Of course I didn’t ride the trainer last night. No, instead I went out for a 3.75 mile walk around the East Atlanta area. My walk was also a fruitless pumpkin hunt. For whatever reason people have yet to put their gourds out on the curb. To compensate for my lack of strenuous exercise my dinner last night was an apple. I did allow myself to have a beer and some light snacks during the United game.

I was not nearly as productive yesterday as I’d hope to be. I’ll be making attempts to be productive today.

Wordle: four, my starter was HARSH
Connections: perfect, Purple > Green > Blue > Yellow

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  1. Brutal NYT Mini Crossword: 1:56

  2. David says:

    Wordle in 5. I nailed the first letter and had a partial on the last. I had to just keep trying word elimination letters until I could see it. Stupid, stupid Conniptions. I matched the “easy” layer after a couple of fails.

    I am amidst a totally self-inflicted crisis where I completely forgot about the Intro to Regression Analysis in Excel that I promised to have available to a classroom of college students yesterday. I had not done the first thing beyond blithely promising back in August that I could get it done. I worked until 3:15 AM to figure out what the hell a goddamn regression analysis even is, find some cool data sets to use as examples, and create about half of the slides. I need to finish the slides today and record the video in order to redeem myself. Thankfully my braIn lives for this shit, meaning working at top speed when something is literally on fire. That’s the way it is with ADHD. It’s ridiculous. It’s feast or famine with regard to my brain’s executive function.

    • David says:

      On top of it all, I’m not waiting for Godot but rather for goddamn covid. My fucking no-covid streak is apparently over. My son tested positive a couple of days ago and now I have a sore throat. It’s always a party to teach and/or record video without a voice and I get to do both today. My throat is at least responding to hot tea.

  3. Sally says:

    Good luck with that David. You lost me at Regression Analysis. lol.

    Wordl in 5 starting with BLEAK. One mistake in Connections. Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue.

    I was fairly productive yesterday. Got the leaves in the front yard taken care of, cleaned out the gutters, zoom meeting with an Elder Care Attorney, laundry, GUTS run, a trip to Walmart for backpacking supplies and I cooked down my pumpkins and made a tasty pumpkin soup.

    Work today and a staff gathering/dinner afterwards. Looks like another gorgeous fall day.

    • David says:

      Thank you, Sally. I’m slightly kicking myself for agreeing to do it but on the flip side it will have a particular appeal for certain professors, which will benefit my overall cause. So it’ll be good in the end.

  4. steve says:

    Wordle in 4 and threw one guess up to see what would stick.

    Equipment in the process of being installed. All my work is done just supporting the 2 guys in doing the work.

    Except for house chores and laundry, I was a slug last night.

    Because of working Saturday, today is my Friday!


  5. My day is off to a start!
    – watered WLF (Rain? Will it ever rain again?)
    – assembled stand I bought for Blackstone griddle (now, use is!)
    – cleaned up my garden bench in WLF
    – washed dishes
    – did some composting

    Much, much more to do but at least I have started.

  6. It sounds like another neighbor is having tree work done. Sadly none of the trees I desire to have taken away are involved.

  7. Jenka says:

    We went to Wahoo for Date Night because Kevin had had a busy day and he needed someplace quiet and chill. It’s the same valet who turned off the auto headlights on my car, and he did it again! The last time it was light enough for me not to notice, which is how I drove home with them off, but of course last night it was wicked dark.

    Our nephew’s wife had a baby yesterday (Kevin’s sister’s son). This is the first grand-nephew/niece for both of us. We’re old!

  8. Jenka says:

    Wordle in 5 using Paulie’s word. Got Connections with 1 mistake: yellow>green>blue>purple. It’s hilarious that you got purple first, Paulie!

  9. Barb says:

    trying to get all organized to go to the airport too early in the morning.
    Allan is working, so he will come get me in the red truck, I’ll bring the Subaru home, and then go back & get him in the morning. We may leave the Subaru at the station & walk over to West End Marta, or we might get someone from the firehouse to give us a ride to the airport. Flight is at 0906. Should be a good stressful morning.

    • Jenka says:

      Just gonna throw this out there: have you thought about Uber for, like, any of the legs you describe above?

      • Barb says:

        that is one of the options to get to the airport – Allan can come get me this evening – he isn’t THAT busy – plus, we might have dinner somewhere too 😉

  10. Had a small, wild hair, so I just did a 1.25 mile trash pickup walk. Filled a compost bag’s worth with litter, dumped the bag into a City trash can, and returned home.

    I just ate a huge apple. Contemplating what else I will eat for lunch.

  11. Barb says:

    WELL – my mom finally got a neurology exam this morning.
    She has Parkinson’s.
    It all makes sense now – with the way she has changed in the past year.
    Whatever Med(s) are called into the pharmacy – hopefully they will help.
    I look at Ouch, who has been living with this for quite a while, so I feel better that we now know what is going on.

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