Yesterday was okay. Just okay.

I was concerned about my right foot, so I walked my SLUT trail. It’s going to be three miles, though I may put in a Turkey/Eagle split for walkers. The foot is still bugging me, running is bad for my body.

The rest of my day was spent wasting time, if I must be honest, until 3:00pm. At that time I jumped onto my video conference and spent about thirty minutes doing that.

Then it was back to time wasting, trying not to think bad thoughts, until I went to pick up my order from SoBa and headed to Betsy’s. SoBa was pricey, but delicious. I ordered the salt and pepper tofu, and shrimp on jasmine rice. Oh yeah, that make yesterday a meat day.

I received my eighty dollars for Tuesday’s survey, and have converted it into a $40 Amazon gift card, and a $40 Lowe’s gift card. They will probably both be spent in a blink of an eye.

This morning I have a 9:00am CHaRM appointment. When I made the appointment I thought that I had a lot more stuff to take there, but I guess I haven’t emptied many glass jars or received plastic mailers since the last time I went five or so weeks ago.

After my CHaRM appointment I will go to Dollar Tree to buy a Mother’s Day card, and then up to Target in Edgewood Retail District to pick up my prescription from last week. Depending on how I feel I may stop into Publix on my way home, but in reality I still have plenty of food in the house, so I should probably try to eat it down first.

I really need to get out to WLF and do some work out in it. The farm has suffered as I have become disinterested due to my suffering. Time to kick myself in the ass and get back out there, to the farm that is, because it needs me.

Tonight, body willing, I will be attempting my first group ride in many years. On Thursday night there is a ride that starts at the CVS in Decatur at 6:30pm. The ride is about twenty miles, which isn’t really what I need to train for BRAG Lite, but at least it gets me on the bike again. With any luck I will be good and tired when I get home, so I can take a quick shower and go straight to bed.

Hope you are feeling healthy and are having a good week.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was AISLE. I should have had it in three, but didn’t have the guts to play the word without some confirmation. I wonder if psychologists are studying the behavior of Wordle players to learn about the human psyche.

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15 Responses to 2022-04-28

  1. Solved the NYT Mini Crossword in 24 seconds, never read a Down clue.

    • Barb says:

      you are better than me at the mini, but did get it in 1:01

      wordle – finally got it in 6 – my brain just couldn’t get it.

  2. Just ordered the Wahoo ELEMNTROAM from REI, so I guess I will be making a trip there today to pick it up. $400 of my $550 survey money spent! Easy come, easy go. My cycling computer will now be more valuable to steal than my bicycle…

    Time to get my physical health sorted out so I can ride to improve my mental state.

  3. Steve says:

    So much for my return to running… I went out with a run/walk just fine, but as I made the turn for home, something pulled in an odd location on my left calf. I instantly knew the run was over, so I hobbled the almost mile and a half home. I still feel it this morning, but better than I expected.

    Debbie is off to KY for, what used to simply be called Rolex, but is now sponsored by Land Rover, at the Kentucky horse park in Lexington. I have been, it’s fun, but I thought my time was better served here.

    For those watching the current run on Jeopardy!, we thought we were going to lose our young Canadian champ last night, but she pulled it out again. Her reaction time must be over the top, as a guy in the “middle seat” was shaking he was pushing the button so hard. Came close at the end with exactly half her total, but both got the final answer and she only bet a buck, which is all she needed…


  4. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 using AISLE again.

    Looking forward to a few days away from desk! 70+ hours in the last 6 days has been grueling.

    Counting on Steve to keep my little garden watered while I’m gone. Putting that here since I know he’ll read it and maybe remember. But probably not. Hopefully we’ll get a little rain.

  5. Barb says:

    Its a chainsaw day next door- guess they are getting rid of more trees.
    I told Allan to go talk to them, see if they have time to do a tree or 2 over here.
    We have a couple pines in the front yard that are messing up our driveway, so if the price is right………..?????

    Dinner with the in-laws last night – Easter ham finally.

  6. CHaRM – DONE
    Dollar Tree – DONE
    Target/CVS – DONE
    REI – DONE

    Now it’s time to relax, water WLF and keep the goddamn rabbit away, eat lunch, and then start real choring.

    Still deciding whether I am healthy enough to ride tonight.

  7. Short tour around WLF. Have determined I can’t grow radishes, carrots, lettuce, or beets. Bummer!

    Also, most fig transplants looking sad. It’s frustrating because they all looked fine before I potted them up.

  8. Steve says:

    Just came back in from a walk to lunch. Damn, it’s nice outside.

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