Since I am not expecting to go to the Hartwell campout this year I decided that I could sign up for the BRAG USBR 21 three day ride from Chattanooga to Atlanta that always seems to be held on the same weekend. And then I discovered that the ride is not happening this year. Dangen!

WLF and Black Jack maintenance day.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was SCALE

May Summary

Not a great month emotionally, “Happy Paulie” is a long way off from returning, but I did manage to get exercise even with my eyelid issue.

05/01 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/02 – ?, M, walking, yard work ????
05/03 – 182.6, V, walking, cycling ????
05/04 – ?, V, yard work ????
05/05 – ?, M, walking (my hash and a lot more) ????
05/06 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/07 – ?, V, walking ????
05/08 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/09 – ?, V, yard work ????, jogging ????
05/10 – 183.2, V, cycling ????
05/11 – ?, M, nothing ????????
05/12 – ?, V, nothing ??????
05/13 – ?, V, nothing ??
05/14 – ?, V, nothing ??
05/15 – ?, V, nothing ??????
05/16 – ?, V, nothing ??
05/17 – 184.2, M, cycling ????
05/18 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/19 – ?, V, walking ????
05/20 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/21 – ?, M, walking ????
05/22 – ?, V, hashing ????
05/23 – ?, V, nothing ????
05/24 – 186.0, V, cycling ????
05/25 – ?, V, walking ????
05/26 – ?, M, nothing ??????
05/27 – ?, M, cycling ????
05/28 – ?, V, hiking ????
05/29 – ?, V, walking, cycling ????
05/30 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/31 – 185.4, V, cycling ????

Sure wish those emoji would work again…

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 43 seconds.
    Heardle semi-fail, knew the artist but not the song from the sample.

  2. David says:

    Chattanooga to Atlanta would be a fun ride. Hopefully they do that again.

    My publisher wants to move the release date of my Excel book up to September, so I’ve better get on the stick. I have half a chapter left to write to get the rough draft out of my head, which should happen today or tomorrow. Editing has already been underway.

    Wordle in 3 with CRONY. Heardle in 1 second. Goddamn ADHD, I can’t tell you where my car keys are or what I ate yesterday but I can name some tunes. NYT Mini in 1:07.

    • Well done on the Wordle. I barely missed on my third guess.

    • David says:

      We started the Lincoln Lawyer last night. We like it. It’s based on a Michael Connelly book of the same name. I’ve read every one of his books, which means dozens over decades now. He’s the author of the Bosch books too but that series didn’t grab me. I’m reading a book The Man Who Was Burned By Winter that the author says was inspired by Connelly’s first book The Poet, which I remember grabbed me by the collar, and a few chapters in this book has as well.

      • Steve says:

        We’re enjoying the Lincoln Lawyer… hope it lasts more than one plot line.

      • Barb says:

        David – you didn’t like Bosch? I really enjoyed it, thought occasionally I was thinking – isn’t this story line in one book, then another part of the storyline in another book? I’ve ready most of the books. I’m not a huge reader, my eyes don’t really enjoy it.

        I’m ready to start Lincoln Lawyer soon. How is the new lawyer compared to Matthew McConaughey?

        • David says:

          Maybe I should try Bosch again, I could have been in a non-receptive place when I tried it. I wasn’t sure about the new lawyer, but he grew on me fast. I haven’t seen the Matthew McConaughey version, I should check that out. I used to roll my eyes at him but he was amazing in True Detective on HBO so it changed my perspective of him.

    • Bob says:

      Should have had Heardle in 2 but put an extra L in her name so second guessed myself and had to go for a third.

      • David says:

        Tricky, but well done! Heardle is funny, when it’s good it’s really good, but when it’s not… At least now I just know I won’t have a clue on some days, and on other days, create a 1/2 second option, because I don’t need the whole second! 😉

  3. Neighbor’s yard looks much nicer, but sadly won’t provide much more sunlight for WLF as I hoped.

    Knees sore today, no more hard exercise until Sunday.

    Left AirPod was dead this morning, hoping it’s because battery pack ran out of juice. Plugged in now, will have to wait and see.

  4. Out in WLF, harvested some potatoes and cucumbers. Ant bite count is four. Ouch! Have taken a antihistamine to mitigate the effects. They hurt almost as much as the pain I have been suffering constantly for months. I really need to figure out a way to move on from her, the way she moved on from me.

    Work on Black Jack (road bike) begins after cleaning garlic that has been drying.

    • Barb says:

      I need to taste my garlic one of these days. It is just sitting in a bowl.

      I am riding down to BRAG with Sal, Stan, Mike & the driver Stephanie. Stephanie said she’s like some company. Rumor is we are leaving Bob’s house at 3pm. Stan has work to do so he can’t leave any earlier.

      • I am looking at my garlic now. I have no idea how good/bad it is.

        I will be leaving after noon. I expect to hit at least one brewery along the way before getting to BRAG.

