Even though it hid a lot of blemishes and gave me the appearance of having an upper lip I decided that I don’t want to die a bearded man, so I shaved yesterday. It was a symbolic move that reminds me that I can’t go back in time and make things okay. It has been ten weeks now and I am still extremely sad and angry, and haven’t been able to change that no matter what I do.

I need to get my financial documentation in order as soon as possible.

Don’t read those sentences and think that I plan to off myself soon, but there will be a day, most likely due to cardiac failure, that I will be gone. Oh how ironic it will be if I die of a literal broken heart.

The four segment trip I was hoping to accomplish next week has hit some snags. As the GPSs say, “Recalculating…”

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was CLEAN

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 33 seconds.

    Couldn’t quite suss out Heardle in one second, but it was a slam dunk in two.

  2. David says:

    Wordle in 5 because neither STALE and my second word matched a single letter. NYT Mini in 20 seconds, Heardle in 2 seconds. First second wasn’t enough, 2 seconds was more than enough.

    It is good to be on my bike again. I’m about to do a Beltline run from my house to 10th Street and back to blow some carbon out of my bloodstream this morning.

    Keep making little changes Paulie, the hurt and and anger will abate in time.

    • Have a fun ride.

      I didn’t mention it in the post, but I drove to Sosebee yesterday and rode sixty miles, at a 16.2mph average pace. If all goes to plan I will be riding again tomorrow night.

      While riding yesterday I had an odd feeling as if I were getting bitten as I rode, this morning I have two small red blotches where I was feeling that, so I guess that I was getting bitten!

      • David says:

        I almost struck out for Stone Mountain yesterday but decided not to go too far too fast. I’m still getting my butt conditioned for the saddle. 60 miles is a great distance!

        • I drove a long way (with gas being very expensive) to check Sosebee off my 2022 Bucket List, so I had to force myself to add the four miles needed when I arrived back at the start to make it a 60-mile ride. NERD! 🙂

          • David says:

            Oh, I feel you. On my first 100 mile ride I was at 98 miles when I got back to Grant Park and so I had to ride over to Summerhill to even things up.

            Good point on the price of gas. I should reinstitute my “don’t put my bike on my car” rule again, with an occasional exception for the Silver Comet Trail.

  3. Steve says:

    Debbie and I have also been contemplating last will and testament, durable medical power of attorney whatever they call that thing. You know on long motorcycle rides those sorts of things become a little more important. I don’t think it’s going to happen before this one.

    I’m all but ready to go. A few last items to throw in the dry bag and I will be departing tomorrow morning. Terry has several places suggested for breakfast in Birmingham and I will pick one and she will meet me there. Then I’ll ride on to Tunica Mississippi.

    Saturday night we celebrating a friends birthday at a nice restaurant. Basically the room to ourselves so not much background noise and I could hear.

    Debbie is off in class this morning so I have animal duty to get everybody fed that is. And I am contemplating a bicycle ride before it gets too bloody hot.

    Oh I did get my rear wheel repaired at the local bike shop- 40 bucks!!


    • I have one word for you regarding breakfast restaurants — pancakes.

      Given the current price of gas you’d have spent that much driving to Marietta and back.

      • Steve says:

        Maybe, but if I had the spoke, I think I could have done it myself!

        23 hot miles in the bag. It was a 2 snake day and the snakes could have been brothers (brother and sister?). Both black with silver/white markings. Very pretty.

        And speaking of wildlife, there are 2 mouse traps set and he keeps avoiding them. Last night the dogs were asleep and he shot from one end of the living room to the other without a care in the world.

        • Fair.

          Good on you for getting gout there! I have just eaten lunch and may go out for a hot walk before showering today. I have a therapy session at 5pm near Lindbergh, so I may have to treat myself to dinner out as I fight traffic home.

          • David says:

            Take your anger to therapy. I always made the fastest and most progress when I went into a session boiling.

  4. One fairly pitiful pot of potatoes harvested today. I can make one, perhaps two, meals out of what I reaped. With no rain and severe heat this week I will keep on my toes to ensure WLF doesn’t die this week.

  5. Barb says:

    Just landed back in the ATL.
    Time to deviate, go get my checked bag,

  6. I may have created a “chicken biscuit casserole” this morning. The casserole consists of — refrigerated biscuits, breaded fake-chicken nuggets, eggs, milk, cheese — all of the components that go into a chicken biscuit!

  7. Well crap, my Amazon Prime just renewed for another year so I guess I can’t off myself anytime soon because I hate wasting money.

    • Steve says:

      You not as funny as you think you are.

    • I tell you something that I may have mentioned before, and confided to my therapist last week. I can’t kill myself while my mother is still alive, she doesn’t not deserve any more pain in her life.

      Besides, I am probably too chickenshit to go through with it anyway.

  8. Barb says:

    FYI – the airport is a mess for getting picked up.
    Down below is all construction, so its virtually impossible, but we should have tried, as up above is absolutely horrible.
    They (not sure who they are) put all these cones to keep drivers from changing lanes. So, people are all over the place in the road, trying to get loaded up, make the traffic a total disaster. Allan had his big AFR F150 red truck, so I could see him down the way, but it took at least 5-10 minutes to get to me. He finally got 1 of the cops to move a couple cones so he could get around to get to me. But – I was to my desk by 10am as planned.

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