What do you call a meatloaf that isn’t baked in a loaf pan, a meatslab? On Saturday I experimented making a meatslab in the air fryer by placing it in an 8″x8″ that could fit inside the air fryer. The result? Quite a tasty slab of (fake) meat whose only negatives were cooking it a little hot and charring the glaze, which I made with a little too much mustard. Would I do it again? Absolutely, especially since by baking it in the air fryer I didn’t fill the kitchen with heat as I would have had I baked it in my ancient gas oven. With a piece or my meatslab I ate some WLF potatoes and green beans.

Yesterday’s dinner was salad alongside a zucchini casserole which featured two of the zucchini that I harvested from WLF.

On Saturday I also made my first batch of pickles for 2023.

We are supposed to get a lot of rain this week. I am hoping to harvest some tomatoes, even if they are green, at week’s end.

I wish companies would stop sending me emails referring to the products I looked at on there website without buying anything. It creeps me out thinking about the amount of tracking that occurs without my consent. I’m looking at you, REI.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was PLACE.

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  1. Barb says:

    My sister & I survived the way too long roadtrip to iowa.
    We started out good, took the Tollercoaster (peach pass lane) & bypassed much of the NW metro traffic. We made it to Decherd, TN in about 3 hours (should be 2.5 or less, but Chattanooga had horrible traffic on I-24. Great time catching up with my cousin, she has developed quite the TN southern accent after about 30 years.

    Saturday we went way out of our way to Crossville, TN to have lunch with my aunt & uncle, then thru Nashville, to Metropolis, IL for a photo op at the Superman statue. Tried to go to Stacy’s recommendation of a restaurant in Sikeston, MO where they throw dinner rolls at you, but it was still an hour wait at 7pm. No alcohol at this restaurant, so we decided to not wait & headed to Cape Girardeau for a cheap hotel & some dinner.
    Sunday we stopped in Hannibal, MO for lunch, had an internet rumored best pork tenderloin sandwich, it was pretty good. Got to Cedar Rapids about 2:30, just in time to drive thru town in a really good monsooning rainstorm.

    So -we are here for the next couple weeks. Wish me luck….. 😉

    • Good luck! Yesterday I may have committed to another Florida “vacation” in mid/late July.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      Yay for the headless Superman! I’m still giggling.

      • Hello stranger! Good to virtually see you again.

      • David says:

        Hey, Stacy! My lurking days are long behind me. Thankfully!

      • Barb says:

        Stacy – Connie did it by accident – I’m like – SAVE IT!!! – I need to send it to Stacy!
        Very sad our detour to the throwed rolls didn’t happen.

        • David says:

          Barb, the Throwed Rolls place is called Lambert’s. There’s one in Foley, Alabama, north of Gulf Shores. There is *ALWAYS * a line out the door. Always. There’s a reason. The food is good, there’s the throwed rolls, and there’s another dimension that I won’t spoil for anyone that happens to want to go there. Talk about a place having a license to print money…

  2. Sally says:

    Week-end uneventful. Worked on Saturday and hashed on Sunday. Big group of hashers and a decent trail. Dog sitting til Wednesday. This is the first dog I’ve had that hates the loud storms which, of course, we had last night. One of the loudest storms I’ve heard!!! Ended up sleeping on the couch with her as she is also afraid to walk down halls to my room. Finally got the correct front tire to my bike back…but it’s wider than the tire that was on there. Need to figure out how to widen the brakes so it will fit. U-tube I suppose will give me the answer. Need to locate an Allen Wrench or just wait for Allen to get back from his camping/biking trip. 🙂 Hope all the dads celebrated their day yesterday in style!

    • Sally says:

      Oh yeah…wordle in 5 starting with STORM.

    • Barb says:

      I missed some story here – what happened to your front tire?

      Mende went & camped with Allan last night, (he’s on the way to Columbia to get his kid moved) & its raining this morning. So – my guess is the ride if off & Allan will read his book most of the day.

      • Sally says:

        Apparently a few years back on BRAG, Marty’s and my front tires got switched. Noticed it on BRAG this year. Never noticed that my front and back tires were different. hahahaha. Hanging out by the lake reading a book isn’t a bad way to spend the day.

