I walked over twelve miles yesterday. You have to love a place whose only hills are the bridges over the interstate. Yesterday’s bridge crossing was less scary since I chose one which had a bike path down its middle, so I couldn’t see how high I was by looking over the side.

I don’t think Google/Apple Maps has a “safety” setting because for the first time in NOLA walking directions took me through a part of town in which I didn’t feel completely safe. I was glad that I was walking in the daytime.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was CARET

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22 Responses to 2022-10-20

  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4 and should have been 3. Mini solved.

    A long day of catch up and meetings, specifically scheduled for my return. I still have another weeks vaca to take, maybe 2. One will get me to where I won’t lose any PTO.

    Rode 35 minutes on the trainer last night. Not a lot of power, but a place to restart. Maybe a run tonight.


  2. Jenka says:

    Good morning! 31 degrees this morning. I thought about getting out my winter coat and then didn’t.

    Today is my Friday because tomorrow we’re flying up to MA to help my dad pack up the house they’ve lived in since 1981. He put it on the market and it sold in 8 days!

    • Barb says:

      I have a space heater here in the office, we still haven’t turned on the heat.

      Had your parents done any decluttering, etc over the years? We try to do a little every time we go to Iowa, my parents have lived in their house since 1963. Luckily, it’s a small house, but I still think we will need a dumpster someday.

      Where is he moving?

    • Good luck with all of that Jenka. I dread the day when my turn to do this arrives.

    • Jenka says:

      Thanks, guys. Yeah, they have done quite a bit of de-cluttering over the years. My mom was an artist with all of the hoarding tendencies associated with that. They tackled her art studio a few years ago when she got too sick to paint anymore. So really this weekend will be about picking out the things I want to keep. But I’m sure, after 41 years, there is still a ton of stuff that needs to be gotten rid of.

      My dad is going to have an apartment in the same facility that my grandmother (his mother) was in; he’s been visiting her and my great-aunt (gram’s sister who is still there and is 104) since they moved there in 2005, and he likes the place.

  3. Barb says:

    I get to go find out about getting my crowns today – this implant saga might be over is about 1 years time! Original surgery to pull the 2 teeth was Dec 21st. I should add up how much this all cost someday & what insurance even paid (its been pennies) – I just wonder many times if my dental insurance premium even saves me any money.
    I guess I ought to shower today 😉

    Made some white chicken chili last night – Allan has decided he has to buy a rotisserie chicken every time he goes to Sam’s. Weather was perfect for some chili. Sal joined us after she got done working.

    We really need to get around to watching Survivor, oout schedules just don’t seem to jive these days. (& Allan & I need to start Amazing Race)

  4. David says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with CUPID. I think a big part of my previous Wordle frustration stemmed from banging my head against the wall. Now if I get stuck I just close the app and come back later, and let it roll around in my head.

  5. Hello from Buc-ee’s in lower Alabama! Stopped for gas, and my first meal of today. It’s another meat day! Oy!

    Traveling as far as Tallahassee (BOO!) today, so I am allowing myself this high-caloric “brunch” and dinner later.

  6. I am finally getting email notifications for comments left two days ago. Ugh.

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 4 starting with LEAST.

    Rude awakening this morning with Ollie hurling gobs of deer meat that he feasted on overnight. He ejected a bunch, but there was still a ton in his very distended belly. Fortunately no bones, so he didn’t need surgery. His discharge orders were to lay around and digest… that sounds like a good day in my book!

    Work drama remains over the top. It’s a case study on how NOT to do a leadership transition. Unfortunately, it’s to the point of getting ugly and personal. Life is too short for this shit.

  8. Barb says:

    word of warning – save all your pennies if you ever need to get implants.
    Dental insurance doesn’t cover much of anything.
    Just got the molds done for my crowns – hopefully in 2 weeks this almost year long saga will be over. Another big AmEx bill – at least I’m getting lots of frequent flier miles for all this – some day we will be flying first class somewhere!!!

    • David says:

      Ugh, I hear you. I’m hopefully getting my braces off by Christmas. I was fearing that I would then have some massive round of restorative work, but based upon my last dental appointment, perhaps not since my teeth will be finally properly aligned. If I do have to have major work, I’m going to look at getting it done outside of the US. I know a couple of people that do this. I can learn enough Spanish to communicate what I need, or hire a local interpreter.

  9. Hello from Tallahassee! Have a feeling my mode of transportation will not be my feet today.

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