Good riddance, April!

With the exception of consuming too much beer on Friday it was a pretty decent day. I did a lot of WLF choring, hung out with friends at The Po Boy Shop, and finished the evening with more friends at George’s.

On Saturday I thought my Wordle April was going to end the way it started, with a fail. In the end I finally got my head around the word LARVA on my sixth attempt.

After a lovely walk with Betsy and Bella I met up with my buddies Hank and Bill at There on Fifth. It was at the bar where April tried to ruin my life one more time when Steve sent me a text informing me that he wouldn’t be able to ride, thus ending my plan to drive to his house and get in a ride down there. We three sat and drank a couple of beers before Hank and I went to the Georgia Tech baseball game. While the game was fun it dragged on, so we left after the seventh inning and headed back to There on Fifth for a nightcap. Perhaps the biggest shock of the day was discovering that my day of parking cost me $16; highway robbery!

I was awake early on Sunday, not a shocker. My new riding plan was to do a solo effort at Silk Sheets, which meant driving to Cochran Mill Park. I chose Cochran Mill to reclaim it as a “good” place, as I realized that it was one of the last outings during which I felt connected, not knowing that by that time the connection was on its last thread, if not already severed. I was in the car and ready to roll at 7:00am when, getting directions, I saw that the park didn’t open until 8:30am. D’Oh! I puttered around WLF in my cycling kit, and then finally made my way to Chattahoochee Hills. While humid, the morning was wonderful for a ride. I pushed myself for 45 miles, averaging about 16.5 mph. The new cycling computer was loaded with routes, but in the end I didn’t follow any of the ones that I had loaded, so it served only to capture speed and distance.

I thought about stopping at Red’s Beer Garden on my return trip, but wasn’t ready to leap that hurdle, and decided I could make my own hotdogs and drink beer from my own refrigerator. And I did, and it was good, and there was a smattering of rejoicing! The rest of my Sunday was spent recuperating, and watching television. I made one of my bachelor casserole dinners using items that I had on hand. At the rate I am eating down the food I have previously purchased, I may be ready to return to the grocery store by June. Well, I will need some things like eggs, milk, and cheese so I will be shopping again before then.

WLF 2.0 is starting to take shape. I sowed more seeds this weekend. On Saturday I saw that I had my first seed robbery as some critter dug up all of the beans I planted on Friday. This week I have to do some more garden bed clearing and filling, and the figure out how to keep everything alive long enough to get some vegetables out of the farm.

Today I will do some more choring. I decided the skip tonight’s hash in Hapeville, and go north to Marietta instead.

OMG, I just saw a commercial for the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, starting at $61k and $90k MSRP respectively. The world has gone mad!

I’m officially old, yesterday I joined AARP.

Hope that you had a fun weekend and are remaining happy and healthy.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was MEANT

April Summary

04/01 – ?, V, yard work, walking ????
04/02 – ?, V, running ????????
04/03 – ?, V, cycling ????????
04/04 – ?, V, yard work ????
04/05 – 188.0, V, trainer (60:00) ????????
04/06 – ?, V, walking ????
04/07 – ?, V, hashing ????
04/08 – ?, V, cycling ????????
04/09 – ?, M, drinking, walking, crying, puking ????
04/10 – ?, V, hashing ????
04/11 – ?, V, hiking, hashing ??????
04/12 – 184.8, V, yard work ????
04/13 – ?, M, walking ????
04/14 – ?, M, walking ????
04/15 – ?, M, hiking ????
04/16 – ?, V, walking ????
04/17 – ?, V, trainer (60:00) ????
04/18 – ?, V, trainer (60:00) ????, walking (my hash) ????
04/19 – 185.2, V, nothing ??
04/20 – ?, V, yard work ????
04/21 – ?, V, nothing ????
04/22 – ?, V, cycling ????
04/23 – ?, V, cycling ????
04/24 – ?, V, cycling ????
04/25 – ?, V, car washing, yard work ????
04/26 – 182.4, V, hashing (GM trail, next day) ????????, yard work ????
04/27 – ?, M, walking (reccy SLUT) ????
04/28 – ?, V, cycling ????
04/29 – ?, V, yard work ????
04/30 – ?, V, walking ????

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6 Responses to 2022-05-02

  1. Steve says:

    I went from one letter in the wrong place in my opener, to 4 all in the correct place on my second guess (!!) and it still took me 4! F!!

    Again, my sincerest apologies to those I may have infected on Friday’s gathering at George’s. After the negative test Thursday, I felt it safe to be out on Friday, but when I wasn’t feeling much better by Saturday, a trip to the D-I-A-B was in order. Covid, POSITIVE! FFS. Barb, I hope you and Paulie both remain disease free.

    I did chores Sunday, including some PM on the scooter. I bought a jumpstart kit (the not so clever BMW design make it impossible to jump start the bike without this addition) some weeks ago and finally got around to installing it. Funny thing, the bike already had the kit installed! Now I have a $60 spare I’ll take to Missouri and give away to someone who doesn’t have it.

    Still coughing a bit, but no fever. Keeping my distance from Debbie until I get a clean test. Glad she’s back from KY.


    • Barb says:

      Steve- bummer about the covid positive test. Since I was at the far end of the table from you for the majority of the evening, I’m hoping I’ll be fine. But, I’m all vaccinated, so I’m not worried even if I get it.

    • Though I chose not to test, I feel as good as I normally do, so I don’t think I am infected. I know, I know, I could be asymptomatic, but I am going with my gut as I am also fully vaccinated.

  2. I just walked what could be Thursday’s Turkey trail. My walk was 2.6 miles, which took me 44 minutes. I may shorten it a bit more?

    Also, my walk took me past a house tossing out a bunch of plastic pots and auch, so I drove back and picked some up. Free is for me!

  3. Barb says:

    Weekend was a fun one.
    Saturday I met up with Betsy after her walk with Paulie – and we rode our bikes down the Beltline to West End for lunch. Allan joined us at Wild Heaven for some wings, since his fire station is not far away. On the way home we decided Morelli’s ice cream would be good. I hadn’t seem Betsy in forever, so it was fun to catch up. She’s supposed to bring her bike to Allan someday soon, it needs a little love from a mechanic.

    Sunday we made some breakfast, then went for a Kolb Farm hike (part of the Kennesaw Mtn park, but pretty far from the actual mountain). it was a nice 6 mile hike, then some Mexican food near our parking spot.
    Got home, cleaned up & had a few friends over for dinner on the deck. Sal brought JoAnna’s dogs (she’s dogsitting) and they love causing trouble in the back yard. After it got dark, Emma found a opossum to mess with, that was fun……… (sarcasm).

    Tonight is finally catch up on Survivor night – I have 4 episodes recorded – Sal & I are way behind. Trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

  4. Breaking for a shower and lunch. Lunch was the last of last week’s taco fixings.

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