      • It was discovered during BRAG that Marty’s and Sal’s bikes apparently had rims swapped. You could tell by the spoke patterns.

    • I know that area you hashed yesterday very well, it’s where Surly, someone else, and I laid a Black Sheep a few years back. I accidentally opened Strava last night and saw where it was, and how many people I know did trail.

  3. Collected some of the 1” of rain water which fell. I am allowing myself to work a jigsaw puzzle until 9:30, at which time I need to move onto something else.

  4. Steve says:

    Wordle fail! And there were problems yesterday with SHYLY, so I’m not surprised.

    Tanner got out again, this time going OVER the fence! A gate got shut between the front and back pastures and he freaked out. We know this as there’s a spot on the fen line where he knocked loose the top wire and we saw his landing hoof prints.

    When I got back from my ride yesterday, I let the dogs out and George and Fig went on walkabout. We think they were somewhere across the road and only came home when it started to pour. I was still out on my bike looking for them so I got soaked!

    Debbie took great care of me for Father’s Day with pancakes for breakfast and sous vide pork chops for dinner. Still stuffed.

    Back to the grind tomorrow. This is the longest non-bike race vacation I’ve ever taken.


  5. David says:

    Man, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. I took took the Tollercoaster Friday night, and was grateful to head east because the way to Chattanooga was jammed up. Which reminds, did y’all hear about that new movie Constipation? No? That’s because it never came out. 😉 That one made the cut for the best dad joke that I saw yesterday.

    I landed in Knoxville at 10:15. The front desk clerk graciously upgraded me to the 18th floor. I didn’t know the significance at the desk but it the top floor of the hotel with some extra amenities and an excellent view of the river. At 10:30 I started trying to figure out dinner but quickly realized every place closed at 11, except for a brewpub a 1/2 mile away open until midnight. I had a chicken bacon mac & cheese that was totally my jam, and an excellent taster size banana pudding

    Saturday was walking around on my own, lunch and hiking with Debra, and then an hour of downtime before my 40th high school reunion. It was just as stilted and awkward as I expected but it was important to me to be in the room. Debra and I hung together some, and I was content to people watch. It was some definite feedback on how well I feel that I’m aging. I reconnected with my best friend Rem who I haven’t seen since 1992. He looked for me at the last reunion, so that was particularly great.

    Sunday Debra and I rode 14 miles, which is her longest ride yet. She has had a years long recovery from being rear-ended in her car. Last year a therapist helped her discover that her chronic pain cycles were being caused by her brain guarding against…chronic pain cycles. We are such our own worst enemies sometimes. It was a fantastic ride and I gave her a bunch of pointers, like quit stopping at your usual bench in the sun, there’s a shady picnic table over there. 🙂 Getting her to take her helmet and gloves off during breaks helped her too.

    We closed out the afternoon with well deserved pizza and beer, her husband joined us. Then an uneventful sprint back to ATL. On to the salt mine!

    I’m letting Wordle fester. I have two letters after my second attempt.

    Oh, and I now I get to feel your pain, Paulie. Some bandit stole my first almost ripe tomato. Fortunately there are plenty of reinforcements en route. My “main” plant keeps reaching for the sky and may be 9’ tall now.

    • Bummer about the tomato! For whatever reason neither critter nor bird has discovered my blackberry “bush” and I just ate a handful of lush, fat blackberries. So satisfying.

      Transferred more water to a rain barrel. Funny, I have yet to position the rain barrel I made in May, so it still sits empty.

    • Steve says:

      David, I always find HS reunions awkward. You’re certainly not the person you were then, but unless you keep up with your classmates via social media, that’s their only point of reference.

      • David says:

        Thanks, Steve. I had a graduating class of 535 or something, so there’s that too. I accomplished everything I hoped for and then some. It’s all good.

        • Steve says:

          Our class was 162. While most went from 1st grade all the way up, I only joined in 8th grade, as I switched from parochial school to public. I knew very few others when I started. Add to that being a shy kid, and HS was tough at times.

          • David says:

            Amen to high school being a tough time! I’ve flipped the script in my head. Apart from a dude who plays Ace Frehley in a KISS cover band, I had the longest hair on a male in the room. That alone was worth it, because my father took me to the barber shop for a fresh high and tight any time my hair got remotely near a length were I might be comfortable with it.

