Yesterday I had such bad chafing after a marathon session of trail reccying that didn’t go as well as desired that I had to take an epsom salt bath when I arrived home. I may have put some medicated lotion on my affected region later in the evening too. This situation has altered today’s plan as well. No longer will I be doing a long bike ride, I can’t fathom the pain I will be in if I did.

Barb, I hope you had a happy birthday yesterday.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was HURTS

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 1:22. Once again all over the map.

    Heardle in the first second. Recognized artist, got title from suggested songs.

  2. Sal says:

    Wordle in 3. Starter word times. Sorry you won’t be able to ride. You need some of Dr. Chow’s miracle ass cream. :).

    • This is the first time I chafed in my hashing tights. This is also been the worst case of chafing that I have experienced! I thought of that yesterday and laughed. Then I recalled the pain Joe described after putting it on after chafing occurred, and shuddered. Lol

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Sal!!

    Wordle in 4 with the first two words whiffing, so really in 2.

    Friday was my hearing aid fitting- that whole business needs to be deregulated by the FDA. What a bunch of crap. He starts with the most expensive unit, which will cost me $2900 after $4k from my insurance. After not answering my question twice about which one I had, I called him out on it and he admitted it. I said lets start at the bottom and work our way up. The SAME unit he simply re-flashed and put in the lower grade code!!! What a crock. I’ll pick it up Friday for a 30 day trial. I might have to string these guys along for a while.

    After I put Debbie on the big bird to Seattle Saturday, I got out for 17 on the road bike. I was prepared for farther, but I was riding during the hottest part of the day and really felt it.

    Sunday was a scooter ride to breakfast, speed watch the Tour, chores then dinner at Craft and Crust. If you like weird stuff on your pizza and a cracker crust, this is your kind of place. I had a “low country boil” pizza- yes, corn, potatoes, sausage and shrimp- all on a pizza. At least the beer was good.


    • Barb says:

      Steve – where did you go? My dad uses Miracle Ear. We can’t ever change because he (sorta) knows how to work them.

      that pizza place sounds interesting, I like a cracker crust. In Newnan?

      • Steve says:

        If you were to go to exit 51 and turn left (away from EM and HN) after a couple miles you come to an retail area called Thomas Crossroads. Pizza (and the best sushi around) there. Not the same place!

        The hearing aid guy is the audiologist associated with the ENT (who I haven’t seen yet, nor expect to). This product is made by a division of Phonak (remember them?).

    • That’s BS!

      Yeah, that pizza place sounds like the pizza shop equivalent of the Corn House near Barb.

      Speaking of food, I ate vegetarian pizza from Jerusalem Bakery yesterday. It’s the first time I had food from there.

      • Barb says:

        We might need to go back to the Corn House -maybe with Davey someday?
        I had pizza once from Jerusalem Bakery – it was ok – nothing too special. I guess there was no food truck at Schoolhouse?

    • Sal says:

      Hi Steve

  4. Barb says:

    Birthday weekend was good –
    Friday night we went & had oysters for HH (I know, it isn’t a month with an R, but we did it anyway). Went to a comedy show at The Strand (nice old theatre on the Marietta Square). Shoe was free tickets from a friend who couldn’t go, it was entertaining enough, not really my genre of comedian. (really was for an older crowd, very clean easy going jokes, even though I am old now)

    Saturday I did a walk about with Annette, then we found a local guy that actually picks Corn for you after you pay, he doesn’t have it just sitting there waiting for you to buy. And bought tomatoes – as the only ones I have growing are some little cherry’s from Paulie’s volunteers. Colonnade Room Saturday night for dinner with friends – that place is always interesting.

    Birthday Sunday I hurry up & waited for Allan to get his written Captain Test done – he did really well, so that made for a better rest of the day. Oral test is in 3 weeks – and then this saga will be over. He should be in the top 10% of the written test, and I’m sure he will do fine on the oral exam (we know he can talk).
    We went to a revolving sushi place for lunch (sushi only ok, nothing special, but it was fun just picking the small plates we wanted as they went by)
    Dinner was at Scalini’s with friends – they still do the free birthday thing. Good old school place for the 2nd night in a row.

    • Brilliant sounding!

      I may try to go to Red’s Beer Garden on Friday for my birthday beer. If I do it will be my first visit since March!?!? I wonder why it has been so long? Oh yeah…

  5. In from sweating in WLF. Harvested cucumbers and okra, before turning on the sprinklers to give everything a soaking. Anticipating harvesting some eggplant and winter squash in the near future.

  6. David says:

    Heardle in 4 starting with STALK (thanks to Barb was talking about corn). 4 letters in correct positions on the second try, third time from there was the charm.

    I knew the band on Heardle and have seen them in concert but many of their songs sound so generic that I have a hard time placing them. They do put on a great show. I did nail the 70s, 80s, and 90s Heardles all within a couple of tries at most.

    NYT Mini in 1:02.

    Belated happy birthday, Barb!

    36 cycling miles and 8 walking miles this weekend, I’m starting to get back into my groove.

    • I’ve seen today’s Heardle band many times, and one year I saw them perform three times!

      Good exercise! Glad you are able to get out again.

      • David says:

        Dang! No wonder you nailed it one second.

        It is definitely good to be back out there exercising again.

        • This is weird. The third time I saw them that year, 2005, they played with Foo Fighters. I have absolutely no recollection of seeing Foo Fighters that night.

          • David says:

            That is weird, I’ve never seen the Foo Fighters, but it seems like they’d leave an impression on you. I did hear one of their shows from my house when they played at Georgia State Stadium, so I do know their shows are ridiculously loud. I’m a pretty solid mile away from that stadium.

          • Yeah, it surprises me too. I do recall seeing part of their set at Music Midtown in 1996/1997.

          • Steve says:

            David, the wind has to be right for that to happen as well. And the have to be incredibly loud!

            At the old house in EP, if the wind was right, I could hear our very good HS marching band practicing in the mornings or at football games in the evening. More than an air mile away, I’m sure.

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