Though I have some regrets, I just wasn’t in the mood to attend Oakhurst Porchfest on Saturday, even though the weather turned perfect. I’m realizing that my desire to do certain things has wained in the past eighteen months. A lot of this has to do with reasons, some of it has to do with Florida, and some of if has to do with my health. It’s a confluence of crap with which I am dealing, and need to crack sooner rather than later.

Now that I have lost two of my British game shows I have returned to another, who has decided to upload their full episodes to YouTube on their official channel. I have returned to watching Taskmaster, a show I discovered in 2020 when people were uploading it to YouTube. It appears I made a good decision to binge watch “The Great American Baking Show”, the videos uploaded to YouTube have since been removed.

Though the balls of my feet still hurt me, yesterday I went on a four-mile hike with Barb and Kevin, at a much more sane pace than I hiked last weekend. We hiked up at Allatoona Pass. After the hike Barb and I tried the new Tasty China location. The game has unfortunately changed, most of the people working at the restaurant are not Asian, the food prices have risen, and the portions have shrunk. Pity. Barb and I then watched the first three episodes of this season’s Survivor.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was WEIRD.

Connections: one mistake, Green > Purple > Yellow > Blue

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  1. steve says:

    Wordle in 3! (I have to pay attention while working on the Games so I don’t break my streak, which will break 100 this week).

    Coming to you from SMP. A good weekend with lots of bodies to do work. Nice to have a lot of folks who know what to do and don’t need much direction. Now to get the tent company started and other vendors in. I got up a bit earlier to beat the traffic and almost was successful.

    Hope everyone has a good day.


  2. Bob says:

    Good morning from sunny Florida!
    Wedding was awesome, everybody had a ton of fun! It was a little challenging getting the parents from venue to venue but it all worked out. I’m super happy for Evan and Emma and they are off to Bali as we speak.
    Even did say he is 100% in for BRAG, so unless something catastrophic happens he will be there.
    Massage sounds like a good idea sine I’m working from a kitchen table all week and may be suffering a bit. Every day after work this week we have to get something done at my parents place to get it ready to sell. They are not totally on board yet so there has to be some convincing done while I’m here. Wish me luck.
    Yesterday as I drove to Orlando Laura and Travis had the mis-fortune of flying Sprint airlines home, flight was supposed to leave at 2. They finally got home around 11 last night.
    Good times, hope you all have a good week

    • Barb says:

      Spirit is always a crapshoot – it might be an awesome experience for the cheap airfare, it might not. Glad they made it home.

      Good luck with the parents – its always a good time 😉
      Are you staying with them too?

      • Bob says:

        Thankfully staying with my brother so have some sanity and a place to escape to.
        My father is on board but step mother is waffling. I need to get him to put his foot down and make her realize this is the best decision. I think we will get there, I have a week 🙂

    • Sally says:

      Congrats to Emma and Evan. Glad he will be on BRAG. He was a fun addition to the family. Good luck with the parental units. Will be visiting with mom this week since she now lives in Georgia.

  3. David says:

    Wordle took 5 tried, no errors on Connections.

    I helped a friend obsessed with Halloween with some of her zombie build-out. Having never decorated for Halloween much beyond carving pumpkins it was an interesting experience. I swam 1/2 mile for the second weekend in a row and got walk that passed through Deepdene park.

    I started watching Daisy Jones and the Six on Amazon and OMG I haven’t this obsessed with a TV show since Breaking Bad. I watched 7 out of 10 episodes which is an inordinate amount of TV for me in a weekend. Also I finished the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer. It was entertaining enough.

    How did the massage go on Friday?

    • Barb says:

      Daisy Jones was a good show – we enjoyed it.

      y’all did better than me at Connections – my brain wasn’t working after getting Blue & Green.

      I am not all that into Halloween – got invited to a party on the 28th that needs a costume – not sure what we will do. We need to figure something out.

    • I mentioned the show in this space, and liked it. I thought the book was good too.

      Halloween was only a thing while I was hanging with a certain someone. I am not a costume wearer,

      • David says:

        The show was on my radar when it first came out but fell off due to personal chaos. I’m glad that it resurfaced for me.

  4. Barb says:

    Busy weekend for me –
    Friday night went into the city to DAS BBQ to hear Brewery Road – BBQ was ok, band was fun. They closed down a little after 9pm, so it was a nice early night.

    Saturday went to PorchFest for the 1st time – what a great event. We wandered around, heard some good (& not so good) bands, before meeting up at 4pm at 407 Adams Street for another hour of Brewery Road. Since Bodyglide is moving to Asheville, the band won’t be playing all that much, so a good group of hashers attended (as well as lots of other people we didn’t know).

    Sunday was a nice hike up at Allatoona – we just wandered around the trails, reading some of the historical marker signs. It was only in the 60s, so wearing my long sleeve shirt worked out well.
    Tasty China was tasty, but more expensive. Not that we didn’t expect that, but still, it made us sad.

  5. Sally says:

    Wordle in 3 starting with SITED. No mistakes in Connections. Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple. Worked on Saturday, went for run and then started painting walls! I have the trim left to do and there is a lot of trim. Decided to do the Wheelhopper. Fun urban trail with one beer stop. Didn’t think they would take us downtown but they did and right thru all the Falcon tailgaters. The smell of pot and BBQue. :). Hit a lot of historical and iconic parts of Atlanta. I dog sat Mia and Emma all weekend. They were really good. Tired this morning. Got caught up on Survivor so I would be on the same page as Barb and Wee.

  6. Jenka says:

    Two mistakes on Connections. I got yellow last because I kept thinking there was something MORE connecting them than the obvious. Nope. There wasn’t.

    Pretty good weekend. Friday we went to Ruby Chow’s for dinner with friends, that place is awesome. The decor is wonderfully 1940s-San Francisco-Chinatown, and the food is delicious. Saturday we went and picked out a new pair of frames for Kevin and went to the General Muir for lunch. My friend Sarah and her partner came over in the evening and we sat on the back deck and enjoyed the weather. Yesterday we did nothing, absolutely a total lounge day.

    This week will be busy at work, I’m already tired.

  7. In from the chill of WLF, headed back out in a few once I warm up again. Mostly cleanup, getting some of the old summer plants pulled to make room for gal winter plants. Put some broccoli (?) in the ground, we will see if the slug/snails/whatever let it grow to whatever it is. I’m uncertain because the ink on my popsicle stick faded really quickly.

    Back still has an issue, the one I had previous to the strain last week. May have to visit a doctor for this.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 5 today. I got yesterday’s in 2! I was pumped.

    Good weekend of horse-y things. Loving this weather. It’s hard to be in the office today.

    It’s a shame that TC’s prices jumped up, but if it’s still superior to average Chinese then it’s a bargain.

    I’ve got my Halloween costume ready. Not usually my thing, but we have a Halloween hunt and it’s fun to figure out horse-friendly costumes.

  9. Jenka says:

    Did you see that the Jets beat the Eagles yesterday?! That’s sportsball for ya, I guess!

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