Late start to my day due to a good night’s sleep. Plan to vote this morning.

Had to Wordle on my iPad this morning because while I thought I was updating my iPhone to iOS 16 last night, it happily sat on the T&C acceptance screen all night long and did nothing.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was ANGLE

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  1. When I left for my trip I had no internet. While I was gone it was restored. To my surprise the ITP Estate never lost power. I have been home less than a day and I have just lost power and am trying to get all of my devices connected to the internet. Ugh.

    • David says:

      I hope your day turns around. Wordle in 6, Mini in 46.

      I’m leading a virtual presentation in London today to promote my book. It certainly won’t be like being there, but it’s a big deal for me.

      • Thanks. All connected to internet again, but phone is exhibiting weird touch screen problems which must be associated with the new iOS. Hope it is an anomaly.

        Good luck with your presentation.

      • Barb says:

        Wordle is 4, Mini in 1:18. (I’m so good at typing in the wrong square, so I have to back up & that takes too much time)

        Vitual presentation in London, shouldn’t you be doing that now? Or is it an evening thing over there?

  2. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4, Mini under 2.

    A quiet evening last night, only interrupted by me cooking dinner. Blackened Cajun chicken with potatoes and broccoli. And a herb sauce with sour cream and pistachios! Not bad…

    What little rain we got was certainly welcome, but it wasn’t even wet under the bigger trees on the main road. We could use a nice soaker. My freshly seeded pastures need water.


  3. And the power just went off and on again. In addition to being very bad for electronics, this does not please me.

    • Steve says:

      WTF, O? Even in the country, we don’t have that issue. It’s been dropping briefly every now and again, and each time it does I have to reset my Keurig, but not so much other electronics. Are they doing much construction around you?

      Time for a little UPS..

    • And again! It seems that I am on the edge of a known outage, but WTF!?!?

      Some devices are in UPSs. The router’s UPS battery died recently and I need to by a new one (battery or UPS). The TV electronics are not, but that may change soon.

    • Modem/Router is plugged directly into AT&T’s UPS. Looks as if I can replace the battery, now to find a suitable replacement.

  4. Barb says:

    We went to see Black Adam last night, a superhero movie (DC comics) and it was ok. Allan really liked it, but he really knows his comics. I play along, as I will make him go to a movie of my choice someday.

  5. Jenka says:

    We went to what used to be Harry & Sons, and is now Ocean Wave, for dinner. They are owned by the same people who own Surin so the food is the same. But better sushi.

    I watched a limited series (why did they stop calling them miniserieses?) on Netflix called “From Scratch” and it is a real tearjerker. It’s kind of dumb and obvious, but it’s a beautiful and sad story. Definitely not for people who don’t like emotional stories, Kevin didn’t watch it with me but the bits he saw he didn’t like.

    • Barb says:

      I might have to check that “miniseries” out!
      I’m watching some college kids show on Hulu today called Tell Me Lies. I’m on episode 5, there is 10 to watch.

      I get to go to the dermatologist at 4 today -just a check up- always a good time.

  6. Headed to vote. Plan to cycle to polling location changed to car since I will now be headed to Lowe’s to buy a UPS for my entertainment system. Those are far too bulky and heavy to put into a backpack.

    • Back from voting and Lowe’s. Thought about shopping at Best Buy, but their post-COVID hours have them opening at 11am, which is a dealbreaker for me.

      UPS for entertainment system purchased and installed.
      UPS battery for modem ordered from Amazon.

      Apparently power went out again while I was out. Ugh.

  7. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with SALET. Mini in :50

    It seemed like it had rained plenty when a wet dog jumped on the bed! George has figured out getting on the bed now and that’s not a good thing. Hopefully, the one dog on the bed rule doesn’t end up like the two-dog limit rule.

    Today I have the chiropractor appointment that I booked two months ago. Glad to finally get in and hopefully she works some magic. The new bed has helped tremendously, but my back is still jacked.

    Hope your presentation goes well David! That is a big deal!

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