      • I’ve never gone to a HS reunion. I would have this year, but never heard about it, assuming it’s happening at all.

        • Barb says:

          My 40th reunion is Thursday (roller skating, if I choose to attend, I really don’t want to fall & break anything 😉
          Then Friday just a bar with a band (all just pay as you go) downtown – I think an uber will cost me about $15 each way, or maybe I can get 1 of my relatives to come get me.
          Saturday is the official dinner (just heavy buffet apps), at an event space. They are charging $40 – seemed like a good #. We had only 150 in our graduating class, I think we have jsut under 100 rsvp’d, but I’m not sure how many of those might be spouses. – I’ve keep up with enough on social media – it should be just fine.
          I do think Friday will be the better party.

          • David says:

            Most of my local friends wouldn’t go to their high school reunion to save their life, which I understand. I mean hell, it took me 40 years… 😉 I’m glad that someone in my class too the initiative to orchestrate it.

        • Just tried googling, found out about the reunion ten years ago…

          • Sally says:

            My 50th class reunion is next year. Wonder if anyone has anything in the works. Not that I would go. lol

  6. Filling lunch comprised of leftovers done. Now to start cleaning house.

  7. Huh. I had my emissions test done last week because I thought I had received my tag renewal in the mail. I intended to renew my tag tomorrow, but I didn’t find the letter in my mail stack, so I think what I thought was my tag renewal was really my property tax assessment.

    This being a Federal holiday means that it won’t be delivered today either.

    • David says:

      For what it’s worth I received my tag renewal last week. And the notice that my fucking property taxes are getting jacked again. But the assessment is still below market value so I don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Barb says:

      I got my tag letter probably 2 weeks ago, but I’m Cobb county. Your emissions are done – now you just need to get the letter & pay the $20.
      Our house assessment went WAY UP, but its closer to market value – so no need to bitch (well, we can still bitch a little, but not too much.)

    • Hmmm, now I am curious whether or not I did receive the renewal. Dangen!

      I could try going online, or perhaps go to a Kroger and use the kiosk. If memory serves me right I think I could renew using my driver’s license last year and didn’t need the letter?

      • David says:

        The Kroger kiosk is kind of a crap shoot, sometimes it doesn’t recognize the letter as being valid. I remember having a hassle last year but I left with my tags. I just don’t remember the particulars, but I think I did accomplish the purchase by using my license.

        • According to the Georgia DMV:

          Simply scan the barcode on your renewal notice or type your license plate number and the last four digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the touchscreen.

          • David says:

            Oh nice. It was the bar code scanner that wasn’t working on the machine last year. I remember now.

  8. Barb says:

    Paulie – Allan is over at Petersburg, you could go throw your tent on his site & hang at the lake with him.
    I think he is riding with Steve today, but it was raining this morning, so they may be just sitting around bullshitting at this point – who knows? He hasn’t answered my text – so maybe they are riding. Petersburg trails don’t really have the rules of a SORBA trail, so they may be riding just there at the campground.

  9. After being annoyed with Amazon inconsistency regarding delivery dates I have just cancelled all of my product subscriptions.

    I may wind up paying more for the six items for which I used to have subscriptions, but at least I will know that I will be I possession of them on the date on which I purchase them.

    • David says:

      Yes, I had the same experience and cancelled all of my subscriptions a while back.

      • Barb says:

        I’ve never used a subscription part of Amazon.

        • Seemed like a good idea. Save 5%, schedule the frequency of delivery, set and forget. However, Amazon has not handled delivery of items well, and the price changes and your order goes in at the market price.

          My deliveries seem to correspond to when I am not here to get them, and since they aren’t delivering as scheduled I simply have had enough.

  10. Barb says:

    its just a barrel of laughs here with the parents……. just sayin……

    1 example – mom had on 1 pair of shoes – because the aqua part matched her capris. Then – decided the black part was too dark for summer – so she had to find different shoes. This whole process took bout 30 minutes. At least Dad doesn’t care what he’s wearing

  11. David says:

    Wordle in 5.

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