


  2. Barb says:

    Megan still works for Wahoo as far as I know, maybe hit her up for a job? Then you can get a discount?

    Boring day around here yesterday – but I did buy a plane ticket to Iowa for a not really long weekend in June. Delta has only 1 direct flight per day now, so leave late Thursday night, come home way too early Monday morning. But -this way I don’t have to take any vacation time on Monday, I’ll be to my desk by 10am.

  3. Back from my initial reccy. First cut of trail is 2.99 miles, I may have to shorten it a little. I walked the trail because the top of my right foot hurts slightly, and I am trying to let it recover so that I can exercise harder tomorrow and on the weekend.

  4. Bummer, I logged my reccy on Strava and it recommended that I start following Benny.

    • Steve says:

      (sad emoji)

      And you need to get yourself at least out of this “unemployable” funk. Surveys aren’t going to pay the mortgage forever. Do something EVERY DAY towards that goal. Even the smallest step… (soapbox mode off)

      • Agreed, surveys are for “fun” money. I will get my ass in gear at some point.

        I had a direction I expected this hiatus to go, suffice to say it hasn’t gone that way.

    • Barb says:

      Lori is having a hell of a time with all of Benny’s accounts – trying to figure stuff out. She said she has most of the passwords etc, but it just so overwhelming.
      I feel for her, this was all so unexpected.

  5. Barb says:

    wordle in 4, should have been 3 – I’m typed the wrong letter.
    Mini in 1:34 – not too bad.

  6. Two leftover tacos for lunch.

    NYT Mini in 53 seconds. I’m not a fast thinker.

    • Barb says:

      Allan said Taco Bell for lunch. They are bring back the Mexican pizza, but not yet. So, crunchy tacos were the choice.

      Easter dinner (finally) at the in-laws tonight. Mary bought a ham a few weeks ago.

  7. Bob says:

    I think your “unemployable” status is self imposed. You know how to code and you know the industry, I really don’t think finding a job will be tough at all. Your current skills and personality will take you a long way. Will you find that perfect, start up, deep into 6 figure job? Maybe not, but you can and will find something that challenges you and is enjoyable. Don’t throw away good enough for perfect. Plus you need beer and new bike money 🙂

    • iOS development has changed quite a bit in the past few years. I just need to learn the new and fancy, and get my head around interviewing again.

      COVID times have changed my outlook on life, so making top dollar is not a requirement for me, which will also help.

      • Steve says:

        What Bob said. And remember, they don’t call it the “bleeding edge” for nothing. Your current skills are marketable and you can add to the portfolio. Beer and bikes cost money! And horses!

        • Well, I won’t need as much money for beer for awhile since I won’t be providing “halfsies” for anyone and will be drinking less at home because of that. Biking will cost, however. My biggest expenses, in no particular order, are health insurance, mortgage, car insurance, home insurance, WLF, and taxes. Of those only my mortgage will end, so I know that I need money.

  8. Man, it’s beautiful outside now. My video conference is at 3pm, so I am not sure what I can get into before then.

  9. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 using my trusty start word of AISLE.

    I picked my head from working at 12:30 and realized that I hadn’t fed the horses yet. Oops. They didn’t hold it against me too badly. Also watered my little garden which was looking a little limp, another oops.

    Back to it…

  10. Barb says:

    Atlanta Hash 40 years of hashing is June 18. Put it on the calendar.
    Head Nurse has roped me into helping.

  11. Video conference done, now to wait for my $50 gift card. Woot!

    What to do with the rest of my day before picking up food for Betsy’s…

    • It’s funny, the lifestyle change which occurred at the beginning of the month hasn’t changed what I do in a day, but certainly has changed how I think during a day.

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