The plant version of Dr Kevorkian is at it again, as I managed to kill four squash plants by transplanting them on Saturday. I either purchased a bag of soil which has something bad in it, or more likely I am drowning the transplants by giving them too much water upon putting them into their new homes. Either way, it’s distressing.

What an interesting weekend. Saturday was a literal washout as the 1.5” of rainfall throughout the day kept me indoors until I drove to Ponce City Market to meet up for a wonderful, and extremely filling, meal at Tasty China.

Though noticeably sunnier and chillier yesterday a good group rode Silver Comet, and had a lovely Easter brunch afterward. Thanks to Barb I had a post-ride t-shirt as I forgot to pack a change of shirts. I wore the shirt all day, including back to her house were she, Sal, and I caught up on Survivor.

Another busy week lies ahead. I’m trying not to be discouraged by the current weather forecast for the upcoming weekend.

Yesterday I didn’t go with my gut and guess SNAFU for my third guess, thus getting Wordle four attempts. Today I did go with my gut and guessed what I thought was the obvious and correct answer, thus getting today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was IRATE.

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  1. After realizing that none of the seeds I have planted in the house in the past three weeks have germinated I am starting to wonder if it’s the soil in addition to my watering. *Something* should have sprouted from the fifty or so seeds for different vegetables that I sowed!

  2. Steve Brady says:

    Wordle in 4.

    Sitting on the big bird with a stop in Dallas before landing in LA. Checking off 3 airports this trip, Love Field, Ontario, and Austin.

    Paris Roubaix was nothing but excitement. And as a friend pointed out, a QR wheel would have made the difference on that flat after the crash.

    Cue the PP&M….


  3. Barb says:

    I’m trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, I’m hungry.
    After all that food at brunch yesterday I didn’t really eat any dinner.
    The ride wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be – I wasn’t really over dressed, so I’m glad about that. Glad Betsy & Lynette joined us too – it was fun riding with Betsy & good to catch up with her.

    All caught up on Survivor – so we have a few weeks until we “have” to gather again.

  4. Barb says:

    David – 32 seconds on the mini – that was a nice surprise!
    Wordle – not so good – took me all 6.

    • David says:

      Whoa! Go Barb!!! Mini in 27 for me. 😉 Wordle in 6 though. At LEAST I didn’t fail!

      We had a lovely weekend at the lake. I learned that Wedowee, Alabama is named after an Indian chief. ‘Murica! Bulldoze shit and then name it after what used to be there. Oh well.

      I literally played lumberjack yesterday. Over the winter a bunch of major tree branches and tree trunks got snared in the dock. It was a literal log jam. My MIL Claire was concerned because beavers seize on opportunities like that to build a dam and start felling trees to further their goals. I saw the logs on Friday and thought well that’s a giant mess, I wouldn’t know where to start. I wanted to help but didn’t know how. Yesterday Claire showed how she finds a hefty stick and uses it to pole the limbs away from the dock so they they can float further down the lake. We started picking at things and had some small success. We kept at it and ultimately I got everything freed, including a tree trunk that was at least 2 feet around and stuck completely under the dock. Another piece of free was 20 feet long. Fortunately the water is deep under the dock so it was a matter of tipping the branch vertically to get it unstuck. It was all a lot like untying a stubborn knot. Claire was so appreciative.

      I let my daughter drive home yesterday. Baby’s first road trip behind the wheel. She has a new appreciation for how tiring driving can get. She did great though.

      The little town of Wedowee is like time travel. We found soda machines outside of a grocery store where the sodas are still 50 cents. I had an RC Cola for the first time in decades. That was always my parents soda of choice. One of the offerings was Dr. Wham, which I had never heard of but that tickled my son Lucas to no end. My daughter’s friend Emmie had some ones so she gave is $3 to use. I let Lucas pick what he wanted. The RC machine wouldn’t take our last dollar so I showed Lucas how to put it into an adjacent machine and then push the coin return button to get 4 quarters back. He said “That’s GENIUS!”

      It rained all day Saturday but that didn’t hinder us. We had great weather Friday and Sunday. My wife never liked going to the lake, but the kids and I had a blast and we’ll be going back soon.

      I hate that I missed out on TC but hopefully I can make the next one.

      • Barb says:

        Sounds like a way to keep busy all day yesterday – but excellent job getting all those branches un-stuck.

        All the soda machines I’ve seen recently are at least a $1.50 – how fun to find a drink for 50 cents!

        And – so I don’t have to google – what is Dr Wham?