  5. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4, Mini fail! When you can’t get the primary words, you’re pretty much screwed.

    We were sad to learn yesterday of the passing of the founder of the Bear Creek Hounds, Hal Barry. Debbie wrote a lovely tribute on FB last night which said he changed the course of her life and through his efforts, gave her a new set of friends and a new passion for her horses. All true. A very nice guy who lived a full life and touched many.

    3 miles on foot last night- I can’t call it a run, exactly, though there was some running.

    Nice article in the NYT about the Savannah Banana’s… baseball as entertainment- what a concept.


    • I am sorry to hear of yours and Debbie’s loss.

      Good on you for getting out there! Sadly I think my running days are behind me. Unlike all of the other sad things recently this has little to do with my social situation, or quitting hashing, but rather anatomical protection; my knees and feet just don’t appreciate running any longer.

      • Barb says:

        I gave up attempting to run so many moons ago. My back still bothers me, but not like it did when I was running.

      • Jenka says:

        I also gave up running, it was either that or future knee replacements. Walking is just fine for me! Or riding my bike.

      • David says:

        I’m with you on running, but I am going to “run” the Peachtree this year with my 14 year old daughter. I think this will be my 24th time, I lost track once I got beyond 20. I gave it up after the Boston Marathon bombing because 60,000 people is a huge fucking target. The bombing occurred in 2013, so I think I was already signed up that year, and that was the last time I ran it. I’m looking forward to doing it again.

  6. No good news this far on the AirPods front. After hours connected to power, no signs of life. Crap, now I will have to take care of this, and probably buy another (expensive) set. There is no reason of which I can think for their demise.

  7. Just saw Stan (Long Cut) out walking his dog. I continue to hope BRAG will be as much fun as I think it will be.

    • Barb says:

      Its usually a good time – and you will have Harold there (& Marty) to pick on.
      Looks like the weather might be good, but hot, but that’s pretty much a given.
      Hope the gnats aren’t super bad.

    • Bob says:

      BRAG is always fun and mostly drama free. I’m a little worried about Marty being there but we will deal with it. Couple more days till I head to Brunswick to sit on a bus to Columbus 🙂

  8. Jenka says:

    Yesterday’s Wordle in 3, I’m back to using LEAST every time. We went to Ocean Wave (used to be Harry & Sons) for dinner last night. Kevin loves their sushi.

    We are making progress on re-watching The Wire, currently on season 5 of 6. We can only watch it every other week because we can’t when we have Finn. So we watch several episodes and then have to stop for a week. But it really holds up!

    • Barb says:

      I have never watched The Wire – might have to check it out!

      • David says:

        OMG. You *have* to watch The Wire. It’s one of my top 3 shows of all time, which I consider to The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and The Wire, in no particular order. I doubt the Sopranos has aged well, but I recently watched Breaking Bad all the way through for the third time, and there will be a fourth at some point.

        • Funny, I have never watched a single episode of any of your Top Three. They are not in my wheelhouse.

        • Jenka says:

          David: SAME on the top three shows of all time. Earlier this year we re-watched The Sopranos and it surprisingly held up (mostly)! Now The Wire, next will be our third time watching Breaking Bad. I was worried about The Wire holding up but it’s not really about the wire at all. SO GOOD.

  9. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with STEAR.

    My project finally launched today and we have our first registrant! Woohoo! I still have to do some updates on it, but the pressure is finally off.

    So sad to lose Hal, but at 82 he had a lot of enthusiastic living in the bank. He had both hips replaced in his 50s and continued to ride until his late 70s. In recent years, he followed the hunt in his Polaris. If he didn’t get it stuck – a frequent occurrence, he was right up with the hunt and handing out port and bourbon when the action slowed down.

    In his heyday, he was responsible for several skyscrapers in the Atlanta skyline. Ivan Allen Plaza was his last big development project and there’s a nice statue of him over there that I need to go see someday. Not bad for an Iowa farm kid.

    George met the donkey this morning – met her with a hoof to his ass. I think he’ll be giving her a wide berth from now on!

  10. In from WLF and Black Jack maintenance. The bike has two new tires, that I will take for a quick spin today/tomorrow to ensure no pinch flats occur.

  11. Nearly injured myself badly bounding barefoot down the basement steps after hearing a bike fall downstairs. I overstepped the final step and had to catch myself from falling. Dumbass!

  12. Steve says:

    Debbie and I have a friend (oddly enough, I just had lunch with her) who fell down her basement stairs and broke her hip and shoulder. Lives alone and had to drag herself up the stairs to get to a phone to call someone.

    Be careful.

    • David says:

      Yes, this. If I had to break my arm, at least it was in a mountain biking accident and not tripping over my own shoelaces or one of my cats, or any number of things. I have an acquaintance who fell in that fashion and broke her arm, I ran into her at PT one day.

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