My rain gauge caught 3.5″ of rain yesterday. Yowza. My weekend plans involve camping, and the weather forecast I am seeing now looks much worse than when I made the reservation. I can cancel today and not incur a $10 fee, though I might gamble and wait to see what the weekend weather forecast looks like on Thursday.

I started rewatching season one of “Only Murders in the Building” yesterday in anticipation of season two’s release today. I find myself relating to the Steve Martin character this time around.

Rumor has it that The Highlander might not be dead in the water after all! Time will tell…

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was STAGE

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 186.4 pounds (+0.8 from my weigh-in two weeks ago); time to reverse this upward trend.

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15 Responses to 2022-06-28

  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 50 seconds, caused by a moment’s brain fart and correcting a bad guess.

    Heardle in less than a second. If you are around my age and don’t know it immediately I would like to inhabit the space under the rock which you live.

    Semi-Interesting Fact: today’s Wordle word was also an answer in today’s Washington Post crossword puzzle.

    • Barb says:

      I am not a fan of that song, but I did know it. Actually, not a huge fan of that band. They are ok, but I liked many other popular 80s bands more.

      Tree guys here today – 2 big pines that the roots are destroying our driveway will be gone…….. ($3000 later) Damn trees are pricy.

  2. I continue to spend all of my survey money on Amazon. Recently I have purchased a bicycle chain cleaning gizmo, some water shoes, a book about cheese making, toilet cleaning pads, and after today’s survey I have an Instant Pot Vegan Indian cookbook in my Wish List. I am also looking into buying trekking poles, even after last year’s failed experiment with them. That trip was a year ago? Geez, time is funny.

  3. Steve says:

    Wordle in 5. I have to do the Heardle from my phone, as it gets blocked on the work PC.

    The rain was a lovely addition to our very parched pastures. The goal is to not feed hay during the summer, when things should be growing, but without rain…

    Strangely, the rain appeared to knock out both of our internet providers for a while. I wonder if they share a tower? Both were somewhat slow yesterday. Still thinking about Elon and the Starlink. Waiting on a review from friends.


    • WLF definitely needed rain, but perhaps not 3.5” in a few hours. I was suspect of the flash flood warnings I received until I drove home and saw the roads. I will be interested to see if the tomatoes on the plants split, and wish I had harvested the potatoes before the rain arrived.

      Satellite internet is inherently slow (you know that I am sure), I will be interested to hear how Elon’s people have cracked that nut.

      • Steve says:

        Elon has cracked it by being in a lower orbit. My Cajun friend down in the swamp says it’s really quick- like under 100ms. You kids on fiber and cable will laugh, but that’s a whole lot quicker than our old satellite service, which was 650ms.

  4. Barb says:

    I don’t think we got much rain yesterday at all. We got a little, but need more, my tomatoes are looking sad. Got 3 cherry ones off the volunteer. But I hope any rain today holds off until the tree guys are done. This new to us crew wears helmets & face shields. I kind of like that.

  5. Barb says:

    took me 6 on the wordle – I think my 5th word was better than the answer.
    Mini in 1:44…..

    The Fairburn rail ramp is driving me insane today……..
    finally trying to actually call them – they don’t answer emails.

  6. I may or may not already be sitting at a brewery, Six Bridges. It was once on a list of breweries to visit, but I am making my first time to this brewery solo. Riding tonight looks a lot less likely…

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle took all six tries starting with SPEAK. It took a WAG to pull it out.

    Morning was for errands. Annual visit to the neurologist done and good. Grocery shopping to get the things we forgot when we grocery shopped yesterday. Doh. Trip to CVS and a quick lunch. Now to get some work done…

    George spent the night in the bedroom for the first time, but that did not cure the wee hours of the morning shenanigans. I think we each got up at some point to deal with them. Damn dogs.

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