        • David says:

          You know, I’ve unwound so many logjams in my head that those physical logs didn’t stand a fucking chance. 😉 It was maybe an hour of work. Once I figured out the pattern, which was to basically pull out one piece at a time, kind of like untying a knot, and then use a heavy branch to push the logs down in the water to get them to move a little, things started flowing. I don’t day drink any more, but I did have a much deserved beer after competing that task.

          Our consensus was Dr. Wham tastes like watery Dr. Pepper. Speaking of Dr. Pepper, my daughter snagged the only four pack of Dr. Pepper at the grocery store in Wedowee that had cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Now that was a good Dr. Pepper. The equivalent of a Mexican Coke. But yes, it was a lot of fun finding a 50 cent soda machine. I am so glad that I am able to show my kids how to enjoy simple pleasures in life.

        • Jenka says:

          When I was in college in upstate New York in the 90s they had Mr. Pibb as the alternative to Dr. Pepper. That always cracked me up.

  5. Jenka says:

    Geez David, that sounds like a LOT of work!

    I had a great three day weekend. Friday we sat on the patio at Pure for a while and it was nice, and then within like a 30 minute span the temperature dropped 15 degrees. We were all wearing t-shirts and were freezing, so we paid up and went home. Saturday Finn’s Buddy Baseball game was cancelled due to rain (YES! heh) so we had the morning off, then went to Madison Yards to see the Super Mario movie. I thought the movie was incredibly violent and disturbing, but all the other parents think it is fine. Hmm? Yesterday was totally pajama day, we ordered food in. Finn goes to his mother’s house today after 12 days with us, thank the sweet merciful sunflower.

    The traffic was really nice last week due to all the school districts being on spring break. Back to normal today.

    • Barb says:

      we were outside on my deck Friday evening – It got cold quick. We have plenty of jackets to share with our friends, so we were able to keep hanging out.

    • David says:

      It was a lot of work, and it felt like an insurmountable task at first, but it all came together. I’m glad that the kids were able to see that the way forward on something like that is to just jump into the job, and keep working at it. As I made more progress, I was to the point of “Oh hell no, I’m not leaving any of these fucking logs in place!” My MIL is 82 and widowed, so she really appreciated the assist. She is definitely showing me how to age well. She was duckwalking under her house last week, pulling out lumber that appeared to be termite bait. Those logs and branches were a bridge too far for her though.

      I experienced one of those 15 degree temperature drops at Fellini’s a couple of weeks ago. It’s no fun!

  6. Barb, I ate a very small dinner after getting home last night.

    Sounds like everyone had a different, yet interesting weekend.

    Doing some WLF choring this morning. I intended to make a fire, it it’s breezy this morning and didn’t wish to have to call 911 for setting the neighborhood ablaze. Will break for lunch, shower, and transition to other chores which are on today’s agenda.

    • David says:

      Yeah, best not to be like Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Good on ya.

      • Jenka says:

        Don’t worry, Atlanta will rise again. Too soon?

        • David says:

          Mrs. O’Leary lived in Chicago. 😉 It was Sherman that torched Atlanta, although later there probably was some dude burning shit in his back yard when a huge swath of Old Fourth Ward went up in flames. 😉

    • Barb says:

      Allan is outside pressure washing the deck – its a little on the cold side, not sure I’d want to be dealing with all that water today.

      Tammy came by to get her bike – Allan gave her a little instruction on how to shift so she won’t have the problem she’s be having. Hopefully she will get the hang of what he said to do.

  7. steve says:

    Waiting at Love Field for the next hop. Tried to check my email from the iPhone and the app isn’t pulling in new emails, so had to fire up the laptop.

    Delta has one gate here, so I guess you really have to piss someone off to get assigned here. I’m flying SW, but the Delta gate had plenty of seats.

    Airport full of Master’s patrons. All hauling their new green swag. Spoke with a young guy and asked if he had stayed to the end and he had. Drove to Atlanta to spend the night and be up at the buttcrack of dawn for a flight.

    Glad y’alls Easter ride was fun. I was going to ride the trainer last night after the Masters coverage, but she threw some last minute chores at me- apparently we are hosting a VERY pregnant mare while the owners go on vacation. And horses prefer to birth out in the pasture, instead of the barn? Who knew??


  8. Just about to wrap up my morning activities when I remembered that I wanted to wash off yesterday’s Silver Comet filth from my bike. It’s all clean now, drying off in the sunshine.

  9. Major out-of-house chore done, “rewarding” myself at Midway Pub.

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