I’m contemplating riding the Wilson 100, well no more than the Wilson 80, this year on September 9th. This year the start and end of the race is at Towerhouse Farm Brewery in Gay, GA. Of course my calendar shows that September 10th we are riding Silver Comet, so that will factor into my decision.

I solved today’s Wordle in six attempts; my starter today was ROAST.

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  1. I failed at Connections today. I managed to identify two groups of four, but couldn’t suss out the other two.

  2. Sally says:

    For two days now, your entries have been short. How will I get my entertainment for the day? Wordle in 4 starting with Cleat. Almost didn’t get Connections. Had 3 mistakes. Did you ride last night? It was so dang humid. Had a decent run at the mountain. Saw so many deer including a tiny one with all its spots. So cute!!! You should come join us one night. Walkers welcome! :). Nils brought ice cold watermelon. I would love to ride the Wilson 100, but I’ll be in Maine. I do need to get on the bike before October!!! Finally went to Home Depot and picked up a gallon of Kilz so I can prep my front room to paint. Not going to be a fun room to paint with all the trim. It’s Happy Hour Wednesday!

    • I did. Ride last night. It was HOT. After riding we sat around and celebrated We
      You crushed me in both games today. *applause*

      We did ride last night and afterwards celebrated Stan’s birthday with cupcakes and beer. I did a careless thing and put my wet jersey into my shoe bag. Why? I had hung it on the bike after riding, but convince myself that was a bad idea. Naturally when I couldn’t find it anywhere at home I assumed that I drove off with it hanging on the bike, even though I thought that I had taken it off the bike, and I drove all the way back to Meltons looking for it on the road. When I couldn’t locate it, I decided it was lost (hey, that’s my one declutter!) and when I went to put my shoe bag away discovered the jersey. *face palm*

      I may join you all one day. I will be a walker.

  3. Darn it, I just scared off the hawk from WLF by opening the basement door.

  4. Since I scared the hawk I went outside for a minute. I harvested a yellow squash I didn’t know was out there. The pepper plants are going gangbusters, so I will have to harvest their bounty later.

  5. Barb says:

    My Apple Carplay has stopped working in my car, so I tried deleting my phone and now I can’t get it to re-install. I am so not a good tech person somedays. I’ve googled it – gone thru some of the online support documents – I can’t figure it out. It isn’t a bluetooth hookup – I have to use a USB powercord. I’ve tried a different cord. Do I go back to the dealership & ask them for help? or what??? It’s very aggravating. I’m so used to having my maps.
    I’m just whining……..

    • Bummer Barb. Unfortunately I can’t suggest anything since I have never owned a car with CarPlay. The M6 was produced just before that technology was affordable.

    • Bob says:

      Barb do you ever have problems where you plug your phone and it doesn’t charge? Check your charging port, you may have some debris in there that is blocking the connection to the cord you use to connect to the car. Every now and then I will get pocket lint in the port and need to clear it out with a toothpick.

  6. Barb says:

    wordle in 6 – who knew there were so many words with those 4 letters at the end.
    Connections – FAIL
    Mini – couldn’t get that done quick either.
    Oh well………..

  7. David says:

    Wordle in 5. It could have been as few as 3 for the want of the first letter.

    Great evening with porch drinks at 7 at my house with friends and then pool time at 9 at my friend David’s house. We haven’t caught up all summer so it was great. I then spent 2 hours starting at 11:15 responding to non-work emails and messages. It was a cool experience that was new to me.

    I told a number of friends yesterday that I feel like up to this point my life has been like the storm scene in the Wizard of Oz. I have weathered the storm and am now living in Technicolor.

    Oh, Jenka, I cracked the code on the junior high carpool. The answer is “same as it ever was”, meaning Moreland to Fairview, left on Springdale, right on South Ponce, and now left on Oakdale. Drop one kid, loop around again and drop the other. Apart from waiting out the light at Oakdale/Ponce to turn left, I am back to where I was. I knew I would crack the code and I have. I did have to rule out every other possible route first.

    • By the time I had the last four letters in place I was on my fifth guess.

    • David says:

      The two hours I spent emailing and messaging was at a table in Grant Park in the dark. That’s what made it a new experience for me. My sleep was way shittier than normal last night. C’est la vie.

    • Jenka says:

      So you’re taking a left onto Ponce from Oakdale, then a right onto Springdale and around to the north? Better to drop your daughter at Springdale and S. Ponce and let her walk the extra block, it’ll save you a lot of time.

      • David says:

        I’m taking a right out of the Junior High building, then left on Springdale, and left on South Ponce, which brings me right back around to the school. It takes less than a minute, so there’s no need to make her walk. The carpool on the main campus is much different now because junior high is across the street, so there’s a lot fewer cars. Lucas has to on his side of Ponce at 8:15 and Rachel’s classes don’t start until 8:30. I have it dialed in, I’m basically right back to where I was with regard to total time spent driving.

