Fair day yesterday. Made one repair to my house that I am hoping doesn’t cause a new issue to arise, time will tell.

I received my new bike light in the mail yesterday. I guess that’s why I decided to go riding last night. It was a fast night (for us), and I struggled to keep up. My health/fitness was part of my problem, but also my chain skipped about six times when I got out of the saddle to pedal. My bike definitely needs new bar tape, and after last night May also need a new chain? It might be time to schedule an appointment with my Marietta Mechanic, aka Allan.

I did something yesterday I haven’t done in a very long time. No, not that, i listened (streamed) an entire album front to back. While slowly solving a jigsaw puzzle I listened to Soundgarden’s “Superunknown”. Highly recommend doing this with an album you used to listen to often, but have not done so in awhile.

No Betsy dinner tonight, so I am flying solo. I wonder what I will make…

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was CHAOS.

Connections: perfect, Blue > Yellow > Green > Purple

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  1. Waiting for things to warm up a little before I embrace the chill and do some WLF choring.

  2. Barb says:

    We went to Tasty China last night, our waiter (not Asian) was very nice, he actually screwed up and ordered a wrong dish, but said we could just keep it. Then, when we were invited to go upstairs to check out that space when we paid the check. They have a 2nd bar up there, and a little elevator dum waiter to get the food up there. Its going to be nice. I think it would be especially good for a private party scenario.

    • What did you eat last night?

      • Barb says:

        We ordered 6 things, but we got 7. Bamboo Fish, Dan Dan noodles (that were SUPER spicy), Soup dumplings, Dry friend green beans, Twice cooked pork, Hot & numbing crispy beef, Cumin Chicken (that was the mistake, T14, when it should have been T1 – the bamboo fish).
        We still ate it all.

  3. Sally says:

    I waited for Barb to get back from Iowa to try out the new Tasty China. She now has gone twice without me. :). I’ll get there one day. Maybe for the October birthday gals this Saturday. Glad you decided to go riding Paulie. Half the battle is just getting out the door. I was going to run this morning but couldn’t get motivated. Just heard our winter might be one of the coolest and wettest we’ve had. We’ll see. Wordle in 5 starting with AUDIO. Connections: Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green. One mistake. Yesterday I painted and spilt my paint can on the floor and hammered my finger. Hope today goes better. Going to visit with mom today and spend the night with her. It was a nice night for a run at the mountain but as soon as that sun went down, it got cold pretty fast.

  4. Sally says:

    I have yet to start the two puzzles Wee gave me. I know if I start them, I won’t get anything else done and there is so much to do around here. Started a new book last night, How to be Alone. One person’s 800 mile journey on the Arizona Trail. “A cathartic adventure memoir that explores the privilege to be able to choose your own suffering, as well as the process of becoming a better friend to yourself along the way.”

  5. David says:

    Wordle in 4. Y’all are never, EVER going to find out what order I solve the Connections colors in. It’s pass or fucking fail, burn that fucking game to the ground, period. 🙂 Today was a pass, no misses.

    I have one episode of Daisy Jones and the Six left. My daughter has read other books by the author that the series is based on, so I’ll get the book and see if I catches me the way the TV show did.

  6. Jenka says:

    I hadn’t planned a dinner yesterday, nor have I gone grocery shopping in weeks, so we took Finn to Osteria for dinner last night. Kevin’s going to Costco tomorrow.

    Busy week at work!

  7. It’s now a beautiful morning in WLF. I have the sounds of construction to one side of me, and the sounds of destruction to the other. An across the street neighbor is having what sounds to be a very large tree dealt with.

  8. Bob says:

    Good morning peeps!
    Made some progress yesterday and got about 30% of the garage cleared out and one full truck load. Step-mother is coming around too, she knows they need to get out of that house but is just not sure where she wants to end up. I think by weeks end we will have that sorted.
    Funny this morning I was shaken down at the transfer station and had to pay a bribe LOL! Some shingles ended up in my truck and they absolutely do not take construction debris there (has to go to main landfill). I was talking to the guy helping me and said if I take care of him we can work something out. $10 later there are no more shingles in my truck 🙂 Totally worth it as the main landfill is over 30 minutes away.

    • Barb says:

      that’s awesome – $10 well spent.
      Tell step-mom to move to The Villages? 🙂
      One of my high school classmates just moved there – he was cracking me up telling me about it at our class reunion. They love being the younger people there.

      • Bob says:

        The Villages has a reputation as crazy MAGA world. That is a non-starter for them.
        I did think of it as an option but probably out of their price range.

        • Barb says:

          you KNOW its a crazy MAGA world.
          Then there’s the Margaritavilles going up everywhere.
          (Hoosier & Mullet some of our 90s hasher friends) are building at the one over by Daytona.

    • That’s an amazingly cheap bribe. Well done for starting low.

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