Quiet day yesterday. As I mentioned in the comments I walked to pick up my honey (excretion from bees, not a term of endearment for a companion). I tasted a couple of spoonfuls upon arriving home, and though a wee little bit expensive, is quite nice.

Dinner last night turned out to be rice and beans (from a box) made with real meat andouille sausage. I made a trip to Kroger, filled up on gas (more about this in a moment), and did some shopping keeping in mind the over abundance of food already at the ITP Estate. I allowed myself to buy three onions, two sweet potatoes, an avocado, and strangely, some meat. I have strongly held that I am not a vegetarian, but have bought meat in a grocery store fewer than five times in the past four years. Yesterday in addition to the andouille I bought a hunk of ham, and nearly added some chicken to my basket.

At one point in time I changed my phone number in the Kroger app and think this may be the source of problems I have when trying to redeem my discount for gas. I knew I had over one hundred points accumulated in November, which should have earned me a 10¢/gallon discount, but when I typed in my new phone number at the pump the best it offered was the standard Kroger Plus Customer 3¢/gallon. WTF? Remembering that I have seen an option to “Pay at the Pump” in the app, I attempted that bit of black magic and lo and behold saved 10¢/gallon after all. Considering the M6 required a little more than ten gallons to be filled, I saved $1.00.

Light schedule today which will be filled with administrative duties, an hour on the trainer, cooking, and who knows what else.

Wordle: four, my starter was LAUGH
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Blue > Purple > Green

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  1. Steve says:

    Wordle in 4 and 1 error in Connections

    While Debbie is out horse shopping, I was left to my own devices last night. There should have been some sort of exercise, but no. Bennet pulled some video cable into his box and had his way with it. After replacing the cable, the Dish is working and the Roku sound bar has audio, but no video. Odd. There will be some cable management performed.

    Should be a quiet day.


  2. My coffee maker didn’t want to turn on this morning, but finally did. This does not please me at all, especially since it is not that old!

    Also, my 7.65GB (!!!) download for the iOS Simulator in Xcode failed last night. Dangen! Given that I am taking so much time and space to download coding tools, I should probably get my ass in gear and start coding again.

  3. Sally says:

    Wordle in 2. I had 3 right letters out the gate. Figured there were only two words it possibly could be. I guessed the right one. No mistakes in Connections. Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue. I guess all those shots I consumed last night helped my brain power.

    Good to see that Bob registered for STU and Big BRAG. Looks like this Sunday’s Wheelhopper will be a wet one. The weather is looking really sketchy.

    I dreaded the work holiday party last night but it actually turned out fun. Today: more work and packet pick up for a race and then Trivia at Harry’s Pizza and Subs.

    • Bravo on the deuce. I almost had a three but zigged instead of zagged.

      Glad to read you had fun last night.

      My “bonus” exercise today will be to walk the two jigsaw puzzles you returned to me to a lending library about a half-mile away from the ITP Estate.

      • Barb says:

        my mom hasn’t been doing puzzles – she just doesn’t seem interested. I think I’ll get 1 out today & see what happens.
        Part of it is she can’t get up from a chair very easily – so she likes her recliner that helps with that.

        • They say it’s good for the brain. When I return from Florida I will reclaim my dining room table for jigsaw puzzles. Currently it has all of the food that was in my pantry, spread out so that can see/access everything, in order to remind me that it should be eaten first.

          • David says:

            Well, that’s a hell of a way to cut one’s grocery bill. I’m taking more of a nitpick approach, where I try to eat least one or two pantry items a week. I’m not cooking much these days, so my progress is a bit glacial. A while back I did donate stuff I knew I’d never eat to a food pantry. Might be time for another round.

    • David says:

      Regarding party, isn’t it funny how that works out. On the flip side, if we set our expectations low enough, there’s no way that they won’t be exceeded. 😉 (I have a ton of experience with this.)

