Wins and losses yesterday.

I made $30 for eating two blueberry bagels — win.

I went to three different Publix stores seeking a ketchup brand for which I have a coupon for a free bottle, but never found it — loss.

I was going to buy a Publix sub for dinner, but the location didn’t have the tofu needed for the sub I wanted to order — loss.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was ROUGH

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  1. NYT Mini Crossword in 45 seconds.

    Heardle in two seconds.

  2. Sal says:

    Wordle in 4 using your word. Too many options for my last letter. Just curious Steve…what were your symptoms that would cause you to go to the ER? I always wonder if I would know if something was wrong. Had a nice time catching up with friends in town from Oregon. He was my boss when I worked for the Forest Service. We are going to the Oregon Georgia game tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Getting Wilma this. morning for the long week-end. She is 24/7 active. A funny little dog. Hope everyone has a great labor day week-end whatever you have planned. Looks like a possibility of rain. At least the dew point and humidity are lower.

  3. Jenka says:

    Steve, how are you feeling today? Diet changes are rough, but it’ll help you stick around!

    Yesterday’s Wordle in 6 using LEAST. Dude, that was rough.

    I’m so glad the temp and humidity have gone down, I absolutely hate the summers down here. Flying up to MA on Sunday morning; on Monday it’s supposed to be 69 degrees! [Insert happy emoji!]

  4. David says:

    I had Wordle in 2 in my grasp starting with CRANE but needed a second attempt on the 5th letter. At least I got in 3 to redeem yesterday’s fail. Mini in 35 seconds, breezy puzzle, would have been less if my fingers weren’t so damn fat.

    Heardle in 2 seconds, you need a second for the song to start and then it’s undeniable.

    I have been working way too hard as of late. That’s the nature of making intricate technical topics understandable for others. I’m looking forward to dialing that back a bit soon. Assuming no rain, I’ll have my first ride of the year on the Silver Comet tomorrow. It will definitely not be my last.

    I get a new set of x-rays on my arm on Tuesday, which will tell me how well the bone has healed. Things feel good, some weakness when I use my arm in certain directions, but over all that accident is starting to fade into the past.

  5. Steve says:

    I haven’t Wordled yet as I’ve been replying to other social media posts.

    A good night, despite the ghouls at 0400 coming for a blood draw. Still a high enzyme, but to be expected considering they have been poking my heart with a sharp stick!

    2 stents installed yesterday. One spot was a for sure narrowing-you know what a “road narrows” sign looks like? That was the picture I was shown. Sal, I just was awakened by the dogs, and couldn’t get back to sleep. My heart was pounding a bit, and considering I was laying flat and had not been exerting myself, had no reason. This was actually the 2nd time in 2 weeks. One night while at the Loews Hotel, something similar. Neither of these were a racing heartbeat. HTH.


    • Jenka says:

      Heh. Every time you use one of those acronyms I have to google them. I thought I was supposed to be the young and hip one?!

    • Barb says:

      Steve – glad you are recovering ok – always fun times trying to sleep in a hospital!!!
      When are tehy predicting you will get sprung?

      • Steve says:

        One more blood draw to check Torporin levels- just spoke with the Cardiology PA, who said the number needs to be lower. Should be sprung today.

    • David says:

      So it would appear that trying to stay on Paulie’s wheel recently pushed you over the edge. 😉 I’m glad you’re doing well. Hang in there! When my wife had procedures in the past it seemed like it took all day to get sprung. When I had my two surgeries this year it felt like they shoved me out the door the second I was off the table.

  6. Really wanted to make today Frideday by going out on the bike this morning, but was beaten by laziness and the higher temp/humidity compared to yesterday. Instead I am toiling and scratching myself up working in WLF. I will need a thorough shower when done. Hopefully the steroids I’ve consumed over the last week will continue to fight any poison ivy I’ve been near today.

  7. Barb says:

    busy work day yesterday, and a whole lot of crap came over after 4pm, and decided to get it all done yesterday instead of this morning. I need to pack & get ready to go to Lake Keowee (SC) for the weekend – I can’t be working too hard today.

    Allan is on a cleaning kick, he always does that before we go out of town.(I do not mind this habit at all)

    Last night walked over to the SLUT hash start, just to say hi. (Indian food is not my favorite, so skipped the end).
    Then Janet (I never know her hash name) and Panties were going to short cut to the end, and decided to come with us back to our house for a beer stop. We took long enough on the deck so I had to drive them back to the hash.

  8. Whiffed on a Curion take-home study. Dangen!

    Got into a different, lower paying, Curion study, but the times available conflict with my dental appointment. Dangen!

  9. Ate the type of lunch you eat when you have a small garden — a fry up with carrot, eggplant, okra, variety of peppers, and leftover bread. The single jalapeño I harvested this morning had quite the kick!

    WLF is becoming a squash farm, many small squash have started to emerge this week. *fingers crossed*

  10. Steve says:


  11. Sweet, tried on a suit I had in my closet and it fits! Now I just have to maintain my weight for the next month…

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