Well, yesterday had some pitfalls I’d like not to replicate.

Because I was headed to Barb’s for dinner I wanted to avoid afternoon traffic, so I left early. I actually left very early because I got stir crazy and decided I was going to find the thrift shop Mecca in Smyrna/Marietta about which I had heard. I was going to kill four hours bouncing from new-to-me thrift store to new-to-me thrift store. My day changed when I got back into the M6 after my first stop and it didn’t start. From past history I recognized that the car wasn’t communicating with the key fob, and when I held the fob nearer the start button it started. No more thrift shopping, now I was on a mission to find a CR2025 battery. Since the car was running I decided to drive close to Barb’s where I knew I had multiple stores to try, on foot if necessary. And, I parked away from all other cars in case I needed to call AAA. After failing to find the battery at Kroger I walked over to Publix and found one there; I had an Ace Hardware and Walgreens at the ready if necessary. And then when I returned the M6 started miraculously without fail, even with the original battery. Huh.

With replacement batteries in hand I chose to visit one more thrift store to buy a book or two, since I had just taken two out when I cleaned out the car, and then head to Schoolhouse Brewing where I would while away the afternoon reading and drinking beer. I even backed into a parking space *gasp* in case AAA’s services would be required.

Of the two books I bought I chose to start rereading “A Man Called Ove”, a book I read five or so years ago, and loved. What I failed to recall is that the story is about a man whose wife dies, and then he is laid off, so he sets out to commit suicide via hanging because he feels as if he no longer has a reason to live. Perhaps not the subject matter that I should be subjecting myself to at the moment, even if it is May.

Dinner was grand, and I watched some Survivor. This was the first time in many years that I have watched an episode of Survivor, and it was unsurprisingly different from the olden days, not bad, but different.

It rained in East Atlanta while I was gone? The streets were damp when I arrived home. I am certain that I did not see that in the forecast.

Upon returning home I entered the kitchen and was flummoxed by the sound of water droplets. Apparently I did a very poor job of shutting off my finicky faucet, and it dripped for seven hours. Oh boy, my water bill might be interesting next month. The faucet dripped into a bucket I keep in the sink, don’t ask. The bucket caught droplets as planned, but when it overflowed the sink’s slow drain hindered the water’s exit, so the sink was also completely filled. Upon cursory inspection it doesn’t appear that the sink overflowed, but I spilled a shitload of water trying to rectify the situation. Hey, at least my floor is a little cleaner now..

When you read this I may be at the Waschsalon. I haven’t done laundry since prior to STU, so I have a bunch of cycling kits to wash, along with all of the other clothes I have been wearing.

Today I am meeting some former coworkers for lunch, so that should be nice. We are going to a restaurant at which I have never before eaten, called Tenya Japanese Restaurant. It’s not a surprise that I have never eaten here given the lack of dining out that has occurred since March 2020.

I am contemplating doing the Melton’s App & Tap ride tonight. More exercise, specifically time on the bicycle can’t hurt, right? Famous. Last. Words…

After writing my Mother’s Day check yesterday I have run out of checks! To show you how few checks I write, the last check in the booklet was still a Wachovia branded check; Wachovia was taken over by Wells Fargo in 2008! Now I have to figure out how to reorder checks, and the fewest number I can reorder since it’s not like I am going to be writing a lot more checks anytime soon.

I hope that your week has started well and that you are healthy.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 182.6 pounds (+0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); acceptable.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was CREAM. I could have gotten it in four, but I zigged when I should have zagged.

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12 Responses to 2022-05-03

  1. Steve says:

    I got it in 4 and my starter was SAINT!

    Slow day at work, a nap, cut the grass, go to check on Debbie as she crashed after work and now thinks she has the cooties. Oh great.

    Made dinner last night and really need to get to the grocery, as we’re out of some essentials.

    HR called me yesterday and we chatted about my illness. They said once I test negative, beginning today, I can return to the office. Planning on going for a test later today, though I do have Thursday and Friday off this week since I was working the race in Augusta. That was the second message I sent out Saturday so they could find a replacement for me. I’m pretty sure y’all were the first.

    I might try some exercise later today and see how that goes


  2. Barb says:

    Survivor night was fun, and we only got thru 2 episodes (but 3 hours worth) Still have 2 episodes more to go, which will be 3 when it records again tomorrow.

    If I knew you were wasting time yesterday, I could have had you shop for some tomato plants. I need to get around to planting some one of these days.

    Wordle in 3 – using Paul’s word 1st & Steve’s word 2nd. Mini in a little over 2 minutes.

    • Unless you have a specific variety in mind WLF has a lot of tomato volunteers at the moment. Most of which I will dig up and either transplant or give away. Nature looks at my efforts to grow plants from seeds and laughs heartily.

  3. Barb says:

    music station I’m listening to this morning is a 70s station – ABBA, John Denver, etc. Its reminding me of being a kid listening to the radio. Just need to hear some Barry Manilow & Glen Campbell.

  4. Sadly discovered one of my zucchini transplants has died. I might have the worst luck with some of the crops that most people can’t even give away…

  5. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE.

    I don’t know if I have covid or just really tired. Either way, ugh.

    We’re out of food, the horses are out of food – it’s looking bleak for the Bradys. lol Fortunately the horse food will be delivered later today and we can do a pickup order at Kroger. Exciting times we live in.

    I’m finally closing in on finishing the project from hell. Six months overdue and the goalposts constantly moved throughout the nearly year-long process. If I were able to drink, I might have to go on a bender in celebration. I’ll probably just take a day to nap and watch mindless tv.

    Have a good Tuesday!

    • Good luck getting that project over the goal line. Treat yourself when you do!

    • Barb says:

      wow – that’s a huge project.
      I’m watching Ally McBeal on Hulu right now for my mindless TV. Damn that was a ridiculous show.

    • Steve says:

      When James from the feed store called (we get delivery on Tuesday), I asked him to deliver before breakfast (it was already past breakfast) and he said he couldn’t quite make that. I told him we were taking the horses to breakfast at Waffle House. I think they’d like that.

  6. Home from lunch. Food was good, fried Japanese tofu and a bowl of Miso soup. Thought I might go to The Po Boy Shop for a beer afterward, but couldn’t get anyone to bite.

    Still thinking of riding the Melton’s ride tonight.

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