  4. Barb says:

    No excitement here, the garbage needs to go out to the road on Wed night for pickup Thursday morning. My Dad gets obsessed with asking about it. (like, over & over) My basement dwelling brother takes care of it. Luckily Dad doesn’t get up to look, I just say its been done. (it hadn’t of course). But somehow Bob got home after 4am (when I looked out on a bathroom trip) and got it out there before 0645 when I woke up to get to work. At least I didn’t lie. 😉

    attempted to watch Wheel of Fortune last night.
    OMG the political ads are INSANE!!! It amazing that Everything wrong with the country is Joe Biden’s fault. Joe is one powerful guy. Anyway – the caucuses can’t get here soon enough. I would be a streaming only house if I lived here.

    • David says:

      Heh, I can’t roll the trash out if I wanted to, my can vanished this week. I put in a request for a new one. Apparently I can put up to 5 bags of trash at the curb on trash day if I don’t have a new one by next Tuesday.

    • I have been dreading 2024 for a long while, and I refuse to watch television that subjects me to political ads. If/When YouTube starts showing them I will oust it from my routine.

      I am looking forward to filling a Herbie Curbie to the rim in Florida. We did an incredible time cleaning out in pass one, but I’m certain with more than three days alone in the house I will identify much more.

      • David says:

        Serious question: Do you need a dumpster? Or are you doing an estate sale or just donating stuff? Seems like it would be hard to empty a house one Herbie Curbie at a time. The dumpster I rented a few years back was one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

      • Jenka says:

        This is hilarious to me, because when we cleaned out my in-laws house we filled FOUR DUMPSTERS.

  5. With 17.2 (iOS, iPadOS, tvOS) Apple changed its UI standards. The mere fact that I am mentioning this should tell you that I am not a fan of their new direction. Too much button holding/pressing and it slows me down.

    • Barb says:

      not sure what that means – so – ok

      • They collapsed menus, so now I have to hold a button on the remote to get to the menu, whereas it used to be able to get to it immediately. I don’t like when they slow me down, and it’s a bit weird that they didn’t hold this change until version 18 of the operating systems.

        • David says:

          You pretty much have to have ESP to use software these days. I taught a Power BI class for the second time yesterday and good grief that program is a literal Rube Goldberg machine.

      • Sally says:

        Me either Barb!

  6. Barb says:

    Also – Aldi has self checkout lanes here.
    I still used the cashier – as I had a decent amount of stuff – & a loaf of bread that said $1 off. Not sure how I’d ring that up myself.

    • Huh, Aldi is noted for having cashiers, who also stock shelves. In my experience Aldi cashiers are really efficient as well and move the line much faster than self checkout.

      “Studies” are now showing that companies are net saving money with self checkout lines. They still need at least one employee to make sure people aren’t stealing, help people, check IDs, etc, and even with that some people cheat the system by misidentifying items being purchased.

  7. Sitting here waiting to brave the chill and walk to donate jigsaw puzzles. While hanging in the ITP Estate I am contemplating the rest of the day’s meals. For breakfast I ate eggs and home fries. For lunch I think that I will make a(nother) green bean casserole and eat some of that with meatloaf. And for dinner? I am either going to cook a sweet potato soup, OR, I will make some macaroni and cheese.

    • David says:

      Sounds great, but dude, don’t be bitching about your waistline! Pick a lane! 😉

    • Barb says:

      its 26 here – but I’m going to go back to Aldi this morning. Forgot a few things yesterday – and need to look at the crap in the Aisle of Shame – who knows what fun little gift(s) I can get for this house.
      and need to figure out what dinner will be tonight.
      It might be just some soup. & maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.
      Need to run all my errands before they wake up.

  8. Debbie says:

    Wordle in 3. Started out like Sally did, but did not win the 50/50 guess.

    Lots of driving yesterday. I went overland from Thomasville to Brooksville. Super easy drive and nice not to be on the interstate for the first leg of the trip. I’ll be going home up 75. One of my friends has put in a Bucee’s request so I know what one of my stops on the return will be. I did really well yesterday with just 2 stops. I’m betting there will be 4 today. Finished Connections but just barely.

    Fig was on high alert in the hotel room, but once I turned on some white (actually pink) noise on my phone, she settled down. Did you know white noise came in different colors? The first chiro I tried last spring told me to try brown noise and that sent me down the rabbit hole of colors. I didn’t find a favorite rabbit so I just pick one at random.

