I hope everyone had a lovely weekend/Christmas. I’m not back ITP yet, so I am also hoping the Grinch didn’t visit the ITP Estate and freeze its pipes. I did keep the heat on, and left the bathroom tub dripping…

Unfortunately Santa didn’t bring me “Wordle in One” as I asked, instead yesterday’s answer took me five guesses.

And even more unfortunately I FAILED to solve today’s Wordle, my starter was IDEAL

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  1. The irony of starting with IDEAL and ending with an outcome that is less than IDEAL does not escape me.

    • David says:

      I trust you also see the irony of this post… 😉

      Wordle in 6 starting with CRANE. I had a Wordle fail on Saturday.

      Yesterday was one of my best Christmases on record, partly because I had way more control over the day than I have in decades. And thanks to the wonders of therapy, the fairly newfound ability to enjoy the day as well.

      My ten day tenure of sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor ends today between 10:45 and 12:45. Hallelujah.

      Safe travels back, Paulie. Watch your speed. The po-po were out in force yesterday but granting Christmas miracles for speeders like me on the way to/from Carrollton. I’m sure it was a one-day amnesty.

  2. The Wheels of Time took another of the restaurants at which I used to eat. Since I was a kid the Chatterbox Family Restaurant has been open inside Dunedin Lanes. The restaurant became one of the places I could take my mother to eat breakfast. Yesterday I found out the restaurant closed a few weeks ago, due to the retirement of its owner, after 48 years of being in business.

  3. Barb says:

    Good weekend here, Friday we did some Beef Wellington prep, so Saturdays dinner was much less stressful. Did a little running around during the day, then just prepped for dinner. Had 5 people join us for dinner Saturday night, it was a great dinner.
    Yesterday met Davey, Chris & Sal for a hike at Constitution Lakes, then lunch & beers at Red’s. Red’s was packed, it was crazy.
    Today, soon, we are heading to Waffle House for some breakfast.

  4. Steve says:

    MF! Even knowing you guys had problems didn’t help. Whiff.

    No water to start Christmas Eve. My 100w lightbulb got replaced with a small space heater and a little more insulation to make an airtight seal and all was flowing again. Lots of friends with busted pipes in barns. Glad I designed in some way to drain ours.

    A quiet Christmas Day. Watched movies, opened gifts, played with our new toys.

    Today (Boxing Day) is a high holy day in the fox hunt, but when the ground is so hard it’s dangerous to ride, it gets postponed until Wednesday. I’ll be “working from home” so might participate a little.

    Word to your mother.


  5. David says:

    It’s good to have a real bed again…

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