Yesterday was a very busy day choring out of the house from 06:30am – 04:30pm, and then I returned home and shut everything down.

Apple did me a solid by completely replacing my AirPods Pro since my defective ones were still under warranty.

Only downside of the day was finding out that one of the Beyond Meat Jerky packages I purchased at Target had been opened in the store. I will attempt to get a replacement today, and if I can’t at least it won’t cost nearly as much as replacing AirPods Pro.

Not sure my knees (ligaments/tendons/menisci) are ready for my upcoming adventure, only time will tell. I’ll try to post on Monday from Thomaston, Georgia, assuming I make it there.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was RAISE

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 40 seconds.

    Complete fail on today’s WP Mini Crossword.

    After three segments of the song I knew the band for Heardle, but had to guess at the title of the song based on the four suggested titles.

  2. David says:

    Wordle in 5 starting with CRATE, as usual 3 attempts with 2 correct letters in place before finishing in 5. NYT Mini in 20 seconds. Heardle fail.

    Serviceberry Festival fail in EAV last night as well. It was completely phone in compared to last year, including no non-alcoholic drinks. I’m currently on a drinking hiatus in support of someone else that is on one too. Oh well, been there, done that, I won’t be back.

    • I was hoping to get the Wordle in two or three, but had to slowly build toward the correct answer.

      Can’t say I have ever heard about the Serviceberry Festival, guess I haven’t missed much.

      • David says:

        You haven’t. Last year was actually nice. If I were my old self I’d be ranting about it, but what’s the point. It’s only money. I can make more.

  3. Ooh, left knee hurting as much as it did pre-surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have retorn a meniscus or two. Very ooor timing given what I will be doing in a few days.

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle in 3, after SAINT and AISLE, yes a lucky guess. Mini in under 2 minutes.

    I tinkered with the scooter last night. I’m working on my packing list and decided to clean and polish while I was tinkering. That’s a good way to find any problems. I did discover something- looks like it may be some emissions part, a valve looking thing with capped off ends and an electrical connection “just hanging” after I took of a trim piece. I put it back where it was and might ask around at the rally.

    There was thunder about last night, so no exercise for me. Shame.

    You won’t be that far away from us during the ride. If you decide your knee has done enough, just call. It might take a minute, but we can ride to your rescue.

    Barb, I don’t know if we will get up your way to get my wheel to Allan. I might just see if the LBS can handle it as a walk in.

    All your BRAGgarts have fun and be safe. On your left…


    • Thanks for the offer. My saving grace may be the fact I will not attempt to ride fast during BRAG, I will be puttering along and sightseeing.

    • Barb says:

      Steve – Allan said you can always call him & you could bring it by the station. He’s there again tomorrow. or – we are home tonight, but it is a long drive.

  5. As is the norm in WLF I planted some squash seeds in pots, and nothing has emerged. I threw the remaining seeds in a bucket of soil for shits and giggles, and as of today at least ten of those have germinated. Oye!

    Speaking of failure, I just realized that none of my marigolds have germinated either. Poop.

    • Barb says:

      Wordle in 3 – using Paulie’s start work.
      Mini in 2:09 –
      Heardle – never heard of it.

      As for the squash – just let them go & see where they are at next week after BRAG. I bought another basil plant at ACE last night, hopefully I can make some pesto this year. They only had huge purple basil (at close to $20) so I went with another green one. I wanted to try the purple basil, but not at that price. I also bought a little chive plant, 2 recipes recently called for chives, so figured, why not.
      And – it never rained here at all yesterday, so I need to go water…….

  6. Going to spend my afternoon packing for BRAG.

  7. Barb says:

    ok – you don’t have to tell us much of course, but….. did you like the therapist?

    • Like my knee, time will tell. First session was more of a “getting to know one another” session.

      • Barb says:

        as long as it wasn’t a total fail – that’s good.

        • I’m not sure how much good it will do me, but I am willing to try for a little while.

          • Steve says:

            I think/hope you will get to a comfort level with the counselor and be able to trust their insights.

          • David says:

            My experience has been that the more I resist some aspect of therapy the more that I need it. My latest therapist that I’m seeing for ADHD/trauma has me doing some serious woo-woo shit, but goddamn it, it seems to be helping. This is a chance to get out of your own way. If you’re feeling skeptical, blocked, resistant, or nothing at all, let them know because every bit of information helps them help you.

          • Steve says:

            Getting out of your own way… read that again!

          • I’m not discounting its effectiveness, I am just making commentary about my first visit.

      • David says:

        Your first session when completely as expected then. I’m glad to hear you’re keeping an open mind.

  8. BRAG packing going poorly, knee is bugging me considerably. Seriously, I think that I will ride it into the dirt if necessary but I am a little miffed at the moment.

    Considering going to Target at 1pm, hopefully it won’t be a complete snit show at that time in a Friday afternoon.

  9. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with BLARE – look at me changing things up.

    This “short” week has been an endless shit show so I’m glad it’s about over. I must have clenched my teeth something fierce last night; my jaws are really sore.

    Looking forward to hearing the tales from BRAG. Hope your knee gets with the program Paul.

  10. Target wasn’t a shitshow, it was a complete shitshow. However, I got a refund for the opened food, and bought a cheap sheet set that I will use camping this week.

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