  9. Also, I failed to mention that today I am trying to not drive anywhere. Why? Just to challenge myself since I have no need to drive anywhere today, and it will keep me from going out to have beer with my buddies later (hahaha). And, if I don’t go anywhere it’s less likely that I will spend money. Of course, I can always order things online…

    • David says:

      Now that I have arranged for my kids to spend weeknights across the street from their school, I sometimes don’t use my car at all at least a couple of days a week.

  10. David says:

    I completed yesterday’s Mini in 16 seconds. That is definitely my fastest time ever. Today’s took 50 seconds. I started fat-fingering squares because I was so giddy about the time on yesterday’s puzzle.

    Wordle 4, Connections mistakes 0

    So Dakota Blue has a pulled pork sandwich with pimento cheese and cole slaw on challah bread. I will be back for that. I at least walked to the restaurant and back with Jamie. He had a promising meeting yesterday with a former boss who appears ready to hire him. A waitress who waited on my kids and me every Friday night back in the day was there. I haven’t seen her in years, it was nice to be remembered.

    • Steve says:

      In the before times, we had a favorite waitress at our Huddle House. Priscilla would keep us up to date on all the local gossip and what was going on. I always wonder about folks like that that you lose touch with, for whatever reason. The HH didn’t make it through Covid, but actually they were going to close up shop that September anyway. The sign (at least what’s left of it) is still standing.

      • David says:

        Sometimes our paths cross with folks and then uncross. Back in the 90s we were regulars at the now long defunct Azuni Grill in Buckhead. Our favorite waiter would have our drinks on the table before we sat down. That was a rarified gift that I’ll always appreciate.

    • Oh, that sounds delicious. I haven’t been to Dakota Blue in a few years.

      I don’t think I did yesterday’s Mini, I definitely haven’t tried todays.

      • David says:

        It is by far the best thing I have ever eaten at Dakota Blue, and it is a decadent sandwich. I definitely do not need breakfast this morning, and I doubt I’ll need lunch either. Next time I’ll get the side salad instead of tater tots to soften the blow a little.

    • Barb says:

      Mini today did not work for me at all, I don’t think I did yesterdays.

      I wonder a lot about people from my past that have “disappeared”. One good thing about FB, some of those people I can check up on. but all those people from the 80s & 90s – they are gone.

  11. Barb says:

    Blue – yellow – green – purple – Today just flowed easy for me.
    Wordle in 3 with Paulie’s word- 2nd guess was a good guess.

    I had no idea white noise has different colors.
    is this a specific app?

  12. Jenka says:

    The elevator is working today! Fingers crossed it stays that way.

    Contractor says no work will be done today. I understand it, it’s just frustrating.

    David, did you see that Biggerstaff is closing? It’s only been open 2 years.

    • Barb says:

      Biggerstaff – is that where we went that 1 meetup?
      I wasn’t impressed with the way they did their business – and it was pricy.

      • David says:

        Oh no! I’ve had some good meals at that place. Barb, I guess as a Hail Mary they did recently switch to table service, but apparently that’s too little, too late. Part of their issue is they consistently run out of food (No burgers for you!).

  13. Jenka says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? I didn’t even swear for once!

  14. Barb says:

    Steve –
    Allan was/is down in your neck of the woods this morning – I guess there is an Ambulance repair place in Manchester, GA. He described the area as BFE.
    (these are brand new units I think too)
    CoA is going to start staffing some ambulances with civilian crews – trying to keep the stakeholders happy in the ‘hoods I guess.

    • Steve says:

      BFE is all around me! Yeah, I think I know the place in Manchester.

      I’ll reach out and see if he’s still in the ‘hood around lunch time… maybe we can meet up.

  15. Steve says:

    This late word from the horse shopping trip- fail. Nice horse, but just not her cup of tea.

    Stopping in Ocala and meeting up with Saddle Sores, who is there showing her horse.

  16. Jenka says:

    I’m late to the games today. Perfect on Connections: green > blue > yellow > purple. Wordle in 4 using STEAL.

  17. Barb says:

    We are at 61 comments – what’s our all time high number?

  18. Barb says:

    And – cuz I know y’all care- Big Grove Brewery is opening their new tap house TODAY!
    We will be going there this weekend after Allan gets here.

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