It’s interesting when things that I think will cheer me up do just the opposite. Last night I started re-watching “Ted Lasso”, and just like “A Man Called Ove”, it mad me sad.

I guess that I am missing the BRAG lifestyle, because this morning I am considering going out on a bike ride. It’s 5:00am as I type this, so I may talk myself out of a ride by sunrise.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was HEART

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  1. I just awoke from falling asleep again, no ride this morning. Perhaps I will go for a hike later. No matter what, I need to get a good amount of exercise today.

    About to make a pot of coffee and eat breakfast instead.

    NYT Mini Crossword in 40 seconds.
    Heardle in the first second.

  2. David says:

    I totally get how Ted Lasso could have that effect on you. You should follow your gut and ride your bike, even just a few miles. I rode 10.5 miles last night for the first time since breaking my arm in a mountain biking accident in February. Man, that was good for my soul. I am finally starting to feel like a person again instead of a patient. I picked up a 40 pound bag of cat litter yesterday without issue with the arm I broke, and that’s when I knew I’d be fine on my bike. I’m getting beyond the trepidation period of using my arm. Plus that’s the first time I’ve lifted anything remotely heavy since April 15 when I had a double hernia repair. It’s been a helluva year! There’s been so much more chaos on top of that but I have surfed my way through and things seem to be settling down.

    I don’t think I mentioned that I finished the manuscript on my Excel book on Saturday. It’s tentatively slated to be published in September. I immediately crashed into second book I’m working on, which is thankfully revisions and only a chapter or two of straight up writing. I inherited this book from another author and on this, my third revision I should finally have her voice expunged and my imprint fully implemented. This time I’m
    ripping the book apart and sorting scattered content together and creating a sense of flow. The previous author wrote like Yoda speaks, putting the second half of sentences before the first half.

    Wordle in 5, no repeat on correct letters today, I was struggling to figure out the word. I started with BRICK. 39 seconds on the Mini, 1 second on Heardle. I couldn’t have named the band but I knew the song title.

    Get some exercise Paulie, it’s the best way through.

    • 10.5 miles, that’s excellent! I’m still considering my options, it’s not yet 8am, so I have time. There will be exercise in my day no matter what.

      On the books congratulations!

      I knew the Heardle song this time, never would have been able to name the artist.

  3. Steve says:

    Good morning from the doctor’s office parking lot. No Wordle, no Heardle yet.
    While Debbie was out to dinner last night with her office I attempted to attend a band concert by some friends in a park near Newnan , but the rain scared me off and I ran errands instead. I also hope to get some exercise today some exercise today as well as more errands and picking up my rear wheel from there wheel from the bike shop

  4. Barb says:

    Greeting from Iowa. According to the weather app it’s supposed to be raining, but it isn’t.

    Flight was just barely delayed due to a late flight crew, but we got one, so that made me happy. Mask wearing at the airport is minimal, I sure don’t miss it. I used the Delta facial recognition option to check my bag in the bag drop office down below, and because of construction, there was no one there. Took me 1 minute. You are supposed to do everything self serve, put the bag tag on your bag, put it on the belt. But, the lady must have been bored, she did it for me. TSA lines were long, pre-check line took about 20 minutes of zigzagging.

    Today, not sure what all is happening, but we are having a get together with the relatives tonight. Connie & I need to grocery shop, etc.

    • Glad you made it without much delay. Hope you have the best trip possible.

      Forgot to mention the other day that Franklin almost had me talked in to going back to Iowa for RAGBRAI. The fact that you’d have to do daily payments (full week registration is closed) and that I am haring BS on 7/31 brought me back from the ledge. I may consider next year, depends on my life situation at the time.

  5. Barb says:

    Just got in a take home food study at Curion, but it’s to take home the food today, so I obviously can’t make it happen. Sometimes I do the survey questions to get better at answering the questions.
    Did you try to get in this one?

    • I didn’t get into that one. Too bad, I wanted to get into it badly. I think it pays $125?

      • Barb says:

        I’ve found that you have to say you have bought & eaten everything, and have in the last few months. And of course never tell them you have any dietary requirements, no allergies, etc. you do that?

        • Yeah. I try to answer everything so that I get the best opportunity to get in. I think it has a lot to do with being a white male in my 50s?

          • Barb says:


            Birds are fighting over the food in the bird feeder this morning. Very entertaining. And, still not raining. The app is so wrong.

  6. Morning tour de WLF done. Everything looks okay.
    Some cucumber plants already kicking the bucket?
    Surprised to see my first long purple eggplant forming. Yay!
    Zucchini plants are huge, but are not producing zucchini. Boo!
    Pulled the last of my garlic, they don’t look great.
    Have some nice kale leaves I should eat before the cabbage white moth finds it.
    Some carrots have gone to flower, and they look very pretty.

    It feels as if I have missed planting things this year.

    Ate my only zucchini with green and yellow beans, and some WLF potatoes, last night as of part of dinner.

  7. Barb says:

    Mini in 2:41, Wordle in 6, and I don’t even really know that word, so it was a total guess.

  8. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5. They were reaching for that one.

  9. 5.5 mile walk will have to suffice as exercise today.

    Having an unmotivated day.

    And it’s another day for me to avoid looking at the stock market…

  10. Barb says:

    My brother messed with buttons on the old Buick, and then the lights wouldn’t go off & there was a crazy dinging noise. So, we went & rescued it from the golf course, took it to the car shop. The guy said…. Is that Arlen’s car? When we nodded & begged for help, he laughed & said, here’s how to fix it. Gotta love a 30 year old car & the mechanic that knows it.

  11. Steve says:

    Almost finished mowing (I cheated and used the tractor on the yard) when the sound changed. PTO shaft still spinning OK. Lifted the deck and 1 blade of the 3 turning slower than the others. Took it apart and found 1 tension pulley completely shot and the belt broken. 10 minutes on the interwebz and parts will be in next week. (Closest dealer is 90 miles away).

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