  8. Bob says:

    I’m surprised you rode yesterday, it was hot as hell! I was at big creek taking care of a couple downed trees and I was melting. Granted I was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt which didn’t help.

  9. Jenka says:

    We went to a mano for dinner last night ( with the whole lowercase letter thing, it’s so pretentious). The food and service were great as usual, however they put us on the porch which, even with the ceiling fan at high speed, was ridiculously hot. So we did not dawdle, we had our meal and went home. Halfway through the fourth and final season of Barry. Kevin likes it more than I do, but it’s a good show.

    I just want you all to know that when and if I turn 60 there will be a lot more than a celebratory bike ride. That said, I am re-thinking my plans for my 50th.

    • Jenka says:

      Heh. That was supposed to be (*sigh* with the whole lowercase letter thing…) but the software skipped the *sigh* part because I used . Stupid software! (Stupid me, really, I should’ve known it would be confused by HTML.)

    • Hopefully we’ll all be around and healthy when *you* turn sixty, Jenka. It will be awhile…

      • David says:

        I assure you that I will be alive and kicking. A silver lining for spending so much of my life in suspended animation.

        • One assumes. At our age we can make no guarantees.

          • David says:

            I have two thoughts on that. One is an accounting concept known as “going concern theory”, in which audited financials assume that a business will continue on in perpetuity unless disclosed otherwise. Granted, I can’t continue on in perpetuity, not that I would want to. However, my father is 82, and I feel like that gives me solid odds at making it past Jenka’s 60th. So, I’m a) applying the going concern theory to myself, and b) doing some intention setting. Some people call it manifestation. Some people think it’s a bunch of woo-woo, but time and again my intention setting abilities prove to be a super power, so much so that I have to be careful what I ask for, because at points stuff I shouldn’t have asked for did indeed land in my lap. So, that’s my take on things.

          • I don’t know how many years until Jenka’s 60th. My father made it to almost 74, my mother is at 93, my brother is currently 74. Perhaps this means I have at least another sixteen years, perhaps it means nothing at all since we are a unique mixture of genetics. YMMV

            For instance, a medical condition can sprout at any time in life. Last Spring (2022) I never would have assumed that I would be battling something that first started occurring last May. Hell, I could be carried off by the hawk some day.

          • David says:

            True, and with that said, I could have been mauled by a mother bear the week before last. She was literally 8 feet from me. I stared her down. It’s what I do now, stare shit down. I don’t blink any more. As the line from The Shawshank Redemption goes, “get busy living or get busy dying.” I plan to be way to busy living to think about dying.

          • Jenka says:

            Paulie, you three July people are exactly 10 years older than I. So when I turn 60 you all will be turning 70.

          • Okay, I’ll do my best to be there to help you celebrate. 🙂

          • David says:

            Jenka is a Gen-Xer just like us. 🙂

    • Barb says:

      So Jenka – what was the 50th plan that you are rethinking?

      And – Stan also had a hash on Monday for his actual birthday. 😉

      • I’m well aware of that. I walked to his beer stop and intended to stay, until I saw someone around whom I no longer wish to be. I left because I knew we’d celebrate last night.

      • Jenka says:

        Well, for the last couple of years I’ve been planning a luxury train ride across Scotland. But now that it’s getting time to actually book it I finally did some research. Scotland is not that big, so it’s not like we will be traveling through the Scottish countryside all day. It’ll basically: travel to a destination, we get out and do an activity, then back on the train for lunch, then another activity. It’s just not what I was hoping for — I’ve done all the castles, etc. I was hoping for a relaxing and luxurious train ride, and it looks like really it’s more like forced activity. Maybe it’ll be more to my liking after I retire and I don’t have to go anywhere. Also, it’s reeeeeally expensive. But I may change my mind again, who knows.

        I’m now leaning towards a European river cruise.

  10. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4.

    We just did the slowest lap ever on theFt. Gordon course behind a trike. Bless her heart. Really.

  11. Another tomato sandwich is in my future today. By my estimations I have three or four tomatoes that will be eaten this year remaining.

    • Just harvested five banana peppers and four jalapeño peppers. More of each of these peppers, and at least one other variety, are on the plants, I’ll pluck those as needed.

      • Barb says:

        I still have quite a few tomatoes out there growing that are still green. (& not stolen by critters). Not sure what we did different this year – last year my tomato plants were all dying by now.

  12. Have the Deutschland Tour on via GCN. Looking at the stages, this year’s tour ends on Sunday in one of my favorite cities — Bremen!

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