Wow, it was a roundabout way that I learned that Matthew Perry died on Saturday. It’s particularly weird for me as I recently finished listening to his autobiography, which he narrated. I’m surprised no one told me, though I assume that everyone assumed that everyone would have heard.

As of yesterday I have earned $775, which is 22%, of my goal of $3500 to pay for next year’s BRAG trip to Europe. Clearly I am going to have to figure out a way to earn money next year to pay for things.

Though in the end I used the stovetop to make a version of American/Hungarian Goulash, I used the oven twice yesterday, once for my breakfast casserole, and once for my roasted squash (which had much more liquid within it than I would have imagined). The goulash allowed me to use another four peppers, including a couple of jalapeños which I didn’t think we’re overly spicy until I rubbed my nose during the cooking process. Fuuuuuuu…

I don’t know how I will spend my day today, but I know that I am going to pass on a night cycle. I should probably gather and inspect the camping gear I am going to need this weekend.

Wordle: two, my starter was WOULD
Connections: perfect, Blue > Yellow > Green > Purple

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  1. David says:

    There was much withdrawal this morning when the blog was unceremoniously snatched from our daily routine.

    Wordle in 2, no misses on Connections. It’s Connections when I win, and Conniptions when I don’t. That’s how I roll.

    The Bryan Jonestown Massacre was one of the most rock-and-roll shows I’ve ever seen. First off, they were not to be rushed. They played songs when they played them, meaning sometimes five minute gaps between songs. This was the last night of the tour, and the band was clearly over each other. They had FIVE guitarists! At one point the lead guitarist yelled at a band mate “I am not your enemy!” and stormed off the stage for a minute. He came back. There was copious drinking and vaping all through the show. When they played it was great. They did stay on stage for 2 hours and 45 minutes, so it averaged out to a full show’s worth of music, just with periodic but entertaining breaks in the action. When the singer was into it, he had the best miked up tambourine that I’ve ever heard. You could tell when he wasn’t feeling it, you’d see the tambourine shake without any sound.

    The band name is in part an homage to Brian Jones of the early Rolling Stones. There’s apparently been 40 members in the band in the 30+ years that they’ve existed. I do expect a completely different slate in 2024 based upon how last night went.

    It was rock-and-roll, through and through. Toward the end it very much had a Daisy Jones and the Six vibe. My friend Jamie had never heard of the band, but he loved the show. It was a great time, preceded by Fellini’s yet again, mostly because that fits Jamie’s current budgetary restrictions.

  2. steve says:

    Wordle in 4.

    Glad the blog is back on the air, but the real time Messenger connection I set up was also quite fun. And you got an invitation, if you would ever fix your FB account!

    A little exercise last night, but that was about it.

    The little dogs are adjusting to spending the night in their boxes. Twice last night, they were whiny enough to wake me up, so they both got spankings, which shut them up for a while. They will get the drill, I hope.


  3. David says:

    Regarding Matthew Perry, his death shook me because he was 4 years younger than me, and was one of my favorite characters on Friends. Apparently it didn’t shake me enough to discuss it on the blog though.

    • Barb says:

      I figured everyone had heard about his death – it seemed to pop up everywhere……… on the news sites, etc.

      With all of his drug problems, I was shocked not shocked about his death. I mean, your body can’t take that much abuse & always survive. I am curious as to his actual cause of death in the end – I know they said drowning, but that wasn’t really all of it.

      • David says:

        Matthew Perry got dealt different genes from Keith Richards for sure…

      • Jenka says:

        I think the current theory is, yeah, his decades of drug use led to a heart attack, but apparently they are still waiting on the toxicology report. I just can’t believe that Chnandler Bong is dead. Kevin was also pretty rocked because Matthew Perry was a year younger than him.

        • steve says:

          I have to admit I never have watched “Friends”. Debbie did, but it was never on my radar. We were also late to the Big Bang, but now have most episodes memorized…

  4. Howdy all! Sorry for the outage, but as I always say, it wasn’t my fault.

  5. Jenka says:

    Kevin says I’m not allowed to cook dinner the rest of the week because Finn goes to his mom’s Friday and we always have too many leftovers when I cook which go to waste because we don’t eat them without a 6 foot tall teenager in the house. So we went to Surin last night for dinner. I wasn’t sorry.

    Wordle in 3, clear sailing on Connections.

  6. Delicious lunch today. Took a bog standard Aldi refrigerated five cheese pizza, topped it with three different types of pepper from WLF, some store-bought mushrooms and tomato. After letting it bake far longer than advertised, presumably due to the enormous amount of we toppings I added, I tucked in. If Aldi can get a better crust I’d never buy pizzeria pizza again.

    Some day I will buy the dough from Publix and try that method.

    • steve says:

      We learned the Publix trick from I Know That Trick, oddly enough. We had one just the other day. Be aware, sometimes the pre-rolled crusts don’t like to let go of the paper, so you have to carefully peel them off. PITA.

      Debbie bought pulled pork from LIDL and it’s tasty. Tacos for lunch!

    • Barb says:

      Aldi sells a ball of pizza dough too – I saw it over near the cheeses the other day.

  7. HamWithCam says:


    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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