Did the Melton’s App & Tap bike ride last night, nineteen miles at a little more than 16.2 mph average. Had a few skips with the new drivetrain, I hope to give it another test this morning with a ride out to Stone Mountain and back.

Eyelid swelling going down, all things not quite back to normal as yet unfortunately.

Going to make a call to a therapist today.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was WRIST

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 24 seconds. Not sure I can type any faster than that. Lol

  2. David says:

    Bump me out of the way tomorrow if needed. If we don’t meet tomorrow my next availability is June 9.

    Wordle in 4, NYT Mini in 1:01, my times suck when I work it in the middle of the night. I think the fastest I ever did a Mini was 19 seconds or something.

    Steve, Heardle is another slam dunk today.

    Debbie, you asked what kind of books I write. My first book was “Idiot’s Guide to Introductory Accounting.” That wasn’t a book I ever planned to write but I had 2 other authors helping me, and I knew I’d never have a better first book opportunity. Second, third, and fifth book are updates to QuickBooks Online for Dummies. It gets revised annually. Those books were all means to an end books, my fourth book is about the quirks and nuances of Excel and is the book I wanted to write all along. It’s been a long time working into this space. I started freelance writing articles in the mid 1990s and then doing technical editing of accounting software books in the 2000s.

    I can play the long game like nobody’s business.

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 6, starting with AISLE. Painful. Mini in 2. I was off to a good start, then got side tracked.

    Instead of riding last night, I finally put the new chain on the road bike. I think I bought that and 2 tires over a month ago. After measuring the old chain (not exactly enough) I secured the new chain and realized it was too long. Another 3 links removed and it was just fine. A tweak on the adjustment and shifting fine. Also swapped the rear tire, but didn’t start the front. It was 8PM and I was ready to sit down for the evening.

    David, I think Heardle was a slam dunks slam dunk!


    • David says:

      LOL on Heardle. They should offer a one note option for songs like that, because a full second was completely extraneous. 😉

      • Barb says:

        worst part about that Heardle song, I knew it- but I’m horrible at song names.

        Mini – I’m not that good – 2 minutes
        Wordle in 3 – lucky 2nd word after starting with Paulie’s word.

      • Slam dunk Heardle. I knew the song immediately, but would have been stumped to name the band without some thought.

  4. Steve says:

    So the young Eritrean rider took the sprint in yesterday’s stage, beating MVDP handily and receiving his congratulations afterwards, then on the podium, popped the cork from the prosecco into his eye, went to the hospital and is now out of the bike race. FFS!

    Kids these days… nobody trains them!

  5. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with AISLE.

    That’s cool David! I’m a frustrated writer on the inside, but have never been disciplined enough to give it a real go. In my magazine editor days, I got to stretch those muscles a bit and enjoyed it very much. Now I’ve got to write a script on forklift operator training and I’m procrastinating like crazy. .

    • David says:

      Oh Debbie, I so feel you. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and so procrastination issues have been my jam. Oh, that and anger issues and low-esteem. ADHD has given me some crazily good gifts too, it’s just I feel like I’ve gotten through life with with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake, and it’s just exhausting.

      I hope you get a lift with your script (pun definitely intended). My trick is to just do a brain dump of anything that comes to mind. Getting past the blank screen is crucial. I truly didn’t want to touch the topic on that first book. I’m a CPA, but I’ve never worked as a traditional CPA. Once I got started though, I really enjoyed the book. Forklift operator training would be an interesting nut to crack, you might actually have fun with it once you find a start.

      Apart from that, I encourage you to do some intention setting on the writing that you really want to do. That’s how I’ve gotten here. It can sound woo-woo, but for me at least it’s a super-power. Intention setting causes us to make imperceptible moves in the direction we want to go in, and then one day what you want arises. You can get there!

      • Debbie says:

        I was also diagnosed with ADHD, but the meds haven’t been a good fit for me. It does help to understand what is behind my issues though.

        I tend to work through projects in my head before starting to write. I’ve been noodling through the course structure for forklift so it’s percolating. Committing to putting an outline on “paper” today.

        • David says:

          The meds are definitely tricky. Yes, understanding the condition has been life-changing for me.

          I find that putting some initial random thoughts down on “paper” first, and then noodling helps me get going faster. The godddamn procrastination is such a bitch, I so feel your pain on that. In any case, you’re not alone, not by any stretch!

          I finally got diagnosed because I’m just over only getting things done at the 11th hour, I’m getting too old to pull off that feat over and over again.

  6. Stone Mountain ride done, 36.4 miles, bike was flawless, rider was flawed. Good ride, regardless.

    Shower done, felt great. And now I recover…

    • Barb says:

      nice morning exercise!
      Its looking like Kevin Beebe is coming over for dinner & conversation tonight, I’d invite you, but I know it is Betsy dinner night.
      BUT – if you want to mix it up, grab her & come to Marietta (for the 3rd day in a row), we are thinking about ordering some Tasty China????

    • Steve says:

      Wow.. I’m impressed you went during rush hour traffic. Maybe there’s more Path than I remember??

  7. Jenka says:

    I do Wordle and mini after work. Yesterday I got Wordle in 3 using LEAST, which is what I always use these days. I used to use GHOST but I prefer to get the E and A in there right off the bat.

  8. Decided to put new tires on Black Jack before BRAG Lite. I just ordered new Gatorskins from Amazon, thus using all of the credit I accumulated from surveys.

    • Steve says:

      That’s what I ride (on a certain 2nd best mechanic in the Grove family’s recommendation) and I do like them on the gravel to the pavement.

      While the front was also without tread, I was just ready to sit down last night. And these are 28mm- the previous were 25, so should handle the gravel even better.

      • I have ridden them for years too. The tire I replaced last week was a Gatorskin but I didn’t have one in stock to replace it. So, I ordered two new ones, and I will keep the front Gatorskin as an emergency backup.

        I’m Old School, I still run 23mm.

  9. Getting toasty outside, which is one of the reasons that I rode so early this morning.

  10. Stock market is getting clobbered again, Apple down nearly 6%. Might be time for me to get prepared to work again…

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